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    Regina and Darth Vader parallels

    Regina started off good – Anakin Skywalker started off good

    Rumple seduces Regina to the dark side – Palpatine seduces Anakin to the dark side

    Regina can be ruthless – Darth Vader can be ruthless

    Despite everything Regina has done, Henry still thinks there is some good left in her – Despite everything Darth Vader has done, Luke still thinks there is some good left in him

    If these parallel continues, Regina will have to sacrifice herself to save Henry from OUaT’s version of the Emperor. – Is that the Dark One?

    Side Note: Darth Vader told Luke that he can destroy the Emperor that the Emperor has foreseen it and it is his destiny. It has been foreseen that Henry will be Rumple’s undoing.

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    Not having watched the Star Wars flicks in some time- did Darth Vader do any good AS Darth Vader? Regina has done some good, post-Evil-Queen days.

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    Yes, I was amazed at the analogy between the two of them! But still hope for happy end for Regina


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