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    I would love Bobby to be back. He was the most natural 3rd character on the show besides Sam & Dean. Don't get me wrong, I love John Winchester too but unfortunately Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't going to be on the show forever and the way his character butted heads with Sam wasn't going to work on a long term. This show was always about humanity's (mainly Sam & Dean's) battle against evil and Bobby's character was not only human and a mentor type but he let Sam & Dean be who they are without trespassing on their roles. Cas is cool but he doesn't work as a main character because he's an angel not a human and many times the show's plot had to be derailed just to include his character, like those horrible episodes with Jimmy's daughter.

    Crowley is a demon and demons weren't meant to be best buds with humans, as we've always seen and as Kripke intended. Mary is an awesome character too but her presence clearly doesn't let the boys be themselves in their usual roles since she came back. And I'm really not a Rowena fan (not as a villain or as a semi-regular). She should at best be a recurring character used sparingly.

    Besides Bobby there are other characters I want back:

    1. Michael: He should be saved for the final season whenever that will be. And he should not be the same Michael he was back in season 5 but a very angry archangel. If it was me in charge of the show, I would reveal that he tortured Adam in the cage and turned Adam into his first demon, making Adam his version of Lilith. This would make Michael like a new devil which would make things much more interesting and could give a whole new dynamic to the relationship between the last 2 and most powerful archangels. Lucifer clearly didn't want Michael out of the cage last season and one reason why could be that Michael's plans now contradict Lucifer's own plans which don't seem to be what they were before (destroying the world). Michael should be even more pissed that Chuck healed Lucifer and trusted him to deal with the Darkness and left the one most loyal to him to rot in the cage.

    2. Adam: Adam like Michael should also be saved for the final season. They can turn him into Michael's first demon and make him even more powerful than Lilith because unlike her he would be in his original body which could be explained to make demons more powerful (just like how burning the bones of a demon's original body kills them). They could also turn him into a new supernatural being that we have never seen before. I'm assuming Michael is still possessing Adam's body in the cage, so if Michael is torturing his own vessel in which Adam's soul still resides, then they could explain that self torture of Michael's own vessel and his link to Adam's soul (which also resides in that vessel) could turn Adam into something we have not seen before because I assume that Lucifer did not possess Lilith when he turned her into a demon. This could perhaps be what made Lucifer say what he did about prison life not agreeing with Michael, as Lucifer would perceive self-torture to be insanity or something to that end. Either way, the forgotten 3rd brother left to rot in hell ever since the end of season 5 and the anger he would have at the Winchesters would make an awesome character in the final season. What's more, they would have a nice human-angel parallel between Adam and Michael similar to the Lucifer-Sam, Michael-Dean, and God-John parallels that they made and were clearly apparent by the 5th season.

    *EDIT: I can also see Adam being a 2 season character/villain upon his return. At this point, they should make Mary find out about John's other son and one thing they can do is have her encourage Sam, Dean and Cas to free their brother from hell. This would ultimately happen but with Adam being freed without Michael at first, but then Adam doing what is necessary to break Michael free as well so they can become one again and unleash their fury on the world. The freeing of Michael would be something that would happen at the end of a season where Adam & Michael together would be villains the following season.

    3. Duane Tanner: My favorite episode of the series to this day is still Croatoan. I loved the awesome atmosphere the episode had and the creepiness and absolute isolation that was created between the town (River Grove, OR I think) and the rest of the state. The transformation of the humans into demonic zombies was very interesting. Even though Sam, Cas & Bobby stopped the spreading of the virus, one question remains---what the hell happened to Duane Tanner and the demon who possessed him and all those people he infected who disappeared? As a fan since the first episode, this question has haunted me. The Devil You Know showed us that the demon possessing Brady was in him since Sam was in Stanford, so it couldn't be the same demon as the one possessing Duane Tanner. Also he worked his way up the Niveus chain of management to oversee the project that would ultimately distribute the Croatoan virus once it was ready. So Brady's role in the Croatoan distribution was that of mass production while Duane Tanner's role was an R&D type role where the virus was created and then tested for research on its effects on humans and Sam, the intended vessel for Lucifer. They were both demons working with Pestilence and even though Brady is dead, Duane isn't. So even though the mass production of the virus was stopped, Duane Tanner would logically have a lot of R&D stage samples of the virus left to infect people on his own. I would like Duane to be brought back with an army of demonic zombie humans serving him in a remote off the grid area, perhaps one of those areas in that big devil's trap that Samuel Colt made. With Lucifer free now, it would be a great time to bring him back and finally show us what the hell happened to everyone in River Grove. The Croats in Croatoan were much less zombie like than the ones seen in season 5 and also a lot stronger & smarter from what they said & showed. Like Dean said, it was the one that got away, so let's bring it back and wrap up one of the most interesting holes left in the series.

