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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Unfinished Business?"

    What did you think?

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    Well i will give this one a 9/10 so close to making a 10 but there was to much going on in this episode for me to follow it

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    Pretty good ep. I like Tommy, so I like seeing him get some screentime and I really enjoy his relationship with Ollie. Totally awesome how he had the basement set up - but how did he do it without revealing the Hood stuff to anyone. I mean, it's not like he could move all that stuff himself. I'm very sad that he went to Satan at the end of the ep - that won't end well. And I want him to make up with Oliie and not be a bad guy. But he's got a destiny, so I will be disappointed. And Quentin - he got played by Tommy - we really need to see this guy do something impressive so he doesn't come off as a total incompetent.

    I also like the Laurel/Quentin dynamic.

    It was nice to see Digg doing his own thing a bit - nice to remind the audience he has a life and his whole life isn't just about being Oliver's assistant. Carly didn't look happy when he left though - I hope this isn't the start of "duty keeps him from having love" for Digg since we've already got that for Oliver. Really, though, it hasn't been that long since he killed someone - did so in the second episode before fighting China White, right?

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    Probably the best episode of the last three. We have Oliver picking up a bow and soon an arrow. Tommy finally showing some darker tendencies and a backbone; A little too quickly turning around but thats just me. Detective Lance getting over his Vigilante obsession, baby steps of course. Diggle showing off his knowledge of acronymed DC government agencies, ARGUS, and meeting someone who seemed to have a real relationship with him before we met him as a bodyguard. Felicity doing work for Diggle and keeping secrets from Oliver, start of a beautiful relationship right, keeping secrets. The Count not being killed, Oliver showing he has developed mostly because of Diggle and Felicity's ideas of right, wrong, and justice. Oliver didn't seem to try and repair his relationship with Tommy, yet he seemed to repair and apologize pretty quickly to Diggle. Interesting. Two week hiatus coming up, then the last stretch of episodes till the finale.

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    This was an amazing episode, IMO. I particularly liked how Tommy went to get a job from his Dad. I had suspicions, from what the summary had said, that things would take a turn down one of two paths: either Tommy would end up hunting down the person who sold Vertigo and making them confess, or he was going to turn to his father for help. With Tommy and Malcolm now growing closer since "Dead to Rights", where Malcolm tells him about Nandaparbat (sorry if I misspelled) and his intention to "heal the city", and Tommy's clear opposition to what Oliver has become, I've got a sneaking suspicion that Tommy's going to tell his father who the Hood is.

    One thing I'm glad about, even if I'm still going to be groaning about the two-week wait, is that they didn't do episode 20 and then cut us off, since according to Oliver (Stephen, I mean), from episode 20 onward everything goes bonkers (aka, psychotic with a twist of family drama and a dash of vengeance, IMO). I'm looking forward to it. A lot of shows in the past, not just comic book shows, have disappointed me with season finales. I'm hoping this becomes the 'salvation' series for that. The special effects team seems top-notch compared to the CW's previous comic book show.

    I'm looking forward to how things go with Shado, Slade, and Oliver. I'm still, in a way, hopeful that Slade survives the Island and becomes a recurring antagonist in the modern day bits of the show, simply because it'd be interesting to see. But regardless, I love the character as he's portrayed (and I love that sword of his, and I FOUND IT on Amazon....), and I look forward to how things go. Fyres is going to be an interesting antagonist for the flashbacks.

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    This episode focused on Tommy and Detective Lance in relation to the returning, but improving Vertigo as well as the return of Count Vertigo. The death of a club girl set things off and if it did anything, it was to have Detective Lance drive a wedge between Oliver and Tommy and they accomplished that when Tommy quit Oliver's nightclub and went to his father for a job thus setting off the dark path. I'm glad that Oliver and Tommy are coming apart over secrets instead of Dinah Laurel like Smallville did with Clark and Lex when they became enemies over Lana.

    Another storyline happening was Diggle aiming to go after Deadshot as he kept it from Oliver and there was tension between the two. I agree with someone here that it shows that Diggle has a life of his own and not everything revolves around being Oliver's sidekick.

    The island flashbacks are the most interesting in that we have Oliver, Slade, and Shado who may be the island equivalent of Oliver, Dinah, and Tommy. We see Shado teaching Oliver the archery that will lead to the present. While they're developing stuff in the island, it's good to see them moving Oliver forward in that he didn't kill Count Vertigo. Detective Lance was taking baby steps from his obsession with Green Arrow. No Thea, Moira, and Roy in this one. Much better episode than last week.

