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    OMG i just love the teasers!!!

    This story is fantastic jenny. Love what you're doing here. On the Clois corner i'm really happy to see Lois willing to accept and understand more about her life. I mean, of course is not easy for her, but it's clear she had a life and now, even with no recollection of anything, the traces of that life are all there (Clark, Bitsie, her job, her friends) and she has to deal with them not run away from them. Confess i wasn't expecting her telling Clark she wanted to be more with him to try to rediscover "them" but I loved it

    Also, this King is intriguing me bi time. What the heck did he done to Susan?!?! I suspect he wiped out her memory too...

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    update plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karafan1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Marie95300 View Post
    More More More!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks! and soon soon soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by miss smith View Post
    Hahaa omg Jen I'm so sorry for not commenting on this before but I've been keeping up! Well that teaser was more than iI expected! I thought they were just going in a date and maybe they may have gotten a kiss out of it with all the tension that is starting to build up but this is just hilarious! The Clois chemistry is undeniable can't wait for the update!
    Aww thanks Jada! I'm really glad you enjoy the chemistry and just incase ur confused the Chlark scenes are past bits. Remember Chloe is dead.. I do think tho the date is gonna hold some nice surprises for you anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by TeamClois View Post
    Ooh...that tease of yours was such a tease!!!! Lol. You know me, I was hooked on the "topic" of conversation between Clark and Chloe and am EXCITED to read it!!! Feel better soon okay 'cause I've got some cookies waiting for you!!!!
    hehe, I think you'll love the full Chlark scene alot. I'm looking forward to those cookies.

    Quote Originally Posted by reein View Post
    I´m not gonna give you a cookie....I´ll GIVE YOU A CAKE!!!!
    i love this.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamClois View Post
    Okay, reein got me on the cake comment. Lol. ^^ So how about some chocolate and ice cream instead?! *wiggle brows*
    Haha, thanks I love Cake too and Mmmm Ice cream .. best treats eveh!

    Quote Originally Posted by cathy14 View Post
    OMG i just love the teasers!!!

    This story is fantastic jenny. Love what you're doing here. On the Clois corner i'm really happy to see Lois willing to accept and understand more about her life. I mean, of course is not easy for her, but it's clear she had a life and now, even with no recollection of anything, the traces of that life are all there (Clark, Bitsie, her job, her friends) and she has to deal with them not run away from them. Confess i wasn't expecting her telling Clark she wanted to be more with him to try to rediscover "them" but I loved it
    Hi Cathy, thanks for commenting and I'm glad I was able to surprise you. Expect more of the unexpected.. good and not so good but I hope it will be enjoyable.

    Also, this King is intriguing me bi time. What the heck did he done to Susan?!?! I suspect he wiped out her memory too...
    Answers with Susan are coming and good on King.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rianna View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by bigvillir001 View Post
    update plz
    Aw, I feel bad. I've not had the chance all that much to sit and write. Either super sleepy, migrainey or RL just throwin the unexpected at me. And because it is thanksgiving this weekend I have no clue how it will end up being. It could be easy as sometimes holidays are actually more leeway for me to do things like write or vid and other times not. Hopefully the leeway.

    I'm dying to finish the scenes, I really hate being stuck in a twilight zone with an update.

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    take your time, you can't rush art.......totally loving this story, always wanting more and more...looking forward to the next update

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    Quote Originally Posted by abbyg View Post
    take your time, you can't rush art.......totally loving this story, always wanting more and more...looking forward to the next update

    Thank you. I really appreciate all the support and comments, and readers ..

    A/N: Okay my lovely readers. Its looooooooonger than I intended, took longer to write then I wanted but here it is. Threw in a few tiny extra goodies cause of the wait. Terribly nervous about certain parts.. Hope its worth the wait.

    I believe most mistakes, Ksite and mine, I've caught but I'll be reading through and correcting tonight/tomorrow so please don't hold them against me. I'm not an editor and neither is anyone who helps me and Ksite hates me so..

    Can also be read on

    NOTE: I've now split this super long chapter into two parts. Part A and B. This way if its to long to read in one go you can read them by parts. The split works out nicely since A. is before the date and B. is the date.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Chapter Four - Connections

    Part A

    Little hands grasped the block somewhat clumsily and big blue-green eyes looked up into her own. Waiting for something, Lois wasn't sure what, but she smiled softly at the girl and pointed at the triangle shaped hole in the bright yellow bucket. “Does it go here, you think?”

    The corner of Bitsie's mouth lifted up causing her to look very much like her father. “Eh..” was her reply as she held the block up to her mom.

    “You want me to try it?” Lois took it, marveling at the soft baby skin that brushed her own and the trust given to her. “I can do that. Hmm”

    She pretended to suddenly be unsure of which hole it was supposed to go in. Trying the circle she looked over at Bitsie with wide eyes and a surprised voice, “it doesn't fit! What do we do?”

    The baby just stared up at her with happy anticipation as if to say 'You tell me, mom'. Lois gave a light chuckle and tried the square, once again giving Bitsie a surprised look. “Nope not that one either.”

