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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Identity?"

    What did you think?

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    It was prrrrrety great. The Island scenes dragged a bit as they dealt with the fallout of last week, but that storyline was still way better than most of last year's Island stuff. Everything else was top notch, especially that cliffhanger.

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    10! This episode was even better than the premiere which saying something. I'm liking the story lines of this season and how they are dealing with the repercussions of last season and not just ignoring them. Liked that Roy is going to be working with Ollie to an extent. And that cliffhanger......

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    This was a great episode loved the felicity moments and Oliver doing the hero things like the tazer arrow and the other arrow that trapped china white. Loved the island scenes hope there isn't a love triangle on the island. Really good cliffhanger at the end, can't wait until next week.

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    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell Laurel is gonna irk me this season.

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    My view on "Identity"

    Oliver continues his resolution to become more than a vigilante, including the utilization of trick arrows which is Green Arrow's trademark weaponry. Uncertain of how to go about becoming less the vigilante and more the hero, Oliver is at a loss when the episode opens, but finds himself given a mission by, of all people, his sister's boyfriend. The challenge Roy levels at Oliver, and the words Oliver gives him, show that even as Oliver Queen, he will teach Roy to be more than an angry street kid who can take a beating and occasionally dish it out.

    The opening salvoes between Oliver Queen and Sebastian Blood were quite interesting, and did anyone else get a 'flashback' feeling when Blood apologized to Oliver for his ambush at the hospital? It was very much the same kind of 'apology' that Malcolm Merlyn delivered in the Season 1 finale while Oliver was in chains. The continuing salvoes between the two, culminating in Blood's 'crucifixion' of Oliver at the party and on the news promise to make this an intriguing storyline since, from my understanding, Blood is the the villain to face the Green Arrow this season while Isabel Rochev will be Oliver Queen's nemesis.

    This episode is called Identity, and the theme runs throughout which is something that this series has always done well with. Many times, television shows will not stick with a theme for an episode, or completely turn things on their head. Oliver seeks a new identity as more than just a murderer; Diggle and Felicity must adapt to their own new identities (Felicity moreso than Diggle), and Roy seeks his identity as a hero in his own right. His new position, given to him by his idol the Hood, is one I think will fit quite well into him eventually becoming Oliver's apprentice (because we all know that's what's going to happen).

    The counsel Oliver gives to Roy as both the Arrow and as himself was a very good stick with which to measure their interactions. Roy is quickly becoming a favorite of mine (I have no background with the comics and therefore have no bias for or against Roy or Thea becoming Speedy beyond my own preferences). Considering that he has now customized his arrow that Oliver gave him with a red tint suggests that he might well not call himself Speedy but go right to 'the Red Arrow' when he eventually becomes Oliver's partner.

    The backstory for Laurel's new hatred for the Hood is given, and I can say I can now applaud the writers. I was hoping they weren't going with the 'she needs a scapegoat', and it looked like that was what they were going to do in the first episode. But the backstory, where Laurel saw Oliver as the Hood leaving the CNRI building after finding TOmmy dead, gives a much better explanation, as do her words. I think she suspects Oliver to know something about the Hood because of the fact that she made it seem like she was blaming Tommy's death on the fallout of a grudge match between two archers, but the way she acted in this episode, and the explanations given, say that her true feelings are that she feels betrayed by the Hood because he failed to keep the city safe from Merlyn's doomsday machine.

    The Island flashbacks were pretty good, I thought. I do wonder how things will work out now, though, since it is now clear that Slade has a thing for Shado as well. Or perhaps its more that he feels Oliver is going back to his state of weakness that he had when he and Slade first met. In my opinion, the latter is more probable, and Slade feels that all three of them need to focus on survival, not on relationships with one another beyond their mutual partnership. But we'll see how things turn out....

