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    I usually have people start with Season 5 because kind of like if Star Wars started with the Phantom Menace it wouldn't have worked I think that if you had most people start with Rose and Nine they might not make it very far before becoming bored.I never did because I liked the story but a lot of people don't have a big enough attention span for anything more and I think Matt's doctor is just a perfect place to climb on and especially now with the 50th Anniversary being done and out you almost don't really have to watch anything before it to really be in the know if you so choose. I remember the first episode I payed attention to was Forest Of The Dead on reruns as I was really sick with a bad bout of stomach flu and I just remember thinking what a badass the scene where he tells the Vashta Nerata to look him up was and it just so happened to be the day before The Big Bang aired so on that Saturday I was sick watching this awesome new show helped and so I read up on DW and found out that Matt's character's first episode and season were going to run back to back all day up to the season finale so it was just a really good time to find this show and what not. Good memories all around.

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    You can't go wrong starting with The Eleventh Hour.

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    For the newbies it's been mentioned but I'd start wit NuWho or the Christopher Eccleston run as the Doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekken Force View Post
    Oh my dear phoenix...welcome to Doctor Who Under Stephen Moffat. I think most people who watched that at the time (2010/11) have since just given up trying to make it all make sense. I don't know what episode you're up to, but the complicated not making sense stuff is only going to continue.
    Yeah this basically what proven to me more then anything Doctor Who has no canon and no straight timeline. Stuff changes all around and such, so I've learned to simply roll with it.

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