    4. Meg: I absolutely loved her as a villain, where she was clearly cut from the same cloth as Azazel. I also liked her as a helper of the Winchesters in seasons 6-8. Crowley did stab her, but the way they showed her drop always made me wonder. Cas was holding onto the angel tablet at the time it happened and just like Raphael placed Crowley under his protection in the season 6 finale and how I'm guessing Uriel did the same with Alastair in On the Head of a Pin (which prevented Alastair from being killed by the knife with how Uriel wanted Alastair to be released to continue helping Lilith break the seals), it's possible that whatever Cas felt for Meg along with the power of tablet as seen when Metatron used it could've possibly saved Meg from dying.

    5. Doc Benton: This guy is one of my favorite villains from the show. I loved Time Is On My Side but one regretful thing is how rushed the episode was and being the fact that it was in the season that got cut short thanks to the writers' strike didn't help matters. A villain who is a human who uses the power of science/alchemy to make himself immortal is awesome and I would love to see him return at least as a full episode villain or a recurring one. He was never killed but buried alive. The fact that Doc was around since slightly before Mary Shelley wrote her Frankenstein novel should make a plot that connects him with the Styne family be a no-brainer. In fact I would have the Stynes be the ones who find out where he lived & was buried alive so they could dig him out and bring him back and share notes with him since they never had the secret of immortality that he discovered. Billy Drago did an awesome job playing him.

    6. The Stynes/Frankensteins: This family was very interesting and it was obvious there are a lot more of them than we saw back in season 10.

    7. Missouri Mosely: I loved her chemistry with the Winchesters and her character's personality. Now that Mary is back, I think it would be a great time to at least bring Missouri back at least once. Maybe show the family that moved into their old house in Lawrence. Since Pam, another awesome psychic is dead too, I would love to have Missouri back as a recurring character.

    8. The Alpha Vampire: Back in season 7 they hinted that it wasn't over with him, so I hope we get to see him again before the series ends.

    9. The Amazons: They got away so they're unfinished business.

    10. Bela: We knew Bela ended up in hell thanks to 10 years passing by since she made her deal. Alastair referred to a weeping ***** that Dean tortured in hell who I've assumed was her. Regardless, she was a villain you loved to hate, especially later on in season 3 in episodes like Jus in Bello and Time Is on My Side. She not only became someone the fans hated but also a pretty big threat. So having her back as a demon would be very interesting to see.

    11. Walt & Roy: Walt & Roy are the 2 hunters who killed Sam & Dean in Dark Side of the Moon and caused them to go to Heaven in that episode. I would love to see the Winchesters encounter them and get their revenge.

    12. Death: The idea that Death who is one of the oldest and most powerful and all-knowing beings was killed by giving his own scythe to Dean when he knows what the Winchesters are like is just beyond stupid. The way he was killed was probably the most anti-climactic thing I ever saw in the series. There was no need to give his scythe to Dean to kill Sam with, as Sam was a normal mortal who could've been shot or killed by any blade. Also the fact that he would trust Dean to kill Sam and not do it himself is also ludicrous especially with him knowing what the Winchesters have done for one another in the past. None of this would be done by a being as smart and as all-knowing as Death. The scythe he gave Dean did not look like the original one we last saw back in Death Takes A Holiday and Two Minutes to Midnight, but more like the traditional Grim Reaper scythe seen in pictures/pop culture. They should bring Death back and explain that Death's "death" that Sam & Dean saw was an illusion similar to the ones powerful angels can create.