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    Onward Season 10! Anno_Domini's Avatar
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    Very tight episode that really pushed things along. The Count can always still be a threat now, Diggle continues to pursue Deadshot(and a reference to A.R.G.U.S.?) and Tommy is now working alongside his father. I really like the latter by the way as it seems that the turn to the dark side with Tommy could become much, much faster than Lex on Smallville.

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    It's the mileage... costas22's Avatar
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    It was decent. I loved the final scene. Gave me Lex and Lionel flashbacks.

    The one part I never figured out was at what point Oliver suspected Tommy of wrongdoing. Felt like Tommy jumped to conclusions there. Might have to watch the episode again.

    And another thing I didn't get was Oliver saying he's changed. I can't see it to be honest. He killed the guy that made the drug in cold blood (ugh). Of course he didn't kill the Count but the Oliver we've seen so far would never kill someone in that state of mind anyway. I wish they stopped trying to address the whole murdering subject.

    6/10 for this but you can clearly tell the rest of the season will pick up the pace.
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    Really liked tonight's EP. I loved all the scenes with Shado I think she's a great addition to the island team. & it doesn't hurt that she's really hot. But I do have a feeling she's a double agent but I hope not. I think it's kind of funny that on the island Ollie's 2 friends are both Villains in the comics.

    I liked the swerve with Vertigo not being behind the new wave of the drug even though I saw it coming. & I liked Ollie showing restraint in not killing him. I like Digg's story really looking forward to his encounter with Deadshot. & we got one step closer to Tommy going to the darkside.

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    Mar 11
    Pretty good all round episode and I liked the last scene. Tommy's turn to the dark side has begun.

    Why another hiatus this close to the end I'll never know.

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    I iked it they continued somethings though I kind of wish they don't kill Deadshot but Diggle can't move forward if Deadshot is still alive but Diggle needs a nemesis and Deadshot fills that role; I guess the Dark Archer would be Ollie's nemesis.

    I liked that Tommy had something to do in this episode instead of be in the club and now they are setting it up that he might become an archer like his father but that wouldn't be for a while.

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    Here are my thoughts on "Unfinished Business". Again, if anything I write sounds odd, it's because I'm not a native speaker...

    There were a few major characters Missing In Action is this episode:

    Moira-probably still recovering from that Lady Macbeth "I have blood on my hands!" crisis from the last episode.

    Thea and Roy Harper-judging by the forum poll, they were somewhere making out during all this drama. Good for them-they're young and in love, so why not??

    I was sad to note that "the shirtless scene" was also M.I.A. in this episode-hopefully Oliver/Stephen will make up for this in the next ep and give us an extra-long shirtless workout scene!

    For those characters who did take part in the action there were some major developments that will surely influence the course of the concluding episodes.

    Diggle-I personally feel that Diggle has been under-used in the past few episodes, so I was happy to see him get his own storyline in "Unfinished Business". The scene from Carly's house showed that he does have a life outside of the Arrowcave and his and Carly's body language gave me the impression that their relationship has been evolving a bit "off-screen" since the last time she appeared on the show. We also see Diggle pursuing his own agenda with regards to Deadshot, a storyline that might lead to Deadshot's re-appearance on the show (also, in this ep Floyd Lawton was actually referred to by his codename, in Diggle's conversation with his former colleague). And we got to see Diggle kick butt in the sequence where he rescues Oliver, and kill a man in a kind of reverse of that scene in "Odyssey" where he resuscitates Oliver.

