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    ~ArcAngel~ Munnag's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    i somehow felt that this episode gotten bit down, the story line was great but some parts were bit boring. I loved the action scenes and once again Stephen excercise scence were my fav. OH My Fudge Gawd.. He is freaking HAWT!!!
    Laurel is just a dumb gilr, Tommy seems to be trying harder.... the end i have kind of guessed it already. we all know that Ollie is the one going to end with th laurel but it will take time..

    so 8 Points

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    Settling In
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    Oct 12
    Just read KSite's review. For anyone who considers "You have failed this city" to be a cringe-inducing line, just try to imagine how badass it would sound if spoken in Christian Bale's Batman voice.

    How's this for giving Laurel something to do: Laurel is trying to bring down drug smuggler Kyle Magnor after his crimes hit close to home for her. She has found a contact that is willing to talk, and his information suggests that Magnor has a drugs for weapons deal with terrorists who would figure more prominently in a subsequent episode. Although Oliver and Quentin both advise against it, Laurel arranges to meet with the contact. Magnor's men kill him, then kidnap her. Magnor tortures Laurel for what she knows about the upcoming weapons deal, because the terrorists will kill him if the deal goes sour. Arrow breaks in to where Laurel is being held and kills Magnor just as he is about to execute Laurel. The events prompt Arrow subconciously reveal his identity, similar to Clark in Superman II, and Laurel apologizes for misjudging him. I know the Arrow producers are leery of putting Laurel in fishnets and having her fight, but as is, she's in very real danger of becoming a redux of Lana Lang or Rachel Dawes.

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    Proffessor Speedforce indy1jones2's Avatar
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    Oct 10
    Professor Of The Speedforce
    It was good IMO.

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    Forum Whiz snookie16's Avatar
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    Dec 08
    Excellent episode which deserves a 10 for all theforeshadowing we saw. The foreshadowing with six main characters:

    *First was with Helena Bertinelli and the fact she wasworking with the FBI to turn in her father. Helena has a lot of anger towardsher father and the mob even though she was raised in that world. She saw herfiancé Michael as a way to escape from that world to be safe haven but herfather changed that when he had Michael killed and ever since that she changedinto this hunter. She saw Oliver as a way to open up again and a kindred soulthought he saw it her way by getting away with revenge. Also she has conflicting feeling for Oliverbecause she sees the way Oliver looks at Laurel but also care for him more thanshe is willing to admit. So she makes up excuses that it was nothing more thanthem sleeping together and nothing more. The Huntress was born a new vigilanton a mission of revenge.

    *Second was with Oliver Queen adding a new dimension tohis character. Oliver sees the kindred soul in Helena and wants to help her. Hecares a lot about Helena and feels she understands him more than his family.That is why he opens up to her more about Sarah Lance and how he got herkilled. Then he finds a relation with the list that his father gives him tosend justice to Starling City. He did everything he can to see that her missionof revenge was not a mission of justice and shows her his world. Then there isJohn Diggle not trusting her but let’s Oliver still try to help. Then the pieceof advice when he finds the right person he will know. (Hint then after the scene with Oliver andDiggle talking the flipped to Felicity maybe foreshadowing something betweenthem Oliver and Felicity.)

    *Third was with Laurel Lance and moving on with Tommy butstill not over her feelings with Oliver. Although much of the focus of theepisode was her with Tommy and supporting him, which is a nice change her not condemningOliver for his mistakes. She still felt threaten with Helena and Olivertogether and Tommy even saw but he got over it. Her main focus was with Tommyand supporting him helping him see his insecurities are off base.

    *Fourth was with Tommy Mervyn who had been cut off fromhis trust and other accounts that happened in the last week’s episode. This episode was more of him trying to findout who he is going to be. He felt defensive when Laurel suggests he work withOliver because he always felt Oliver got the better deal in life. Finally hefelt that Oliver had more hold over Laurel than he did and also jealous of therelationship between Oliver and Robert. The comment he mentions that he doesnot know what he will be yet is foreshadowing to him become a villain.

    *Fifth was with Felicity Smoak with her never leaving amystery unsolved and that mystery is the Tempest project that Oliver’s motherput money from the company in. She may have gone a little far in investigatingit more but it turned out to be a good move finding the symbol. Then later thesymbol in the notebook with the invisible list and what it means to Tempest.Finally she is now aware about the list and will probably find out the Hood isconnected somehow. This is foreshadowing more of her investigating for Oliverand Steel maybe a vigilant in the future.

    *Sixth was with Walter Steel connected to his trip to Australiaafter finding out about his wife’s secret. He may pass it off as a conflictwith his wife but he is still suspicious of her motives with her salvaging theship. Also since he found another copy of the list trying to find out what itmeans. Furthermore finding the list may be the catalyst for him finding out hiswife being blackmailed into something. This also may foreshadow him gainingcontrol of the company.

    This episode was a good set-up for other storylines andthis big one coming.
    Last edited by snookie16; 12-07-2012 at 07:50 PM.