    The cliffhanger at the end.... there is only one response: "AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!" Okay, now that that's out of the way.... Laurel setting up the Hood to be captured was something I wondered about. I was surprised that happened in this episode, so I'm guessing next week's episode will open with a brief recap of the final scene (the Arrow and Laurel speaking about Tommy before she activates the trap). Now, here's my question: how the HELL is he going to get out of that? Hmm? I mean, they are likely operating under 'shoot to kill' orders. So how does 'the Arrow' get out without revealing his identity?

    And now that I think about it, I think I might know how. But I'll wait. Oh, and I didn't watch the promo for next week, so give me a moment to find it on YouTube.... (goes to YT, and does search) Hmm, interesting. But no clue as to how he gets out. I don't think a smoke bomb again. But we'll find out next week. That's gonna be a LONG wait....

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    I'm loving the team dynamic. The bantering was on full force in the episode; especially Felicity and some one liners from Diggle too; him saying he's the "black chauffeur". I also laughed at the elevator scene when Diggle says he's freaked out when Oliver refers to himself in the third person.

    I guess Roy is an unofficial teammate, now...until he figures out the vigilante's secret identity.

    And the island stuff is just not that interesting to me. It already happened, let's move forward with development of the story...especially now that Oliver's public persona is going down hill and Laural wanting the vigilante's is he supposed to get himself out of that situation?
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    Things continue to move forward, especially between Oliver and Roy as Roy becomes an unofficial member until otherwise as the Arrow's eyes and ears in the Glades. Both Oliver and his alter-ego have a lot to do to become the hero from the comics.

    The fights between Oliver, China White, and Bronze Tiger are awesome as I know we'll see Bronze Tiger again down the line.

    Felicity's bantering sticks out the most and Dinah Laurel has become the Lana Lang of the show as her reasons for hating Oliver seem weak considering she knew he was fighting Malcolm Merlyn and couldn't be there for Tommy. Her motivations for turning against Green Arrow are different from her father's from last season.

    The island stuff was interesting between Oliver and Shado, whom I hope with Slade will be in the present.

    They found a way to integrate Brother Blood into the series. Another great episode with two new debuting characters. The cliffhanger is interesting leading to the next episode.

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    Really liked some parts. LIke the action scenes, the themes of the episode (secret identities, Oliver trying to make amends), Felicity in the tight dress () and China White's return. On the other hand, there were some parts I didn't like. Laurel (her reasoning for hating the Hood and her actions in the end), Felicity who was uncharacteristically over the top and the hint about a possible love triangle in the island scenes. Please don't go there...

    7 out of 10.
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    A good follow up to the first episode of the season.

    Good to see Miss China White again this time with Bronze Tiger. The flashbacks I always enjoy seeing just want to see Slade Wilson in the present now.