    Tommy- I have complained about Tommy being a bland character, but on the other hand he has shown thoughout the season that he is a genuinely good and loyal person, and I really felt sorry for him in this episode. I may be wrong, but I think that he actually bribed that city inspector so that nobody would find out about the Arrowcave and Oliver's secret identity. I also got the impression that he was the one who arranged so that the secret hide-out would look like a storage room. Considering this, I don't think that he deserved to get Oliver on his case about a few drugrelated happenings some five years ago. Honestly, as much as I love Oliver's character, he does come off as a hypocrite sometimes (or the writer's make him come off as a hypocrite, which I guess is the same thing!). Here is a man who won't hesitate to snap a guy's neck and kill him if it serves his purposes accusing his friend of "playing with bad people"!! Tommy had all the rights to be angry with Oliver, and I think that his response was right on spot as far as Oliver's morals are concerned. There was also a slight continuity slip in this scene-in the diner scene in "Salvation" Diggle says that Oliver has been home for *eight* months, but in the conversation between Oliver and Tommy, Tommy says that he's been home for *six* months. I know that there are many different people writing the scripts for "Arrow", but aren't they supposed to have some kind of "Bible" that keeps track of all the story details? Or maybe they don't expect viewers to be as observant (or nitpicky!) as I am? Anyway, this was the episode that sent Tommy on his road to perdition, and I'm curious to see how this will play out.

    The Island storyline-I'm loving the interaction between the members of the Island team, and I'm really looking forward to seeing some romance between Oliver and the lovely Shado. I may be thick, but I didn't really see the purpose of the "water exercises"-how is slapping water going to make a fighter or an archer out of Oliver? Also, as good as the Island scenes are, I still have a major problem with the takes the concept of "a bad hair day" to a whole new level! I'm trying to follow the plot and all I see are those obviously fake strands of hair covering Oliver's head! The make-up crew has IMHO "failed the show" and needs to come up with a solution to this hair mess ASAP. The neat thing about the Island scenes in this ep is that they were actually fun to watch, and provided a nice break from all the drama in Starling city. In general I think that Stephen is having a blast playing the clueless, bumbling, whiny proto-island Oliver.

    Quentin's and Laurel's scene in the bar provided a great counterpoint to the scene quite a few episodes back where Laurel went to pick up a very intoxicated Quentin from a bar and take him (or drag him) home. Quentin's drinking problem has been a sub-theme in the Quentin/Laurel storyline, and I had the feeling that Laurel has been trying not to be judgmental or too pushy when it comes to his drinking habits-after all, the only person who can get Quentin to stop drinking is Quentin himself. So, here we had a nice piece of character development. We also hear Quentin admit that he does get obsessive about closing a case sometimes and that he has to let go of his pursuit of the Hood. Maybe Quentin's decision to let go of his obsession to catch the Hood will coincide with Oliver changing his methods (i.e. stop killing people that easily)?

    I presume that a lot of "Arrow" viewers focus on the action and the comic book mythology, but I personally feel that the show would be a lot less engaging without scenes like these.

    "People can change" seems to be the codeword for this episode: Tommy will (presumably) change from a trusting "good guy" to something more sinister, Oliver will start on his path to becoming a Real Hero instead of a Flawed/Dark Hero and Quentin has made a decision to stop drinking/obsessing about the Hood...and maybe to treat Laurel's boyfriends with a bit more respect!
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    I think this is my first 8!

    It felt lacking where it needed to shine...lot of good moments but was blah alot...I enjoyed the Island stuff more than the present day...Diggle good, Felicity good, Tommy? Bah! As much as I wanted to love the last scene...felt generic.

    I am looking forward to APR 24th!

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    I am completely in love with Shado. She is brilliant.

    The rest of the episode was rather meh.

    This will probably sound really convoluted but Diggle is asking his friend to find out more about Deadshot. Diggle could find out that Moira hired him to kill Malcolm. Oliver would then go after his Mother again (as The Hood) and tell her you have failed this city (again). Moira would then explain that she wanted to kill Malcolm to get out of the The Undertaking. Oliver will then realize that he should not have saved Malcolm's life and goes after him. We then see a big showdown between The Hood and Dark Archer, with it going really badly for Oliver.

    I think this would be a nice way of ending the season.
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    O.k, this is my first reply here and I must say that I get hooked to this series the more often I watch it.
    I love Oliver when he is sensitive, quiet, compassionate and understanding as much as I love him when he kicks somebodyīs ass. (BTW his green leather outfit is yummie as long as we donīt have any shirtless scenes)
    What I didnīt get was why Lance didnīt follow the huntressīhint that Oliver is the vigilante.
    I love Felicity, she is great and it is surely the right decision to make her a series regular for season 2 and I love Diggle, the Oliver Diggle bromance is great.
    What I donīt get is why Tommy is so pissed about what Oliver has become. He rescued his dad! He tries to be the good guy and even if he acts against the law he is coming from the right place, so what?

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