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    We Will Avenge!!! darkphoenix21's Avatar
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    Aug 07
    Where the Galaxy Calls
    8 out of 10 for me. It's getting better and better with each episode. It's shaping up to be the definite successor to Smallville.

    I loved the awkward moments with Laurel and Ollie. I loved the action sequences. I like how we are getting bits/pieces of the 5yrs he was on the island. I like the bodyguard; he'll definitely know Ollie's secret sooner than later.

    I just wonder how long will it be before they actually reference to him as Arrow/Green Arrow instead of the vigilante (or what ever other name they call him by)?

    Anyway, I am excited to get to know the character of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow more thoroughly in this series. My knowledge of any DC comic (for that matter Marvel comic) only come from movies/tv series that have come out, so it's a plus for me to get introduced to characters I have little to any knowledge about. So if they alter a character or place from the original source material I won't know the difference but, I'll enjoy the ride.
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    Posting Pro MarvelXY's Avatar
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    Jul 10
    It was cool to see the fight between the white haired chick and Oliver.

    China white

    THE cliffhanger whoaa, better episode than pilot, 9.5/10
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    10 years at KSite costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    Very enjoyable episode. The episodes that follow the pilot tend to drop in quality, but I thought this was on par with the 1st episode. It was a wise move not to reveal anything in the first episode. And it was also a wise move to slowly reveal what went happened on the island.

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    Forum Whiz The Magnificent One's Avatar
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    Apr 11
    I am enjoying this show way more than I thought I would. The pilot was good but I think "Honor Thy Father" was better. Amell is great as Arrow/Oliver, the action is pretty darn good and the story is really intriguing. "Arrow" is definitely a hit.

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    A Superman starflower69's Avatar
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    Nov 08
    In Denial
    Great episode and not much I can say that hasn't already been said. The flashback to the island where Ollie was vomiting over the smell of his dad was very realistic and it's details like that, that make this such a good show. Loved brilliant ending with Ollie getting an arrow through his chest. This show has such great potential, I hope it carries on in the same way for the rest of the season.

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    Taylor Swift Caught_In_The_Sun's Avatar
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    Apr 10

    I actually enjoyed this more than the Pilot. I think Stephen Amell does a slightly better job here than the Pilot. The ending was great...I am wondering who the other archer from the island is...not asking or wanting to speculate with anyone just something I am thinking about.
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    Mar 11
    Very good episode and I'm lovin the flashback's to the island. The ending was great and Arrow so far is 2 for 2 in my opinion. Let's hope they can keep it up.

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    Forum Whiz snookie16's Avatar
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    Dec 08
    Another great episode and more of the plot enfolds. I give it a 10 like I did the pilot.
    *First I think Tommy knows more than he is letting on. Something in the way he makes snide comments that make me beleive that he knows more than he is letting on. Also from the first episode I get a feeling he is in league with Oliver's mother.
    *Second Laurel has every right to be mad at Oliver because of her sister but she still cares for him. Also we saw more into her relationship with his father and she already defending Green Arrow without even knowing it is Oliver. When she finds out I can't wait to see when she finds out.
    *Three and we see in the flashback to the island the Dark Archer who exactly is he? What happened to Oliver when the archer help him? We do know that Oliver modeled Arrow after the Dark Archer.

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    String Bikini Theory BoyScout-ManOfTomorrow's Avatar
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    Nov 09
    Uncanny X-Valley, Avengers World, Year 2099
    Another great episode. The action scenes were once again inventive, energetic and service the plot excelently. It's really refressing seeing this aspect of a superhero's life done so well in a TV show. The actors and performances were more solid this time around. I couldn't stand detective Lance in the pilot but here he's great. Him wanting to protect her daughter so passionately was well done. Laurel, however, was annoying. She has every right to be angry at Oliver but c'mon. She comes off as a b*tch when she should be more understanding. And not wanting police protection? How naive can you be? The way she talked about it and referenced her his dad was just overprotective was ridiculous. Nothing wrong with the performance though.

    But Willa Holland as Thea really stands out. Her scenes with Oliver are genuinly heartbreaking. Not that we've seen much of her but I'm still more interested in Thea's future arcs than for example Laurel becoming Black Canary.

    The flashback scenes on the island were superb. The grim and gritty isn't just for show, you can actually feel how well it fits this story. The cliffhanger was great and once again I'm left waiting for the next episode.

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    Incurable Postaholic RightWingConspirator's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    I liked it. Picks up nicely where the pilot left off. i can't say I'm hooked--yet--but I'm interested in this show.

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    Forum Whiz WellingFan's Avatar
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    Oct 08
    Scotland, UK
    Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! I love this show!

    Both weeks now and I want more, great cast, great story and overall great series.

    Stephen nails the part and how hot is Katie Cassidy?!

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    New In Town LadyVuitton's Avatar
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    Sep 12
    such a cool episode! The fighting scenes were intense... can't wait for next week's episode!

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    Posting Pro PHOENIXZERO's Avatar
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    Nov 03
    I'm already getting sick of the "five years" and "island" talk, show the flash backs and all that but stop having the characters remind us every other scene, the one that sent me over the edge was the scenes with his sister which annoyed the hell out of me and I don't know if its the character/writing/direction or the actress, I'll blame the writing for now. The Arrow/China White fight was lame due to how short it was but mainly because they used that one 10 second sequence twice with two different shots of it and it looked TERRIBLE both times. I still voted "8" but maybe I should have lowered it because now as I think about it and the other stuff it's bugging me again and I know I'm exaggerating.
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    Onward Season 10! Anno_Domini's Avatar
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    Oct 10
    Yah, I'd call that exaggerating.

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    Ksite Moderator Sugar's Avatar
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    May 10
    Another fantastic episode! Gave it a 10.

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