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    Quote Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
    You just contradicted yourself.

    You understand that Dean loves Sam more....but you can't seem to understand why Dean always chooses Sam?
    Well, everyone knows that Dean has more than one family member. Just cause you're blood don't make you family, you've gotta earn that like Dean said. So I don't think he should choose between saving his brother or saving another family member, in other seasons he would find a way to save both. That's why people are upset. Don't you get that? :s

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    Nowhere in that past has Dean ever tried to save two people at once when Sam was one of them. What series have you been watching when it showed Dean trying to save two people when Sam was one of them?

    You being a Castiel-only fan is only becoming more noticeable when you think that Dean should all of a sudden try to take care of Sam and someone else when that's never been the case; Dean has always chosen Sam and only him.
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