    I also hope they can get Mark Pellegrino back. I think Rick Springfield is doing a decent job, but I hate how they are p---ifying the most evil character there should be---Lucifer, both last season and the current one. Lucifer, the creator of demons who witches get their magic powers & spells from (according to Malleus Maleficarum) wouldn't know everything Rowena knows and then some is clearly ridiculous. Main villains as of late have been incredibly disappointing and their development has been pretty bad. Crowley has become a joke and Rowena seems like a comedy relief type villain. The Darkness was just thrown in our face with no prior mention and with no basis on a biblical or mythological character like other characters on this show were based on. Demon Dean at the start of season 10 was a letdown and the non-demon Mark of Cain affected Dean was much more threatening than Dean as an actual demon. The angel faction villains of season 9 were more letdowns. The last decent villains the show had were Crowley as he was in seasons 6 & 8 and Dick Roman in season 7. Metatron started off interesting but fell flat. Abbadon was never properly developed and we never found out what her endgame would have been had she taken over hell (would she have freed Lucifer since she was a knight of hell?).

    I really miss villains like Azazel, Meg, Lucifer as he was in season 5, Lilith, Alastair, Bela, Uriel, Zachariah, etc. The villains who weren't a joke and made Sam & Dean's victory over them mean something. Azazel wasn't as powerful as Lucifer, but he remains to this day the most threatening villain to ever be on the show. You knew back when he was around that whenever you saw him, some serious s--t was gonna happen. Hell, in Salvation we saw him in the burning house without saying a single line and what a threat he truly was by just the staredown he had with them. The last 2 season finales were complete disappointments IMO. The way the last one ended without any fight or sacrifice was a joke. Lucifer in Swan Song forced Sam to go to hell and endure unbearable pain & torture to be defeated. Look at how much they lost just to defeat Azazel: Mary died, then Dean was nearly killed and was only saved when John made a deal that cost his life and soul, then Sam died, then Dean made a similar deal that would save Sam in exchange for his soul & 1 year, and they barely beat Azazel but not before hundreds of demons escaped from the devil's gate. The last time any similar sacrifice was made by them was when Dean took on the Mark of Cain and that was to fight Abbadon who was never really properly developed as a big time villain. And the aftermath (at least with the way Dean became a demon and how he partied with Crowley instead of raising his own hell) fell flat. I thought Sam in season 4 who didn't have the Mark of Cain corrupting him but whose own decisions to trust a demon led him down a very dark path was much more of a monster than Dean was with the mark.

    I was really hoping that this season Death would reveal himself and would take over the universe once Chuck and Amara had left to wherever it is they went. They never really got into reaper lore to the extent they did with angels and demons. I hated the retconning of reapers to be angels that served Death when reapers were never intended to be angels but their own thing and how all of a sudden they could be seen by anyone, even those not dying/dead, like that taxi driver or Tessa in the last episode she was in. I don't like the current men of letters people being the main villains at all, especially how they're making Sam, Dean, Cas, Mary, etc all look weak just to give them street cred. The "we know everything about you Sam & Dean" crap is BS and extremely lame & weak and I don't buy it. It downplays the amazing past history the series and I'm already tired of it. If this is their way of getting the Winchesters and monsters, demons, etc to team up against a common enemy, then it's weak. That enemy should be Lucifer or Lucifer + Michael, not another retconned chapter of the men of letters who until last finale did not exist. Everyone I've introduced this series to has been greatly disappointed by the current season and the way the last 2 seasons ended.
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    I love lucifer. I will like to see him return for season 13 and future seasons.
    I really like this character.

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    I've been looking for this Supernatural jacket..
    Any idea where to get it...??

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    I want Crowly back! They brought everyone but him back for Season 13!

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    Obviously, I want to see John Winchester back. I know the actor is busy in other stuff, but hopefully he comes back whenever the series finale happens.

    I wanted Charlie and Bobby back and that happened last season, so YEAH!

    I want to see Crowley return in some fashion.

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    I don't think Mark will be coming back. He tweeted Jim Michaels something, after the Season 13 finale, that seemed to indicate he was not interested in returning.

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