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    Cool Idetity Review

    Arrow Season 2-Identity
    *The main storyline was not only about the identity of Oliver Queen/Vigilante but about Roy Harper and Laurel Lanceís identity too. Oliver is juggling two personas his life as a Queen-CEO of Queen Consolidated and Queen-Vigilante to protect his city.
    *Oliver Queen-CEO as he is trying to build face the aftermath of what his mother was involved in destroying the Glades. In trying to get the Queen name to good graces of the city there will always be naysayer like Sebastian Blood who has one view of the wealthy to pass his agenda. This person that has the agenda will stick to his view no matter what Oliver will say it will not change what the naysayer says. Then there are friends like Laurel Lance who has k know him a long time to stand up against the naysayer but in a way still but in a way she canít help but agree because she has her own agenda.
    -There is also the other persona Oliver Queen-Vigilante which is a whole other set of issues. Oliver has the battle of defining if it is to be killed or kill or find another way which basically means Hood versus Hero. This brings in the naysayer of China White which will always see him as the Hood who by any means which includes to kill if necessary. Which she sees as it as him not being much different than her so no matter what he says it wonít change her view. Then there if the factor of friends island versus return, in the flashbacks we see Oliver/Shado/Slade interaction Shado pushes him to face his demons but he sees it as kill or be killed as a means to survive. Slade sees this interaction and what is developing between the two as a distraction but it is jealousy. With the return we have Oliver/Felicity/Diggle interaction where Felicity encourages him to find another way. This also affects their interaction in his other life where he promotes Felicity to help build a bridge in the two personas but it gets her out of her comfort zone which creates conflict between the two. Then with Diggle it more of a mission of avenging his brother death sometime in the future but it affects his personal life.
    *Roy Harper identity he is trying to help the Glades but going about it the wrong way but at least he is doing something. This brings conflict in his life to be a hero without training or a hero with training. So the Vigilante will use him as an informant. Also since he met Canary last week, but mentions it to Laurel. The with the Hood toward the end in the soundtrack you hear a Canary chirp but not see the Canary she is probably hiding in the background watching the interaction between the two.
    *Laurel Lanceís identity right now is her anger toward the Hood and finally we see why she is so angry toward someone she used to believe in. In a flashback we see she made it back into the collapsing CNRI building finding Tommy dead and the Hood leaving the building because he did not save Tommy and she felt he had other priorities. This changed her view of him being a hero to a coward. I think she realizes or has a hunch that Oliver might be the Hood because she said some things to Ollie and when she came with the cops to try to arrest the Hood he did not kill and might have caught a glimpse of him. She still set on her trap because of the views with Tommy in the CRNI building so she is being a naysayer herself even though the Hood is trying to change his ways but she will see him as a coward. :
    Laurelís identity in this episode sets it up for the next episode which a get a feeling from the promo trailer, [SPOILER]That it is Canary that saves Laurel not Arrow who is keeping away from her right now. Whatever happens to Laurel in the next episode might be a catalyst to beginning of the Canary cry that is distinctly Laurelís signature.[/SPOILER] All in all I give another 10 to the episode because it is getting good.
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    Great second episode. As good or even better than the premiere. This season is really shaping up to to amazing. Can't wait for the next episode, especially given that cliffhanger!

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    The backstory for Laurel's new hatred for the Hood is given, and I can say I can now applaud the writers. I was hoping they weren't going with the 'she needs a scapegoat', and it looked like that was what they were going to do in the first episode. But the backstory, where Laurel saw Oliver as the Hood leaving the CNRI building after finding TOmmy dead, gives a much better explanation, as do her words. I think she suspects Oliver to know something about the Hood because of the fact that she made it seem like she was blaming Tommy's death on the fallout of a grudge match between two archers, but the way she acted in this episode, and the explanations given, say that her true feelings are that she feels betrayed by the Hood because he failed to keep the city safe from Merlyn's doomsday machine.
    Thank you JD! Your check is in the mail! I was happy to see someone who tries to understand Laurel and what the writers are trying to do with her, rather than immediately jumping to conclusions and claiming that she is an ungrateful *beep*! I'm not talking about the posters here, who are a very reasonable bunch, but what I've glimpsed from some social media like tumblr (of course, the tumblr fangirls do get a bit hysterical sometimes!).

    I'm going to try to present my thoughts on this episode a more organized (and probably much more verbose!) manner later on, but I have to say that I find "BadLaurel" a lot more interesting than the Laurel we got in the last part of season two, where her role in the story was reduced to being Tommy's girlfriend and a pawn in the Tommy/Oliver/Laurel "love triangle"/power game. I also think this new role fits Katie Cassidy's style of acting very well, and I enjoyed her performance in the first encounter between her and the Hood.

    Here are a few thoughts about the Laurel/Oliver storyline:

    1. A vigilante, even a non-lethal vigilante, needs an adversary/representative of the Law who will use all means to catch him, otherwise there would be no suspense and nothing at stake. I mean, if the hero didn't have to fight his criminal foes (e.g. China White) while at the same time being chased by the law, his life would be way too easy and comfortable for a superhero! This episode's cliff hanger is a prime example of this type of suspense-will the police finally catch the Hood/Oliver?? Of course, we all know that he won't be caught (because that would more or less be the end of the show!), but despite this, I suspect that the concluding scene gave most viewers a temporary thrill and that's good screen writing IMHO.

