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Thread: #3.6 "Hounded"

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    #3.6 "Hounded"

    New Walking Dead tonight - talk about it here!

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    Poor Rick. Go Michonne! Not Glenn and Maggie! Why Andrea Why? Yay Daryl/Carol!

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    Andrea...I said it before and I will say it again, that girl has bad taste when it comes to men. It really wouldn't bother me if she got killed.

    Glen and Maggie...I love this couple and I fear for them now that that are in the hands of the Governor. I don't know if I can handle watching them get tortured.

    Rick...oddly enough, talking to his dead wife on the phone gave him a little sanity. Glad he finally decided to connect with his newborn baby. are one bada$$ woman and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. If I found myself in a zombie apocalypse, you are definitely someone I would want on my side. It was kind of gross and cool at the same time her spelling out "Go Back" with zombie parts.

    Daryl...I really like his character and hope him finding his brother doesn't corrupt him. He has turned out to be one of the most valuable members of the team. Along with Michonne, I would want to be on his team in a zombie apocalypse (that is assuming is brother Merle is nowhere in sight).

    Merle...your days are numbered. Don't know who will kill you first...Governor...Michonne...Rick...maybe even your brother will be forced to kill you. It doesn't matter because you will never be on Rick's team and the Governor will never excuse your lies. You have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

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    O, Andrea *shakes head*

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    Andrea rather predictably jumped the Guv's bones.

    It was great that Daryl found Carol alive. Michonne is joining the good guys. Bit worried what will happen to Glen and Maggie. Now that Rick has got his psychotic break out of the way, he can get back to leading the team.


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