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    Television Ratings for "An Innocent Man"

    Predict the ratings for tonight and talk about them once they come in.

    My prediction? 3.0-3.1 million. Yes, down from previous weeks, but between the storms, the elections, and Chicago showing basketball, I have a feeling that it'll be down a little bit from usual.

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    Agreed, probably 3.0-3.2 million, possibly 3.3 but not higher than that.

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    For NY they were going to show the Halloween Parade instead, but since the parade has been cancelled I don't know (for those that have power). It still says Parade on my guide.

    The ratings will probably be lower for this episode.
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    Yeah Halloween always affects weekly shows. I was just thinking that earlier. I remember it used to affect Smallville when that was on too. All in all not a bad rating though and it should go up once delayed viewership is added.

    Kinda sad that the annual Halloween parade was cancelled for this yr but I just hope everyone is safe.


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