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    Forum Regular dash142's Avatar
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    May 09
    I don't think there is anyone higher than Malcolm in the organization, but I don't think Moira knows that he and he dark archer are one and the same. He did say "our friend might take care of it" but I think he was referring to his alter ego.

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    Posting Pro MarvelXY's Avatar
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    Jul 10
    Taking influences is fine by me. I like the believable depiction of Arrow's world, it's the current trend in superheroes.
    However, copying scenes exactly like they are in other media is where I draw the line. It comes off as plagiarism.
    I agree, . Taking inspiration is fine not blatant copying. It comes ofd as lazy writing. The show has a lot of potential but its kind of being saddled down with a lot of these rip offs, ripped off scenes, ripped off characters. Yeah they are going to be similarities like all superhero stories, but some things can be helped.

    Anyway what I liked in this episode was the Dark archer, he seems a formidable opponent to Green Arrow. Yay he is being called Green Arrow now.

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    Nov 12
    Quote Originally Posted by dash142 View Post
    I don't think there is anyone higher than Malcolm in the organization, but I don't think Moira knows that he and he dark archer are one and the same. He did say "our friend might take care of it" but I think he was referring to his alter ego.
    In their "city specific" organization No.
    But there will definitely be someone higher up the chain then Malcolm.
    This series was likely mapped out for at least 5 seasons.
    There's a greater villain then the Dark Archer.

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    Forum Whiz darkraya's Avatar
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    Nov 06
    in the middle of nowhere
    1 - The writers should be put on the List. ---- I love that!

    No, seriously, I loved it. I can't wait to see what haoppens next. Why does January seem so far away???!!! The BatB cliffhagner was torture as well... Are they doing this on purpose? Driving us mad seems life a good sport for some people I respect that!

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    Posting Pro smithy698's Avatar
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    Apr 07
    Just caught this episode, and I have to say I loved it! It really felt as if the show was moving up a level. All the plotlines from the first eight episodes were developed, with some intriguing set-ups for the second half of the season - in other words, a perfect mid-season finale. There was a real sense of tension to the episode, and I loved the fact that the Dark Archer beat Oliver, especially after Oliver had been so confident about his chances. The idea that Oliver can lose, that victory is not certain, adds to the drama of the show, and once again the fight scenes were outstanding - raw and brutal, they are thrilling to watch (although every now and again I'd like to see one in better light!).

    So hyped for the second half of the season, and surely now for Season 2. Just one thing lacking in my opinion - a regular villain to match Oliver. Dark Archer has potential, but I still think the show needs to find its Lex - [SPOILER] hoping that the Vertigo character will deliver, along with a lot more Deathstroke. Add in Colton Haynes as Roy - so much to look forward to! [/SPOILER]
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    Forum Whiz Stebob1984's Avatar
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    Nov 07
    First thing 'yay Detective Lance is back'

    Right now that's out the way, I was worried this episode would be the Arrows killed someone oh no he's been set up BUT the cops knew right away it wasn't him which I liked. Also I'm glad Oliver hates the Hood nickname but he said the name Green Arrow was lame when that was suggested

    Does anyone else think Malcolm Merlyn knows Ollie is Green Arrow?

    Lance starting to trust GA, the signs have been there, I do feel Lance won't make it to Season two though I can definitely see a Captain Stacey/Spider-man moment coming for these two eventually.

    Again there was a lot if Nolan's Batman moments but I like that about this show. The obvious one in this was the hostage moment that was a straight up rip from TDK lol not to mention that John Diggle is coming across as this shows version of Alfred but none of this bothers me, I love the parallels.

    It was very awesome to see Deathstroke again and I can't wait til we get to see the man behind the mask on this show (even if it isn't the same actor ha ha).

    As always the action on this show was again incredible. It gets better every week.

    It was good to see the Dark Archer and Green Arrow come head to head. Malcolm Merlyn's earlier comments suggested the Dark Archer just a hired goon but of course at the end we knew that wasn't the case. Ollie has definitely met his match. John Barrownan continues to impress me on this show.

    I knew Walter wasn't gonna be OK been waiting for something to happen to him.

    Lastly I just wanted to add how good it was to have the island flashbacks back.

    A very high 9/10

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    New In Town koenigrules's Avatar
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    Jun 09
    Found this in The Chicago Tribune the other day. Looks like Merlyn is The Big Bad after all:

    Barrowman is putting his famous smile to more sinister use, playing the wealthy head of the mysterious Tempest group. Of course, in “Green Arrow” comic book mythology, Malcolm Merlyn becomes archvillain Merlyn, a whiz with the bow and arrow himself.

    The full article is here:
    Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

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    New In Town LadyVuitton's Avatar
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    Sep 12
    it was arrowtastic!!!! loved it- can't wait for it to go into the 'next round'

    oh and of course: Merry Christmas to everyone!

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