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    New In Town
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    Oct 12
    Bay Area, CA
    Another excellent episode, well acted of course. Man, this shows keep impressing me. I truly hope it just gets better and better!

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    Forum Whiz TheSecretVampire's Avatar
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    Oct 11
    Another very good episode! My favorite scene was the one where Ollie and Laurel were eating ice cream together. I thought that was nice, touching scene. And I'm very interested to find out who Ollie's mom was talking to in the limo.

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    Forum Regular Aquahyde's Avatar
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    Nov 11

    Definately a ste up up from pilot , which was also good but I felt the pacing was weird, understandably its a pilot. so i give this one a 10

    China white was awesome, hope to see more of the character and kelly in future
    Loved the Oliver/Laurel scenes, they felt more like their comics selves.
    Diggle is my guy, he an an awesome new character.
    The elder cast of Moira, Quentin, Walter, Diggle also is very strong and a good asset to the show
    The other villain, Martin Morgan I think or something like that was definitely interesting, more so than Adam hunt.

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    OUAT in NYC... Raistlin's Avatar
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    Sep 11
    Dancing on moonbeams with Legolas
    I've read through everyone's posts and I'm feeling like the odd girl out. The action scenes were AMAZING, but the rest of the episode was just average IMO. The guy playing Oliver/Green Arrow is pretty wooden as an actor and now as I write this, I realized that most everyone with a speaking part plays it pretty much over the top...Tommy, Laurel's dad, Oliver's body guard, Thea. The actress playing his mother was way better as Queen Rose in Kings. And what did Katie Cassidy do to herself besides change her hair color? She is practically unrecognizable to me and I admit, she's the main reason I decided to watch. I do like how she's playing Laurel, though. I'll keep watching and hope that the acting (namely, the dude playing Oliver) and the stories get better. That said, I'm giving this episode a 7 and it's only pulling that for the kick ass action scenes.

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    Paul McClelland Bats238's Avatar
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    Oct 12
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Another fantastic episode, even better than the pilot. Like everyone else I loved the scene with Ollie and Laurel in her apartment. Fight scenes are great and I can't wait to see Deathstroke and learn all about Ollie's training and ordeal on the Island.

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    Forum Regular Arrow12's Avatar
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    Apr 12
    I really enjoying the show more than I thought I would. The best TV show of the season in my opinion even if the ratings wont reflect that. It rivals my other favourite Person of interest, which I dont watch as much because I'm so into Arrow and find it more awesome. I love the action scenes, the characters and the relationships, besides its a superhero show, you cant really beat that. Ok back to Honour thy father, smooth episode, flowed very well. I could see how everyone fits into Oliver Queen/Arrow's world. Amell has exceeded my expectation, I was worried of the humour and playfulside of Green Arrow because the show is supposed to be so dark and I didnt have to worry, he pulls it off very well. That scene at the business convention towards the end was hilarious, Amell's Oliver has sort like a wicked, devilish kind of humour , he is funny as well as Tommy, Diggle well almost everyone.

    Im interested to know more of the person who shot him in the cliffhanger and things that happened on the island. I hope China white will be back in more episodes, as there wasnt much of her, I liked what I have seen of her, besides her costume not being WHITE. She has young justice's Cheshire's voice lol. Also liked the scenes at the graveyard, ice cream scenes, court and Queen consolidated scenes. I wonder what happened to Queen industries, saw it in the pilot and it was in shambles.

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    ~ArcAngel~ Munnag's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    9 points, I really enjoyed the episode.
    I loved the Action scenes. Stephen totally rocked the episode I loved his take about taking over his father's place. It was nicely done.
    the show's quality is much better than the other shows released in this fall, it was as serious as a movie. Good job writers and directors.

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    Posting Pro PHOENIXZERO's Avatar
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    Nov 03
    Quote Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
    Yah, I'd call that exaggerating.
    The only thing I was exaggerating was the length of the terrible fight sequence where Ollie went for silly leap it was bad the first time and then they reused it and made no effort to hide it outside of using a different shot. Maybe exaggerated a bit on how much it bothered me too but only a bit but I guess I could say 8/10 due to those parts that did annoy me. I hope his sister improves and quickly though. Now there's something else bothering me but that's another matter.
    Last edited by PHOENIXZERO; 10-23-2012 at 02:20 PM.

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    Site Groupie mcwelling197's Avatar
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    Aug 09
    Pauline. Holding onto SV.UK Avi: Annelise
    I liked it, a good follow on from the pilot. I think Diggs will become his confidant. Enjoyed the ice cream scene. I could feel the connection. I don't know if its because Ollie feels better in the Arrow role or Amell. But I think that was the first time I felt Oliver. He seems stiff sometimes.
    The yacht was sabotaged? Did the mother know Ollie was on board? I know people kill spouses for whatever reason, not many kill their offspring. Would that be the Dark Archer in the last shot? A lot of questions...I'm looking forward to finding the answers.

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    Forum Whiz Stebob1984's Avatar
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    Nov 07
    Another awesome episode, loved the dock scenes very Batman Begins. The action scenes were awesome again but Arrow vs China White was pretty poorly done IMO it looked like they were dancing lol. Cannot wait for next week after that ending 9/10

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    Posting Pro smithy698's Avatar
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    Apr 07
    Another great episode. Really enjoyed how the underlying story arc is developing bit by bit, with just enough revealed to keep us hooked. The cast seem to be hitting their stride and becoming more confident - can't wait to see how the Oliver/Diggle relationship develops. The fight scenes were awesome, but not quite a 10 from me - China White was underused, and we really need a serious villain to take on Ollie. Bring on Deathstroke!

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    New In Town
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    Mar 18
    Hi guys! I have seen the first three episodes and these were pretty interesting!

    The series hooked me from the start. I'm going to see more episodies, see you soon!!


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