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    I was wondering, how many times can Laurels apartment be shot up and wrecked before her landlord has had enough?

    Blank probably didn't expect to be fighting Oliver Queen in the process of his invasion. He probably thought at worst, if Oliver shows up, he will be a simple pistol whip away from being knocked out. So it surprised him when Oliver launched his assault. And he also had a habit of talking to himself. Remember when he shot the guy in the beginning, and then messed up his house? He was talking to himself when he was trashing the place to make it look like a burglary.

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    Crackerjack episode. Didn't like Dig leaving but loved the action and the Speedy/Roy Harper development. Blank was a nasty piece of work. Really liked the intertwining of the past and the present in the storyline.

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    I enjoyed this episode more than last weeks but it was another filler episode really on the surface of it all.

    Not really much to say but they really need to step it up next week. But on the positive side Roy Harper was back so it was already better than last weeks.

    One thing I really don't get why didn't Deadshot kill Dig? He said he wasn't been paid but he wasn't been paid to kill all the others he killed either so it didn't sit right with me.

    Island flashbacks weren't all that great this week either but I got that because they're leading to something.

    The action this week was good as always but there wasn't too much of it.

    All in all 7/10, I'd say it was .5 better than last weeks but seen as though I can't give it a 7.5 in the poll ill just give it a 7.

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