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    #3.3 "Walk With Me"

    New Walking Dead tonight... count down, talk about it live if you want, but more than anything, let this be the episode thread

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    Andrea --- will you ever learn? First Shane now it looks like you are interested in the Governor. Hope Michonne can knock some sense into her. Speaking of Michonne, I am really liking her character. Andrea maybe getting sucked into the Governor's lies but you can't pull the wool over her eyes.

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    Oh I agree with everything you posted SteelyGal. Andrea certainly has a distinct type when it comes to romance.

    This show! Even when I hate a character the writing is so good and I understand the character so well that I can't just throw them away. I become attached to all the characters, even the ones I don't like. So it was great seeing Merle and hanging out with him, even though I hate him!

    I was sad to see Michonne's walkers go.

    Did anyone else think that the Governor had the scientist guy do something to their tea at breakfast? I was so afraid he put truth serum in it or something. LOL!

    The Governor's town is so creepy. The creepiest thing are the lawns. Crops are one thing, but pretty lawns? What a waste of water! The effort they put into the facade of the town makes me wonder what they are hiding. I'm sure the creepy zombie heads are only a grim preview of what lies beneath.


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