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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "City of Heroes?"

    Well... was it worth the wait?

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    Posting Pro bychance's Avatar
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    Jun 07
    Well worth the wait. Wanted so much more.

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    Forum Regular Kdude22's Avatar
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    Apr 13
    I for sure thought it was worth the wait
    DAT COMPOUND BOW!!! How awesome is Felicity?? Lol

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    Forum Regular Arrow2010's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    I liked it. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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    Settling In
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    Nov 10
    I really liked it. There were some minor things that bothered me, but not enough to affect my enjoyment of the episode.

    The best thing is that I actually was able to understand where every character was coming from. And I hope that the change in Oliver (the not killing part) stays true, that he doesn't go back to his old ways in, like, 3 episodes.

    Thea and Laurel: great character development. I could understand Thea's motives, and why she change her mind. So happy Laurel didn't cry at all in the episode. So strange that the Mayor knew her, btw. I'm glad that she had an honest conversation with Oliver, and that they didn't left things in the open - they talked about the big elefant in the room, and how their relationship was going to move foward.

    I don't get why Felicity had to appear in every scene Oliver was in (litteraly. Except for his scenes with Laurel and Moira, and with the bad guys, she was always there). In many of them, she simply stood there and smiled. Or she said something unnecessary that Diggle could have said (cat ate his tongue, btw?). Why was she in the meeting with Isobel? And Lance didn't think it strange that the IT girl, who is connected to the Hood, was in a very important meeting between the bosses, that she had no reason to?

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    Forum Regular Arrow2010's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    My thoughts on the premiere:

    Thea is still a little annoying. To an extent, I understand where she's coming from, but she just comes across as petulant.

    I'm already bored to tears with Oliver and Laurel.

    The obligatory exposition the characters delivered wasn't delivered very well.

    Some of the dialogue was clunky.

    Oliver needs to stop showing off his skills in public. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but somebody's bound to get suspicious eventually.

    Felicity is gorgeous as hell. However, I found myself wondering why she was in the room when her corporate superiors were making important business decisions that didn't really affect her one way or another.

    I'm all for Oliver killing less, but I felt like they hammered it in a little too much.

    I'm really excited for the rest of the season. It's shaping up to be something special.

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    Mild Mannered Reporter CK_ALL_DAY's Avatar
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    Loved this episode because it did such a great job progressing the story and setting up the entire season in one episode. We know where everyone stands now and allows for new characters to be introduced. And it's nice to know the transition from the Hood/vigilante to the Green Arrow is now underway! Nothing but exciting things to come this season. Also the action was top notch once again and the stunt crew should be looking at a few awards when its all said and done (just my opinion )

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    Mar 11
    The opening scenes showed the ship that was later seen as being the base of ops. for the group questioning Shado, and I'm looking forward to how they tie that in and how Oliver, Slade, and Shado take down the ship and its crew. I wonder if it'll take the entire season to tell that story, or just to the mid-season finale with a new storyline coming in then.

    Oliver's return to Starling City and his taking his place as CEO of Queen Consolidated was done very well, I think. Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev did a fairly good job, and you seriously got the vibe of "I take great pleasure in being a ****" from her as she talked down to Oliver. Walter coming into to help Oliver, along with his mother's suggestion that he go to Walter, was done very well I think. Isabel did not expect Oliver to turn to his ex-stepfather for help, and that was her undoing. Hopefully Oliver will be able to slowly buy up the shares she acquired and once more become majority share owner.

    Oliver and Laurel's decision to not continue seeing one another was done very well and not with the usual amateurish approach that is often used in CW dramas (which I was glad for since I hate those approaches). They didn't dance around things; as someone said above, they actually addressed the elephant in the room and talked openly at Tommy's grave. I liked that they've broken up on amicable terms. Also, can we say foreshadowing in regards to Oliver's comments about Sara? The question is, when is Sara's identity going to be unveiled and how? I did love the way they had her come in like that near the end with Roy.

