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    Quote Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
    The "demon vision" is something that either full-fledge demons have, or someone with part demon blood that can consume more blood as Sam went through in "Lucifer Rising", though. This may bring up a lot more inconsistencies than actually be a great episode, imo.
    I suppose it would have to come down to what it actually MEANS when they say they have to see the world THROUGH a demons eyes. That kind of sounds like possession but human takes the wheel and feels the power. I wonder if what Abbadon did in the episode she debuted in ties into this theory for an episode at all. She kind of partially possessed people in order to see what they saw and assuredly those people were struck with the idea of what she was. It also kind of plays into the episode in season 7 where the one kid summoned the demon that possessed him in order to get him back. So therefore it wouldn't surprise me nor would it be inconsistent that SOME humans could feel as though they NEED their demon. I think it might be high time that Dean goes a little Darkside for once. Shake things up a little.

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    I don't see where the IMDB post has anything to do with this episode. Isn't that site not all that reliable?

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    ImDB is very UNRELIABLE. Does anyone know why we don't have pictures?

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