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    Site Groupie mcwelling197's Avatar
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    Aug 09
    Pauline. Holding onto SV.UK Avi: Annelise
    I enjoyed it.

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    Posting Pro MarvelXY's Avatar
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    Jul 10
    Quote Originally Posted by ConnerW View Post
    Totally disagree with the Laural thing - she set it all up. She hurt both Helena and Tommy with some sort of game she seemed to be playing. Push Tommy and not care about his feelings. Play with Ollie in front of a new girl who was more fragile then she realized. I'm not one for all the romance - but I have to say it really tugs at me and keeps me interested. I just hope they won't do too much because to me that stuff isn't fun. Over all though it was a fun episode - one of the best. I just wish Ollie wasn't alone again. I really like the Amazing Spiderman and how they handled that love story - it was fun and without all that angst to take away from the superhero story. I hope they do something more like that.

    Well yeh she kind of played some games with them, but its not her fault she was surrounded by insecure and crazy people. Ollie had done nothing to make Helena think he was going to dumb his ex. Helena is kind of unstable lol, she mad it pretty clear she didnt want anything serious with Ollie, it was just a matter of time before it all blew up, just an excuse to get out of the relationship. Well Tommy was insecure and he let his pride get the better of him, Laurel was wrong to to tell "Tommy issues" to Ollie. But she really cant be fully blamed for the meltdown of the whole dinner, those two Tommy/helena were going to blow up sooner or later, they alredy have insecurity and self esteem issues.

    How's this for giving Laurel something to do: Laurel is trying to bring down drug smuggler Kyle Magnor after his crimes hit close to home for her. She has found a contact that is willing to talk, and his information suggests that Magnor has a drugs for weapons deal with terrorists who would figure more prominently in a subsequent episode.
    Hint then after the scene with Oliver andDiggle talking the flipped to Felicity maybe foreshadowing something betweenthem Oliver and Felicity
    I think the whole convo had more to do with Diggle and his sister in law

    Yeah they could be doing something like this with the character, having a B or C plot were she is doing something like using her "lawyer skills" to solve issues like these in instead of having the character stuck at home, or entertaining Merlyn.

    Another opportunity lost is with Helena, the character could have been introduced as a friend of Laurel or something, they could have had an arc together.
    Last edited by MarvelXY; 12-09-2012 at 09:04 AM.

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    String Bikini Theory BoyScout-ManOfTomorrow's Avatar
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    Nov 09
    Uncanny X-Valley, Avengers World, Year 2099
    Saw this one late...

    A good solid episode that gives payoff to last episodes set up. I judged episode 7 too harshly as Vendetta actually makes that better. Seeing Huntress with a crossbow was cool and I liked the teamplay she had with Ollie...while it lasted. The scene where the two talk and we see police sirens flickering in the background was a memorable one. I wish this show had more visual moments like that. Helena was much better this week. Felicity Smoak was smoking hot and cute once again. We should have seen her while she figured out how to read the text on the page. The action scenes were brief but good especially the one at the end. Apart from bows and arrows it felt like a crime show.

    Some bad in there too: mainly Laurel. I can't stand her anymore. It's like her character is this annoying blank slate who is supposed to be opposed or creating drama no matter who she comes across. And she came across like a b*tch herself breaking Ollie and Helena like that while also being cruel to Tommy. Her character seriously needs better writing. And as a result of Helena losing trust on Ollie and dumping him leads to her starting to kill again. Not only is that unrealistic and not flattering to Helena it makes Laurel look even worse indirectly. Oliver using the word justice like this was "Cry For Justice" from the comics despite him still killing people pretty much the same way as the Huntress did. No way did that guy live who he shot while revealing himself in the Bertinelli home.

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    Forum Whiz Stebob1984's Avatar
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    Nov 07
    I'm very late to the party but I've only just had a chance to watch this episode, this was a big improvement on last weeks episode but I know the previous one had to happen to set up the events of this episode.

    I didn't love Huntress costume purely because if the mask which I wasn't the best for hiding her identity but I can live with that. I sort if liked and disliked her character, personally I think I got my fill of her with two episodes but I'm pretty sure she'll be back but hopefully not too soon.

    The action again was top notch, I can't get over how awesome that's been with this series.

    I thought this episode did a very good job of building up and delivering with a big finale.

    Lastly just wanted to add that shot when Arrow killed one if China Whites gonna at the top of the stairs and he stood there in silhouette was awesome.


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    Aug 14
    Some where in the Untied States
    So this episode was never one of my favorites. However when I was going through yesterday I ended up watching a clip and one of them was the scene where Oliver is hitting objects in the lair while trying to train Helena.

    I was for sure struck by two major things and felt a pang of sadness all at once. Those two things are Oliver actually shooting arrows and doing the tricks he does, of showing just how good he is. Also Oliver actually smiling and even liked his line of "I can do this all day. It's kind of fun."

    Which Stephen Amell showed a wide range of emotion in this episode and also looked happy. Something we hardly see much of anymore.

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