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    Yeah possibly but Cora is mother of Regina. such a bad impression on both of them for being mother and daughter.

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    Wu needs to know!!!!!! jpfort1957's Avatar
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    I liked when Regina called Archie "bug"

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    I was surprised at the end that Cora had Archie on the ship...I was expecting it to be Belle. Good twist and smart of Cora. Archie would know everyone's secret. Poor Regina on having such a crazy mother.
    The beginning part when Emma & Henry caught Snow & Charming in bed was hilarous.
    I agree this episode had great lines.
    Overall loved the episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munnag View Post
    Regina.. Poor thing.
    the whole Regina being evil is now turning upside down..and what's with Cora's vengance on her own daughter. Its just doesn't make sense... Her reasons for hating Regina are too least for a relation ship like Mom and daughter. I understand Regina hating Snow but Regina hating Cora but Cora reasons for hating Regina are seriously silly.
    If only Cora's plan was really that simple.

    She's trying to break Regina and turn everyone against her. Then, Cora will embrace her with open arms and manipulate her into doing what she wants, like what she's always tried to do with Regina. This isn't about vengeance for Cora. It's about putting pieces together so that she can execute her plan against Storybrooke (and possibly putting herself into a position of high power in this new land) perfectly. Regina is just a crucial piece to that puzzle for her. We've already seen how far Cora will go in the fact that she manipulated her meeting with Snow so that she'd end up marrying the King. If it wasn't for Rumple's intervention, I could see Cora having the king have an "unfortunate accident," and using her clever nature to woo the people, or even, dare I say it, turn them against Regina and take the power for herself. Or she'd sit behind the scenes and manipulate Regina's actions.

    I wondered about Emma's "super power" as she called it! why didn't it work? I too breathed a sigh of relief for archie. that is why I gave it a 10- loved LOVED the twist!
    That wasn't the problem, because they were showing how it had worked. She knew instantly after watching Regina's expressions that Regina was telling the truth.

    The problem was that she let herself be deceived by what she had seen in Pongo's memories. She should have made the connection right there (though it's not too late, and she might very soon): Lancelot was just as convincing a disguise as Regina was. But she should have taken Regina's words to heart: If she really was the one that killed Archie, why would she be sitting there without using her powers, when she could have just blasted them away? She had no reason to hide her intentions, I mean, what would she possibly be planning to where she'd kill someone like Archie, and be so sloppy (for someone like the evil Queen, that should have raised an eyebrow for the Charmings, since she's always careful) to leave the dead body sitting there to pin the crime to her?

    Not to mention, Regina would have also known that if she could use magic, then Emma might go to Gold for him to use magic to clear things up. The fact that Pongo was kept alive so that he could be used to pin Regina for the crime should have raised eyebrows for all of them, as that in itself is VERY un-Regina-like. She's always been known to be one step ahead of the game so that it goes in her favor (outside of being captured in the last episode by Snow's trap). If it was really her that killed Archie, she would have killed Pongo as well.

    Even if it was a crime of vengeance (IE she was trying to change, but felt like Archie betrayed her by telling Emma bits and pieces) I still feel like she would have been incredibly careful. Especially since she has to think about the consequences to where, if found out, she might lose Henry. That's always going to take priority in her mind, and if she did kill someone, she would have to be incredibly careful and cover her tracks.

    Heck, I hope Henry picks up on it. I feel so bad for her that she's actually innocent, and now he's going to hate her because he thinks that she betrayed her promise to him. I really hope he's the one to pick up on the facts that it sounds completely unlike her, being as he's the one who knows the stories well enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelyGal View Post
    When Regina was watching Emma tell Henry that Archie was dead and sat there crying, I felt bad for her. Cora is a horrible evil person. Every step of the way she manipulated her daughter whether that is killing the love of her life or framing her for murder and destroying her relationship with her adopted son. No wonder Regina is so messed up.

    I do think there is still good inside Regina but am afraid Cora will crush whatever is left. What mother would do this to their daughter? At least Regina has shown true love and compassion for Henry and is willing to make sacrifices for him.

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