    In regards to Laurel: as I began to suspect, she has decided to 'go with the flow' and blame the destruction of the Glades and Tommy's death on the conflict between two rival archers, despite the fact that the Undertaking was put into play long before the Emerald Archer ever appeared.

    The assassination of the mayor (pretty sure that's what they did, cuz I'm pretty sure I saw blood spray) was a surprise, but sets up for the mayoral race. But here's a question: because of some of the stuff that Blood says in previews, does this mean that Oliver will be running for mayor as well as Blood? Or is Blood referring to some other aspect? From my understanding, he and Blood supposedly form a friendship later in the season so that the 'betrayal' element will be in play when Oliver learns Blood is his new adversary.

    Thea came across very good in this episode. I enjoyed the way she came to realize why her mother might have done what she did and not just spoken out against Malcolm sooner when she herself was faced with death at the hands of the Hoods. Also, can I just say I am very glad that Oliver kicked that groups butts without killing them? Not just because it keeps with his new line of activity, but also because it shows he is better than they are. They're common thugs and criminals who are using the name of the Hood to spread their own message. Thea's kidnapping at their hands, and it being the catalyst for the return of Oliver's alter ego, is excellent.

    Quentin's reaction to his 'friend' appearing after all those months, and this time with a new code that he's trying (capture, not kill), was done well, I think. Anyone else catch the grin on Quentin's face after Oliver used his 'ascension arrow'?

    All in all, I give this episode a solid 10. But now that Laurel, Oliver, Moira, and Thea have all spoken of Malcolm as being dead, the question becomes: how is it that his scenes are supposedly with Oliver only, or was that just something they threw out there back in July to throw us off the scent? I'm still hoping for him having faked his death somehow. I watched Sacrifice again before watching this, and I realized what a lot of people have said is right. The positioning of Oliver's wound and Malcolm's wound is exactly the same. So the wound Oliver dealt him couldn't have been fatal unless Oliver's a zombie.

    Oh, final thing: anyone else go "you (insert cuss word of choice" when they cut out just as Oliver looks at the arrow when Diggle asks him what he wants to be called? I sure did....

    So, what's your guess. Will he call himself The Arrow, or will he go straight to calling himself Green Arrow as a way of sort of mocking the Dark Archer?

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    Settling In Kiarasa's Avatar
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    Oct 12
    ^This. Yes. Everything this guy said.

    I really hope it will be Green Arrow, but given the name of this series, they'll probably just shorten it to Arrow.

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    >>>THE FLASH<<< super_j_man's Avatar
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    Central City
    Awesome premiere. The only issue I have was the overselling of the points they were trying to get across. Tommy's death affecting Oliver and Laurel's decisions was rubbed in a lot. After a while, I was kinda like "Okay I get it, let's move on". And the whole Oliver trying to be something other than a killer was oversold. Not that these are bad plot points, on the contrary I think those were some of the great moments of the premiere, but they could have rubbed it in a little less.

    Loved the scene between Thea and Moira. I thought it was pretty touching.

    I liked Roy trying to stand up to the bad guys at Verdant. I'm digging the Thea/Roy relationship.

    I liked the tease of Black Canary but I wish it was more than just a tease.

    So Oliver couldn't stop the bad guys at the QC meeting because he was afraid to show off who he was but yet he doesn't mind jumping out of a window with Felicity in his arms? I agree with what people have already said, I like Felicity but it felt like she was being shoehorned a lot into this episode when she wasn't really needed.

    10 out of 10!

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    We Will Avenge!!! darkphoenix21's Avatar
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    Aug 07
    Where the Galaxy Calls
    8 out 10...

    OMG!!!Felicity... she has step behind the computer and started a crash course in becoming a more active member of the team.

    I loved the reveal of their improved HQ

    Roy is becoming a boyscout of the series.

    Walter is back

    We meet the Black Canary.

    But just one thing....grrrr!!! Just as Oliver was about to say that he wanted to be called Green Arrow, they end it with the logo. I wanted him to say it.
    Last edited by darkphoenix21; 10-09-2013 at 09:11 PM.

