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    Rewatched the first four episodes (only intended to watch the first two, but ended up watching two more). Frankly, thought that the four episodes were better written than the sequel trilogy. While TFA starts out on poor man's Tattooine (Jakku), this series starts out on Lothal. A planet that doesn't remotely look like Tattooine. With a good portion of the start taking place in a city, rather than a middle of nowhere settlement. Ezra doesn't randomly stumble onto the Falcon, but gets picked up by the Ghost (a new ship). "Tarkintown" is clearly a reference to "Hooverville". The writers have taken inspiration from something in real-world history. In episode 3, Chopper, R2 and C-3PO are forced to the back of a shuttle, on account of being droids. Again drawing inspiration from real-world history and translating it into a sci-fi enviroment (in a way that connects to established canon). Those two examples alone makes these four episodes feel more creative than the sequel trilogy.

    Thought the characters were clear and fleshed out (again, better written than the characters in the sequel trilogy). Ezra was inspired by Aladdin, with the writers developing him into his own character. He's got a clear arc and development in the first two episodes alone. He goes from a street kid, who only looks out for himself, but starts to help others (over the course of which, he starts showing signs that he is a force user). Sabine is a Mandalorian, but is clearly distinct from others that we have seen, due to her artistic flair. She stands out as an individual.
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