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    I'll probably enjoy the ep more on the rewatch. First viewing didn't do much for me, but that's definitely partially because the synopsis said Felicity was going to tell Oliver disturbing news about Moira, and I was very impatient for that. I saw community service coming for Thea a mile away. I did find it a sad sort of funny that Thea was going to go to jail just to make her mother miserable. I know she doesn't have any real concept of what jail would be like, but she's still not the most mature/intelligent 18 year old out there to have that attitude.

    I really enjoyed the Thea/Oliver sibling bonding and Oliver and his tic-tac-toe advice. He acted more like an ally than a judge and acknowledged that he's done stuff like this, too.

    Glad to see Quentin again. I liked getting some Lance family info. Interesting the things Laurel said about Thea. How much has Laurel interacted with Thea over the past five years? I definitely get the impression Tommy has been around the Queens during that time, and Laurel has been around Tommy...

    Oliver's cop buddy and Oliver getting spotted were interesting. And then Lance saying what he did to the Hood. It could just be generic judginess, but it could also have have been weighed to evoke a certain reaction.

    Nice to see Digg calling Oliver on what he shouldn't be doing, as usual. But Oliver went out anyway.

    Not too interested in the island flashbacks, myself. I'd like to learn how/what/when Oliver learned about the book and what was going on, but all the guys-chasing and torture/prison stuff bore me. And I knew Yao Fei (sp?) would still be an ally.

    Alas, the actual taking-down-Vertigo-producer part didn't interest me, either. I like the surrounding material, but not really that part. And if the Count gets out somehow and does something even worse (in an insane way), I'm sure Quentin Lance will remind everyone that the Arrow helped make him. Of course, he was already evil and a murderer, so Oliver's actions only contribute so much.

    Then we finally got to the part I was waiting for - Felicity telling Oliver about the book. And him saying he'd never seen it before right after he said she could trust him. Well, I guess he hadn't seen *that* book before, but still, he's (unsurprisingly) not being forthcoming. Oliver really did look shaken to me when she showed it to him. Not really in his expression, but in his body language. I'm dying to know what he thinks about it all. You know, does he think Walter is dead (he did before), does he think the book really was Moira's and not Robert's (not that he'd need two, but denial could play in), is he wondering if Moira was part of Walter or Robert's deaths?

    Then there's Thea. He was just trying to repair her relationship with Moira, and now this. But it really might be smarter to just keep her in the dark, because look what happened to Walter when he found out, and he doesn't want that to happen to Thea. This is doubly so if he ends up thinking that Moira had the boat sabotaged (and knew he'd be on it). And if he knows she had him kindapped...

    Oliver could quite feasibly end up thinking Moira was more responsible than she is, if he doesn't connect Malcolm to it, and thus doesn't know of the threats to Walter from non-Moira sources. And if he does connect Malcolm, will he be at all wary of Tommy (I mean, will he even consider the idea that Tommy is not now just as oblivious as Oliver was at 22)?

    What about Walter? I know Oliver already did some digging, but would he do more now? Either because Felicity can point him in the evil cabal direction or because he knows more about the list and the people than the audience have been told so far, and that gives him a direction to follow.

    And how much will he tell Diggle? I'm really interested in the family/friends dynamic now that Ollie has a reason to be suspicious of his mother. I didn't think he suspected her all along, though, so if it turns out he did, I have no idea what to expect.

    Thea's turn around towards her mother I think makes it possible that she will be on her side when Oliver confronts Moira. Which means sibling vs sibling some where down the line.
    I don't know. It depends on how it all goes down, really. I think Thea would, in general, have more likelihood to be loyal to Oliver than Moira. But if he makes these accusations right after she finds out he's been lying to her ever since he got home, then she'd be far less inclined to believe him, I think. And it also depends on how much she still thinks he might be the Hood - the more she suspects, the less blindsided she feels, the more likely to believe him.

    However, right now I'm think a confrontation isn't in the cards for a while, that Oliver will play close to his vest and investigate without Moira or Thea knowing. But then, I've never been good at predicting what direction a show will go.

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    Oct 12
    Good episode.

