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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Betrayal?"

    What did you think?

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    New In Town SuperLuke's Avatar
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    May 10
    This was the best episode yet! Liked it when Diggle got caught smoking. I also loved the twist with Deathstroke, finally Slade Wilson is revealed. Next week's episode will be EPIC!!!!

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    Hopeless Forum Addict Halberdier17's Avatar
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    Nov 12
    The Phantom Zone formerly Krypton
    I loved it I think it was the best yet; I say that about every episode but they keep topping the episode before it.

    I didn't expect the ending with Oliver as Arrow breaking through the window and saying "Moira Queen you have failed this city" while aiming at her.

    It also leads into the next episode really well. I like how every episode after the break leads right into the next episode; before the break the only two episodes I can think of that did that were the one when Ollie got arrested and the 2nd episode with the Huntress.

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    New In Town
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    Dec 12
    I thought this episode was pretty good. Not my favorite though. I really can't wait for next weeks episode.

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    Forum Regular
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    May 11
    Now that's what's im talking about!

    I knew Arrow had the potential to get to another level, so I was patiently waiting and it looks like my patience was rewarded.

    The writing, acting, action, reveals and implications for the future, all contributed to making this such a fantastic episode.

    The Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) reveal was a cool twist, but it did leave me a little confused. A lot of what he said doesn't line up with what we have seen, but I assume that will be fleshed out more moving forward. I wonder if this is always what TPTB had planned for Deathstroke or if they had originally wanted the other guy to be Deathstroke.

    Anyway, hand down the best episode so far and now that I know ARROW is capable of this quality, I will be expecting it in the coming episodes. ARROW do not let me down.

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    Incurable Postaholic RightWingConspirator's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    For whatever reason, I stopped watching this show several weeks ago, though I still DVRed it. Caught up on everything over the weekend, and saw tonight's offering. I'm really enjoying this. We still don't know Mona's level of involvement in Robert's misdeeds, but I think we will before the end of the season. [SPOILER]The "scenes from next week" during the ending credits suggests she shoots Oliver, and he spends the episode near death while having more flashbacks. Interesting! [/SPOILER]

    Deathstroke trained Green Arrow? Didn't see that coming....
    Last edited by Sugar; 02-06-2013 at 10:17 PM. Reason: promos are spoilers

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    Onward Season 10! Anno_Domini's Avatar
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    Oct 10
    So there's TWO Deathstrokes????

    [SPOILER]And how the heck is it that Moira ends up shooting Ollie in the next episode when no other trained shooter or thug can? Lol [/SPOILER]
    Last edited by Sugar; 02-06-2013 at 10:18 PM.

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    Forum Regular cryhwks's Avatar
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    Mar 08
    Loved tonight's episode I think this show has gottten better each week the over arcing story is really good. The island stuff is great when he said his name was Spade Wilson I was like what? But then Oliver found the mask I think it is a great twist & freaking Deathstroke Is going to train Olie. & that ending with Moira has been a long time coming

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    We Will Avenge!!! darkphoenix21's Avatar
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    Aug 07
    Where the Galaxy Calls
    The ending made for a great cliff-hanger both with concern to Moira and Slade. [SPOILER]Is the next episode the one where Felicity finds out the truth about Oliver? There was a woman's voice responding to Diggle as he was trying to revive Oliver...or it could just be just good editing. [/SPOILER]
    Last edited by Sugar; 02-06-2013 at 10:19 PM.

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    Board Master
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    Dec 10
    Great episode in this one as whatever Felicity did last week had an effect here. Whatever Diggle tried to do, Oliver would deny until the end as he does something in the end that will lead into the next episode. It's also about secrets and relationships that surrounds Dinah, Tommy, and Detective Lance with Green Arrow at the center of it. A lot has moved forward with Oliver and Diggle knowing Moira's involvement of sabotaging the boat that killed Robert to Tommy learning about Dinah working with Green Arrow. The flashbacks with Oliver and Slade Wilson are more interesting we may have two Deathstrokes running around on the island. This gets better and better that unlike Smallville, things are moving forward in Arrow.