    In "Arrow" last year's adversary was Quentin and this year it's Laurel (at least in the beginning of the season). I personally think it's perfectly logical that the police are still hunting the Green Archer/the Vigilante. Oliver may have decided to change his M.O., but the police/legal authorities cannot be aware of this yet. Besides, his change of heart is really not that relevant for the police, since he already has some thirty lives on his conscience from last season. Since we're seeing everything from Ollie's POV it's easy to forget his lethal aspects, but for the police and the legal system Oliver is still a cold blooded serial killer, even though he may have done much good as well.

    2. In fiction the adversary usually has both a professional and a personal motive for going after the hero/ opposed to Real Life, where a police detective/lawyer who has some kind of personal connection to the suspect is not allowed to take on a case. For example, Quentin would never have been allowed to investigate a case where the prime suspect (Oliver) is the same person who took his daughter on a fatal boat trip. Of course, in contrast to Quentin, Laurel doesn't suspect (yet!)that Ollie and the Hood are the same person, but she still has a personal grudge against the Vigilante, in addition to her professional assignment to catch him. I like Laurel's character, so I bought the writers' explanation about her motives. However, I still think that Laurel is suffering from misplaced survivor's guilt, which muddles her reasoning. I suspect that deep down she feels guilty about Tommy's death, but since she can't deal with that guilt at this stage of the plot, she looks for someone to put the blame on, and the Vigilante is the perfect scape goat. Her reasoning is somewhat flawed, but I don't mind a flawed heroine...if I can admire and like a flawed hero, I see no problem in liking a flawed heroine, unless we're supposed to apply different standards of judgment to male and female characters. I understand if people dislike Laurel (we all have our preferences), but I think it's a bit hypocritical to claim that she the most reprehensible person ever, while gushing over Oliver, who has made his share of mistakes and whose actions are often in a morally grey zone. Besides, I think that Laurel's attitude will change as the season progresses, and that she will at some point acknowledge that she was wrong in blaming the Vigilante for Tommy's death.

    3. I think Laurel's hunt for the Vigilante adds a great dynamic to the Laurel/Oliver romance arc. The "Arrow" writers LOVE conflict and melodrama, especially when it comes to their romantic couples and I think setting up Laurel as the Hood's/Oliver's adversary is a good example of their (melo)dramatic style of sceen writing. I personally don't mind, because I have a soft spot for the star-crossed lovers trope, and I presume that the friction will decrease over the course of the story and that Laurel and Oliver/the Hood will have resolved their differences towards the end of the season.

    It's also interesting how they made the season two Laurel/Oliver relationship a mirror of the season one relationship, only this time the roles are reversed. In season one Laurel was somewhat bitter and wary towards Oliver because she believed he was the same douchebag who betrayed her five years ago, while she in some ways admired and trusted the Hood. In season two she treats Oliver with compassion (e.g. the hug in the season premiere) and regards him as a trusted friend, while she resents and challenges the Hood.

    This turned out to be yet another of my mini-dissertations, so I thank those who had the patience to read this far!
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    one of the best fight scenes to date

    EDIT: not going to lie, as a huge fan of Kelly Hu i was a little bummed we didn't get to see her show a bit of skin like the promo had shown
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    Pretty good episode. Laurel was a bit annoying though. I mean, I have no problem with her going after the Vigilante but they could have done better with the reasons for her doing so; still it's better than her being stuck in the soap opera part of the show. That seems to have been transferred to the island flashbacks now with Slade apparently jealous of Shado/Ollie. LOL

    It seems the popularity of the Felicity/Oliver banter has gone to TPTB's heads. They are overdoing it. Tone it down a notch please.

    It's a shame they cut the scene with China White from the promo. They really need to develop her more. Right now she just randomly comes and goes. She is less a character and more a plot device.

    Loved the cliffhanger. I'm guessing the Canary will save Ollie. Hope she inspires him to put on a mask of his own.

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