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    Nate nate-dog1701d's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSecretVampire View Post
    I was thinking about what happened between Tommy and his dad and I have a theory that could be gold or stupid. Here goes...............what if all of that was just a ruse? Think about it, it was going to be hard for Tommy to win Laurel over on his own. He's pretty much what Oliver[ party animal and has a lot of money] is, except, [ besides the Green Arrow persona]Laurel at a time[ and maybe she still does] really loved him. So, he came up with a plan with his dad to strip away all of his money supply and then car and apartment, to get the sympathetic card from Laurel. There was a strong emphasis I think when Tommy told Laurel about him losing his apartment, almost as secretly trying to get her to say he could stay with her. Go back a little further and this plan could've started in the episode where he was so warm and fuzzy towards Thea, after her failed attempt running over him. All of this in front of Laurel, so that was big points for Tommy.
    Caveat: the scene with Tommy and his dad. If they were in it together, there would be no reason for such a confrontation. I could see doing something like that for show if Laurel were there, but she wasn't. That leaves it as a show for us, and that's just bad storytelling. It would be quite the nefarious scheme, though.

    I do agree about the implication of him shacking up with her. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

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    Forum Whiz Stebob1984's Avatar
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    Another awesome episode as far as I'm concerned they're 7 for 7 so far.

    I expected nothing else from a Geoff Johns episode and he once again did not disappoint. The action was once again superb, Arrow vs Helena in the restaurant was awesome.

    Helena was awesome in this episode and I expect we're only going to see more of her seeing as we've seen a pic of her in costume and we didn't see that here.

    The reveal that John Barrowman was Tommy's father did not surprise me but was still a good reveal. Whilst I'm on the subject of JB he continues to impress me on this show he's not corny like he's come across in other stuff.

    I wasn't expecting to see China White again so soon so that was a nice surprise.

    Is it just me or is Laurel getting hotter week by week ldrazz:

    My only negatives were there was abit too much soppy stuff but heck it's CW.

    Lastly just wanted to point out that this episode featured Tahmoh Penikett whose guest starred several times on Smallville and is in the upcoming Man of Steel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thailog View Post
    Lastly, as someone pointed out in the other thread, the parallels between Oliver/Helena and Clark/Alicia are fairly evident. I can see some potential there.
    Interesting, now that its pointed out I kindof see some similarities. It like two people who think they get each other at first more than anyone, but things are not as they seem. Similar circumstances but different motives.

    This episode was just okay. The writing was solid but at no point did the story strike as really that interesting. The mob war seemed like a good idea but there's never really anything at stake. We don't see no mobsters gunning each other down, there's no build up to anything worthwile. There's just too few extras to make it seem convincing.

    The Huntress debut was really lame, didn't buy into it one bit. Didn't care much for the actress either. Her scenes with Ollie were alright but they developed a too trusting relationship too soon. We also didn't get enough of her Huntress persona, she was just some random mob boss daughter wanting revenge and nothing more. She didn't even use arrows herself.

    Geoff Johns' contribution to this (whatever it truly was because he was only one of two of the teleplay writers) wasn't anything special. This could have been written by anyone else. When he wrote for Smallville you could see and feel the boost in quality. Then again Arrow overall feels way better than Smallville. Johns is clearly doing too much work on too many projects and it's really beginning to show. He's starting to write on autopilot.
    Agree it didnt feel like a GJ episode as much, just like a normal episode. Maybe thats a testament that Arrow writers are on his level too.

    The Huntress debut was OK, her backstory to me was interesting, this romance with Oliver not. Its way too rushed and needy, but maybe thats kind of the point. Its a destructive romance.
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    Any hints about the last two episodes of Arrow? — Tom
    Helena’s presence in Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) life is going to continue to ruffle Diggle’s (David Ramsey) feathers and things get pretty “contentious,” according to Ramsey. “Diggle has some very strong feelings about who Helena is and so does Oliver, and they won’t see eye to eye. It’s going to cause some difficulties,” he says. “I think [Dig] considers things that Oliver might not always consider, and Oliver is sometimes willing to hear that. Other times — as you will see with Helena — he’s not so willing this is from EW .com

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    Forum Whiz snookie16's Avatar
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    Great debut for the Huntress however the Huntress lurks in her but is on the boarder of Good/Evil then again the Huntress when started in comics was a villian by the name of Paula Crock. By the time Helena Bertinnelli appeared she was a character with edge and I love the twist her turning in her father to the FBI instead of seeing her family murdered by the mob like in the comics. Oliver/Helena do have good chemistry and I do agree with the person who said there are simillarities between Oliver/Helena and Clark/Alicia relationship in Smallville. Good first part. Another 10 out of 10.

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    With Barrowman playing Tommy Merlyn's father - that was an unexpected but awesome turn.
    They could really be related if you ask me, the resemblance they have to one another is big

    I agree with vantheman77 ... Thea is really being very harsh with Oliver - I don't like that... I mean even though I believe her that her last 5 years haven't been easy for her but isn't she able to show some understanding towards her brother?

    The scene where Merlin pays Moira a visit to check if she was still "in" (in whatever plan or vision they are having with the city) I found pretty interesting- he said that the three of them (Moira, Robert and Merlin) used to be friends - kind of makes me think if that will be Laurel, Oliver and Tommy in the future... (I'm not sure if someone already mentioned that... but it's kind of making me wonder)

    Why did Tommy's dad suddenly cut Tommy off? My guess would be that it was because of the fund-raiser that he threw for Laurel/CNRI ... ??? For all we know they fight for the rights of people in need- not the powerful and wealthy...

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