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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of the Arrow Pilot?

    What did you think?

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    >>>THE FLASH<<< super_j_man's Avatar
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot! Great characters, great writing, great lines, great action, etc. Still not crazy with the name changes (Star City to Starling City for instance) but I hardly cared while watching. I think I finally found my new Smallville!

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    New In Town akwinot's Avatar
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    I didn't think it was that bad. It definitely has a chance to be... interesting to say the least. I'm going to enjoy seeing it develop. I think it's pretty spot on, though I'm not sure if I'm going to get used to the killing, the bald main villain, or Di being "Laurel'.

    One question though, what kind of drug did Thea get at the party? I couldn't get a good/quick enough look.

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    Forum Regular Aquahyde's Avatar
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    more ON TARGET

    9/10 (-1 for slightly minor gliches like pacing)

    and I agree also with leave him on the island, in his dreams/nightmares and flashbacks. Want to know the horrors and joys of the island.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to get used to the killing, the bald main villain, or Di being "Laurel'.
    Is he the main villain?, like season long? don't think he is a main villain.

    You can call her Dinah Laurel
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    ~ArcAngel~ Munnag's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    Totally loved it.

    For me, the show hit the purpose. It is exactly kind of show i was expecting. The action scenes are nicely done. I couldn't expect any better. I have so much to talk about but i ll detail this later.

    For now.. the opening gets 9 out 10!!!!

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    Oct 12
    I enjoyed it! It was a lot more action than I thought there would be. Really surprised they had so much action in the first show. I hope they keep the same tempo each episode.

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    Traveler of Worlds John Carter's Avatar
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    I personally loved it! I have been wanting a show to fill the void after Smallville ended. I think Stephen and Katie's acting was superb and very well done. The artistic style was beautiful. The sets were very well designed. And the stunts, the stunts were great. Cant wait dor the next episode.

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    Kryptonian Gladiator Kal26's Avatar
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    I have to give it a 9.5. Really happy with everything, aside from Ollie flat out murdering a guy. Can't wait for next week!

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    I love it!

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    Great start to the Arrow series done by David Nutter, who directed many pilots including Smallville. This is an origin story for Oliver, whose flashbacks and narrative have filtered throughout the rest of the episode. We get to find out who he's after and why does he do these things. This will be explored over the course of the series. Being on the island for 5 years did changed Oliver as Dinah pointed out as Oliver plays catch-up and reconnect with society in Starling City. This is like being in the same universe as Chris Nolan's Batman and there are nods to the DCU such as Slade's Deathstroke mask. We also have Oliver's friend named Tommy Merlin, who will eventually become his arch-enemy. I think this is going to be like Smallville's Clark Kent and Lex Luthor where they start out as friends and become enemies. I hope they do this Y-shape path to their friendship justice and no go zig-zag like we had with Clark and Lex. There is tension between Oliver and Dinah over her sister, Sarah. The action sequences could rival those from Nikita. I'm enjoying this as this could only get better, especially with the preview of next week's episode. I see this series as more of a weekly live-action Green Arrow movies instead of a mere TV series. CW should be the only place to do DCU television.

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    Madman With A Blue Box Austin 3:16's Avatar
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    Absolutely fantastic! I cannot say that enough. This show blew me away in every way, shape and form. I told myself not to get too attached. I failed because I want to see more.

    The show is my new Smallville. It ranks right up there with the pilot for Clark over nearly a decade ago.

    Thank you Mark Pedowitz. You have made me so unbelievably happy to be a fan of The CW once again.

    It doesn't remind me of The CW. Arrow reminds me of The WB. It is more than I could've hoped for. Not only that but I think we are looking at a renaissance for The CW.

    Only bad thing about tonight? The episode is over. I want more please!

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    I loved every minute of Arrow tonight. The action was intense and I thought in no way did it take anything away from Justin Hartley's Green Arrow. This was just another amazing take on a great DC Comic character.

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    Avi by aotearoagal Degobunny's Avatar
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    This show reminded me alot of the Robinson Crusoe series that NBC did, with the whole island/I have been wronged thing going on. As far as the characters, I feel niether this show or Smallville ever got the character right. Smallville wanted Green Arrow to be Batman, I feel like this show wants him to be the Punisher. I am just not feeling it with show, I wish the crew and the CW the best of luck though.
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    One of the first things I said while watching the episode was "This is the type of shows the CW needs more of!". I loved every second of it. It's gritty, it's dark, it's full of action. It's just my type of show. I was a bit thrown off when Ollie killed the guy, making me wonder if he was more of an anti-hero than a hero(but then again, Comics-Ollie wasn't anymore rosier was he?). I'm really excited as to what this show will bring for us in the future. It's definitely my Smallville replacement.

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    Clark Fan Odysseus's Avatar
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    Loved it. It continues the dynamic we grew to love with Ollie on Smallville but is different enough that they can go in their own fresh direction. I was definitely taken aback by that last scene (as in an "I'm intrigued!" kind of way), and I'm glad to see that Dinah is on board right from the start of the show, along with the hints at characters being Merlyn, Speedy, etc. The list of upcoming DC characters looks pretty awesome, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them.

    All in all, great action, great characterization, and great acting (I'm especially glad to see Susannah Thompson in another primetime acting role; I loved her on Kings). This is definitely one of the shows I'm most excited about this year!

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