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    I can't believe they killed Deadshot. I like most of the episode but this made me mad. I thought he was going to be arrested and this would be the first episode where Oliver starts reconsider his stance on killing or something. It was a pretty good episode overall though.

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    I agree with you. I was really happy that someone pointed out that Oliver kills too and so he's just one step away from the bad guys. I don't love that two seconds later, he killed the person that pointed that out.

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    Deadshot's not dead, trust me.

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    i believe Deadshot not dead. his eye will be 'repaired' somehow

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    Every time he's used lethal force its usually been because they have or had done so too.

    In the pilot he killed the man who shot the witness to Olly and Tommy's kidnapping now in that case they might have not wanted witnesses but using an unsilenced weapon is a pretty obvious way of being noticed!

    Late in the same episode he killed or at least looked like he wounded a number of Hunt's guards including Drakon who looked like he shot Oliver maybe in the bullet proof vest I assume and he threw a dagger back so that was self defence even if he was the intruder.

    By the way anyone asked why the police didn't remove that arrow behind Hunt that was used to hack his accounts?

    In the second episode the fight with China White ended when the cops turned up and he disarmed Dinah's dad with a trick dagger/dart whatever.

    Now I hear he blinded Deadshot if not killed him after he shot Diggle... well thats self defence too.

    On the Order of the Stick site (web comic with a discussion forum i think its actually called Giant of the Playground and yes I'm probably wrong) they have a discussion about why is Joker still alive?

    I'm taking this as showing someone reacting to the same level of violence shown to others, some might be defended as protecting themselves but really... Deadshot is an assassin if we use the dc universe he gets out by working for the Suicide Squad so he works for the government who let him out to kill again, like the Joker how long should he be tolerated if every time you hand him over to the authorities they let him go once he does their dirty work?

    Yes he will have to learn to have some kind of code but all this upheaval about him killing those who would have willingly killed anyone else less capable of protecting themselves for the right incentive makes me wonder if you understand the difference between Batman and the Bourne series.

    Batman wouldn't work, given time he would have been killed those killers he sent to Arkham or the criminals sent to Blackgate prison, eventually they would have wised up and it wouldn't have needed Bane to deal with the Bat.

    This is also not Smallville, a certain jail for the meteor rock enhanced turned Kent''s name into a legend because he had sent most of them there, not much of a secret identity for the Man of Steel unless a certain Brainiac 5 paid them a visit to make them forget their traumatic encounter...

    Arrow is set up as being somewhat realistic and the guy spent five years marooned on an island that was apparently home to some very nasty people and he seems to have been helped and trained to deal with the situation and returning home he has focused himself on his father's last wishes which is the real problem because if he wants to save his city as his father asked he has to realise that the list is just the beginning for whats most important to a city is its people and its them he has to be helping most of all.

    Sorry for the longwinded message I just hope I didn't confuse things even more

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    Yeah there is a big difference in murdering people in cold blood, and killing in defense of your life or to protect somebody. Also you will notice if you go back and look closely at the footage most of the shots arrow has made in the show were not kill shots but rather wounding shots. An archer of his caliber could make heart shots almost everytime (check out footage from a champion archer on you tube). instead you see a lot of gut shots and shoulder shots. cepting of course the arrow in the eye thing.


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