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    Quotes from "City of Heroes"

    For your favorite quotes, or just the ones that hit you more than others.

    "Don't beat yourself up."
    "I'm not. Apparently, that's his job."
    "And I like my job! That doesn't mean I wouldn't trade it for a way of this island!"
    - Shado, Oliver, and Slade

    "Not bad for someone who got a D in 10th Grade Algebra." (Insert Oliver's version of gaping in shock) "If its electronic, I can find it."
    - Felicity and Oliver

    "If I had known that all it would've taken for you to take your rightful place at the company was its demise, I would've declared bankruptcy a year ago." - Moira Queen

    "Where the hell've you been?" - Officer Quentin Lance

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    OK, I cheated a bit and knicked a few quotes from online sources...though I actually noticed most of these when I watched the episode:

    Isabel: You aren't at all what people say about you.
    Oliver: Most people fail to see the real me.

    This was a nice nod to the viewers, who of course know what Isabel doesn't know, namely that Oliver might be a more fearsome enemy than she thinks he is....

    Roy: What I lack in height I make up for in wicked good hearing.

    Diggle to Oliver: I would have emailed, but this isn't exactly an email hot spot.

    Isabel to Oliver: Poverty isn't as glamorous as Charles Dickens made it look.

    Thea to Moira: That outfit, with your coloring - isn't that cruel and unusual punishment or something?

    "Lauriver" shipper "feels":

    Oliver to Laurel: I understand. After everything that's happened, I understand why we can't be together. I still need you in my life.

    "Olicity" shipper "feels":

    Oliver to Felicity: A very good friend told me: I have to find another way. (not sure if these are the exact words!)
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