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    10 years at KSite costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    Loved this episode! Quite a bit of character development and some stuff that was cleverly done: Vanch's trap for the Hood and then Oliver and Quentin's plan to infiltrate the house. Haven't been a big Laurel fan so far but I thought this was one of her best episodes. My favorite part was how they moved forward with the Moira/Oliver storyline. Cool way to end the episode and now I can't wait for next week!

    The stuff with Slade was a bit confusing. Especially after he revealed he worked with Australian Intelligence. Wait and see how it unfolds in the episodes to come. Hopefully they haven't retconned anything.

    There was just one problem I had with the episode. Don't know how Oliver's arrows work exactly but I hope he didn't kill all those guards. I think we've seen him kill enough people already.

    Finally, we had 2 cameos from Smallville alumni this week! Vanch's girlfriend was played by Lex's doctor from Crusade and the Lieutenant was played by Basqat.

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    Olicity Shipper bellrevue's Avatar
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    Oct 12
    Starling City
    good episode, as other's have said leading to the next. Wasn't that much of a stretch that he was going to confront Moira, just that it was done as Hood not Oliver. Laurel/Tommy/Arrow/Oliver relationship was like a smallville season all in one episode. Forgiving everyone really fast for lying to each other save for of course the father/daughter relationship.
    I don't believe for a moment Slade Wilson's story, if Oliver learns something from him other then combat it will be manipulation and lying. Also couldn't Oliver have said, I was already tortured and didn't give away the other guys location, what makes you think I wont do the same for you stranger?
    Diggle doing his own thing, is awesome showing the Diggle actually is not a cardboard cut-out mentor/sidekick/doctor/conscious. Him interrupting the b-day party was funny amongst the intense episode. No Felicity but we will get a lot of her next week so I'm okay with that.
    Who is the rat in the SCPD police department, we have heard of them before, I think its Mckenna, anyone want to take a wager?

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    Complete SV Nerd skully's Avatar
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    Sep 06
    Quality ep. Good writing and intertwined stories. Dig is great as the "take no crap from Ollie" sidekick.

    Will Detective Lance soften his views on the Hood now that he helped save Laurel?

    Seems we are about to see how Slade trained Ollie on the island. Slade Wilson is Deathstroke, but didn't Ollie kill him in Damaged? Same guy?
    Last edited by skully; 02-07-2013 at 03:27 AM.

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    Apr 04
    I thought Oliver said Yao Fei did the training, so it's a little odd that he has a second trainer, now. Then again, getting information from Oliver can be like pulling teeth, so him withholding bits is perfectly in-character.

    I'm completely content to just wait and findout the training backstory whenever - doesn't mean much to me. I'm not really that into the island stuff, as a rule. But the book backstory is something I really want to know more on - how Oliver learned whatever he learned, got a message from his father, etc.

    I enjoyed the Tommy/Laurel dynamic and how he called her on her deceptions. I like Tommy. I hope through some twist he never becomes a villain, since his dad is one already. The Laurel/Quentin dynamic is in high-gear. I did think the idea that Quentin was blaming the Hood for his wife leaving, his drinking, etc. came out of nowhere. That, to me, is so heavily dependent on Quentin believing the Hood is Oliver and that didn't get addressed here. I'm very intrigued by the leak in the department. I hope that shows up again, and wasn't just a plot-device for one ep (and I'm optimistic about that). Him working with the Hood and that conversation was just well done.

    Kudos on Diggle for getting the recording so Ollie could hear it himself. And the conveniently distorted voices keep him from identifying Malcolm. And Oliver wants to think better of Moira, but is faced with so much evidence that he has to take action. He doesn't know that Walter's safety is being used as a bargaining tool, so he might think she had him killed, think her worse/guiltier than she is (in that regard). And he doesn't know Walter is alive. I just hoping Walter doesn't have a immediate death upon being discovered by Oliver. Very nice cliffhanger.
    Last edited by Liriel; 02-07-2013 at 03:58 AM.

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    Arrow >> Smallville
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    Oct 07
    This episode was worth it just for the "Moira Queen. You have failed this city."


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