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Thread: Random Anvils

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    Random Anvils

    I didn't know where to put this but I think it's potentially spoilery.

    Last night's Slumber Party showed us the Spear of Destiny. Again. In the S8 DVD commentary, Andrew Dabb (I think) talked about it for at least 30-60 seconds.

    That Spear is going to show up, I'm guessing the back half of S9.

    ****warning random unsubstantiated fantheory to follow ****
    Adam & the Gollum returning would make sense. Hitler was obsessed (per Dabb) with the Spear. What a great one-off to have a visit from the Judah Initiative tied to a MOL "nuke".

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    I always thought the Spear of Destiny, when it first showed up, could end up playing a role in the endgame to the series. Would be cool to have that be the weapon that finally kills Lucifer. But your suggestion makes the most sense.


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