    Loved the island scenes with Oliver's mentor. That guy is pure awesome. Something I didn't appreciate was how Oliver keeps dodging gunfire like it's nothing. This was particularly jarring during his showdown with the Count and his thugs. I'd prefer if he made better use of stealth and the element of surprise instead of simply running into a room full of opponents armed with semi-automatic guns. Also, the Count was played a bit over the top for my tastes, but I guess that was the intention. All in all, a solid 8/10 from me.

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    10/10. These kind of episodes are the best. I like the scenes with Oliver and Diggle and the scenes when something "happend" to Oliver. No matter if its emotionally or physically

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    10. I was hoping for something more from The Count...not sure what but love Thea and love Felicity as always. Still a solid EP.

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    Very enjoyable episode. The island stuff was great and I liked how Ollie finally found out about her mom. Thea working for Laurel came naturally too.

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    Nov 12
    Probably my second favorite episode so far. But I'm to the point that any episode where I get Felicity and Oliver interaction makes me happy. So much good stuff in this one though!

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    We Will Avenge!!! darkphoenix21's Avatar
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    8 out of 10. It was a good episode.

    I guess the Count was their version of Scarecrow.

    I hope Felicity stumbles upon Oliver's secret and becomes the second person to know his secret. Its going to be interesting how Oliver will handle this new information concerning the list; knowing now that Moira may had something to do with the disappearance of Walter and the death Robert Queen.

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    I have to agree with some that this was the best of the episodes to date because of the interesting villain.
    A lot of them have been average types, but the Count was just Joker-crazy- which I liked!
    And it really paced quite well.
    I can also image Thea playing Speedy at some point. She is really growing in the role.
    And Laurel is developing too!

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    KSiteTV Staff Writer AndyB's Avatar
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    After Oliver got injected of the Vertigo by The Count and they went on commercial break and returned, I said out loud to myself:

    "If you are just joining us, Oliver Queen has been drugged!"

    I wanna see how many of you out there gets what I mean by that :P

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    Nov 11
    Also comments on Roy Harper, the teaser picts have him in a red hoodie if that doesn't scream red arrow/arsenal foreshadowing...
    That is true, not just the red hoodie but also a Black T shirt inside. Red and Black like his costume in YJ.

    Cant wait for episode 15.

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    I'm a little late, but I'll post my thoughts anyway. Overall I like the episode. The Count definitely seemed to be like the joker of the show. I think they can definitely do so good things with him in the future. As for the after effects of the Vertigo, will it be long term for Oliver? Obviously even after Digg saved him he still had some issues. I'm more excited to see more of how Oliver got his training on the island. From what has been posted and previewed, it looks like Deathstroke helps train him, that's a cool twist. There's a lot going on in this show, and I"m at work so I can't post all my thoughts. I'll leave it at this for now.

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    First of all I have to start with a negative just to get it out the way but ThebCount was way too hammy and it seemed out of place with this show. Whoever was directing this should have told him to tone it down, I was really excited to see him so this was a rather disappointing aspect. Hopefully he can come back and be less hammy.

    Once again the island flashbacks were unbelievable, Deathstroke was so badass. I knew that Yao Fei hadn't turned on Ollie.

    I thought it was very cool that the Vertigo drug disorientated Oliver. They did a very good job of making it do what Count Vertigo's super power does in the comics by having it be a long lasting after effect if the over dose. It was an awesome visual seeing Ollie fight the effects of the drug whilst kicking ass.

    Great ending, Ollie knows his what his Mothers been up to. Cannot freakin' wait until next week.

    Hammy villain aside this episode was fantastic not quite as good as last weeks but gets a very high 8 out of 10.

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    I think the reason it was sort of hammy villain was that they told Seth Gabel to go for a Heath Ledger as the Joker influence while portraying the Count.

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    I'm not sure if it was the director or Seth himself that went for the hammy Count. Seth said in an interview that he used Ledgar's Joker as an influence. Whoever it was, made a mistake imo. The Count hasn't done too much for him to be the biggest threat in this show's arsenal. The Dark Archer and Deathstroke are much bigger villains. Right now, I'd compare him more to Cillian Murphey's Scarecrow than Ledgar's Joker.

    That being said, the vertigo storyline was pretty decent and I wouldn't mind him coming back, but I think the character needs to be toned down a bit.

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