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    Forum Regular Arrow12's Avatar
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    Apr 12
    I don't get why Felicity had to appear in every scene Oliver was in (litteraly. Except for his scenes with Laurel and Moira, and with the bad guys, she was always there). In many of them, she simply stood there and smiled. Or she said something unnecessary that Diggle could have said (cat ate his tongue, btw?). Why was she in the meeting with Isobel? And Lance didn't think it strange that the IT girl, who is connected to the Hood, was in a very important meeting between the bosses, that she had no reason to?

    I think its understandable she will be involved in the running of QC and will be there at meetings, but I agree though she was used too much in Oliver's scenes, in some she wasnt really needed, it was overkilll.

    Glad to see Roy patrolling the streets and having a day job too, he has really turned his life around. Im glad they brought Colin Salmon back, he is good as Walter.
    Last edited by Arrow12; 10-09-2013 at 09:31 PM.

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    Olicity Shipper bellrevue's Avatar
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    Oct 12
    Starling City
    I agree with your assessment of the show. I will point out in terms of the Laurel thing, I really am not getting what is going on with her, but I guess your explanation that she is going with the flow makes sense. The Donner character who she called her 'boss' is going to be a love interest for her.

    I really liked how Roy came out and answered Oliver back when he said "Still here" Roy said "Always" I really want there to be a fight between them over Thea and Oliver to be guilty of leaving her and Roy saying I stayed while you left and had your five month 'find yourself fest' back on the island. I can see it coming. Also Roy fighting and getting the gun away, so much potential of a sidekick so happy they have him doing that so early showing he really cares for Thea.
    Thea & Mom scene was sweet and Walter coming back such a surprise didn't expect it and was really happy to see him back.
    Also did you notice that Oliver only smiled with Felicity not Laurel, foreshadowing much? The writers keep saying Oliver and Laurel are meant to be but not if they keep writing Laurel so, well not Felicity like. If Laurel was like Felicity I would be rooting for them.
    Great show loved the action introduction of Black Canary, Blood, Central City's STAR lab (connection to the flash).

    One thing I did notice went too quick was that Oliver seemed a lot more friendly with Shado then when we last left them, which was when Oliver said back off I still am in love with/ thinking about Laurel. Showing him 'cheating' on Laurel on the island with Shado just proves to me the writers really are not trying to convince the audience of Oliver and Laurel being soul mates.

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    Dec 10
    Good season finale with almost everyone at rocky places.

    Both Oliver and Dinah Laurel are affected by Tommy's death than anyone else and they both break up in a very satisfactory way, but they're on a collision course eventually when Dinah sets out to take down Green Arrow, which is a role reversal from her father, who has been demoted and looks good in a cop uniform.

    I think the ones who stood out were both Diggle and Felicity as they try to get Oliver back to resume his crimefighting duties. Both Felicity and Roy Harper have stepped up in major ways with Roy trying to fill the void left by Oliver.

    The Thea from this episode is a stark contrast to the Thea of last season in terms of being straight and getting her head together. We also find out she runs and owns Oliver's nightclub. She is not only in a relationship with Roy, but she owns him in all other areas. It took both Oliver and Roy to get her to see her mother, who's in a prison uniform after last season finale.

    I think the season premiere could do without the flashbacks, at least some of it.

    We're introduced to Isabel Rochev, a businesswoman who tries to take Queen Consolidated from the Queen Family and she is going to be Oliver's nemesis more so than his hero persona. It's good to see Walter Steele back.

    Now we get to a Black Canary who looks close to the comics and I hope she joins Oliver's team that Huntress couldn't. I just hope they don't turn Canary into a Huntress clone in terms of killing her enemies.

    I can see Oliver going by the name of Arrow instead of Green Arrow as he tries another approach and tries to get out of the vigilante approach as well. So I hope they will continue to move Oliver forward a lot more this season than he ever did in the last season.

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    Personally I don't get why Tim Wescott(the leader of the hoods) did turn into sand to get away from the Green Arrow

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