    She moved the triangle over to the right hole and leaned down so she was eye level with Bits. “Let's try this...” She plopped the triangle in and grinned, mostly from the expression on Bitsie's face. A look of pleasant surprise and wonder. Lois clapped her hands and Bitsie gave half a clap in response before pulling the whole yellow bucket to her.

    Laughing softly, Lois pulled the cover off so the baby could pull all the shapes out. Bitsie seemed to enjoy the game over and over even if the outcome was nearly always the same.

    After half a minute of watching the little girl pull blocks out and put them back in and pull them out again in some game where only she knew the rules, Lois looked up at the closet that loomed before her. Taunting her with its secrets and truths. Some of which were one and the same. Lois despised the knot in the middle of her stomach as she glared at the closet. Her task was simple, pick out something nice to wear for their date tonight.

    A date. She was going on a date tonight, it didn't seem real though it felt completely right.

    She had only came to life three days before. Everything in her world encased in those hours and what she had learned in them. From terror in a realization that there was a void to these feelings of care for a man she didn't remember.

    It was only a closet right? With clothes and shoes and other closet-y things.

    Lois rolled her eyes. It had become easier to spend time with a baby than it had to look around the apartment and face all the unanswered questions. Apparently cowardice could change its preference.

    “Mamoammama” the string of babble direct at her brought Lois out of her reflection.

    “What's wrong, Pocket?” Using the nickname she learned earlier that morning from Clark was her personal one for Bitsie. Lois found she quite liked it and it seem to come naturally.

    Bitsie rubbed her face and fussed. Martha had mentioned earlier that she was teething, the reason for the constant fist in her mouth and drool. Also why the baby could switch moods on a dime.

    There was no way she could resist those bright blue-green sad eyes directed at her. Once she had given in to holding the little girl there was no going back. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

    Picking her up and standing, Lois gave a small smile which grew as Bitsie laid her head against Lois' chest, rubbing a small hand down her mothers arm.

    Love. Unconditional love. It felt good in a world of confusion and uncertainty.

    Without thinking about it Lois held the baby closer and swayed from side to side, unbeknownst to her she was being watched by the man who stood outside her door. Falling in love with her all over again as she continued to re-bond with her baby.

    Lois closed her eyes for a moment continuing to sway and found herself humming, unaware it was something she had done many times before. Bitsie loved the particular song, occasionally humming back as she continued to rub her hand on her mothers arm.

    But the closet was still there, and she still needed to pick a dress.

    “Just open it.” She ordered herself.


    Okay so she wasn’t going to do it. What was she afraid of exactly? Lois wasn't sure. Maybe like Martha suggested it would be easier if one of them was there with her.

    As if summoned, Martha was poking her head in the door. “Lois? You alright?” She came just inside the room, Lois felt a tad naked in front of her. Completely clothed but this woman seemed to understand her when she didn't and it caused this strange sensation of being exposed and also comforted at the same time.

    “If you call being terrified to open a closet and go through my own stuff okay, then yeah sure I'm peachy.” Lois said with a disparaging sigh.

    Martha smiled softly at the way Lois was holding Bitsie but turned to give her full attention back to the woman. “Oh Lois. Come here.” Martha went over and gently guided Lois to sit on the bed. “Do you want my help?”

    Lois nodded.

    “Why don't we start with what you'll wear tonight. We can move on from there.” Martha began, patting her on the shoulder before opening the closet door.

    It was a bit of a let down when it came to how she felt once the door was opened. Somehow Lois had expected to feel something more..profound. When she had opened it the first night she slept in the room she had done so a bit absentmindedly. Only later recalling the action and having the sense that she liked Clark's flannels. That had been confirmed when she had found a few folded nicely in her pj drawer.

    They were rather very comfortable.

    Martha riffled through Lois clothes, which sported everything from classy to odd. Lois raised a brow a couple times at the strange outfits she had hanging up. Including some leather get up and a warrior princess short skirt deal. Neither of which was going to help her tonight.

    “Do you want to wear a dress?“

    “Would I usually?”

    “I think so. You seem to like to dress up when you and Clark go out.” Martha responded honestly. Watching Lois' reaction carefully. “However, you have some very nice blouse and pant combo's. It can be a bit cold at night.”

    When Lois had nothing to say but a shrug of her shoulders Martha turned back to the closet. She pulled out two tops and a couple of dresses more suitable for the weather, sexy but not overly so, since this date was about Lois getting to know them. Clark had enough issues to deal with then to have Lois driving him crazy with something designed for that purpose.

    She placed them all down on the bed. “I think these are your best options.”

    Lois glanced down at them, shifting the now dozing Bitsie in her arms so she could feel the fabrics. For a brief second she saw a flash of the maroon knitted dress on her as if she was looking down at herself, smoothing the dress out. The style of the dress worked well to treat it like a tunic, putting it with leggings if she needed too. Pretty, subtly elegant, and flattering, it would clearly form around her shape, yet modest enough for the type of date they were going on.

    Smiling Lois lifted it up, having made her choice. “I'll wear this.” Again a flash of memory passed through her mind. For the first time she clearly saw Clark looking approvingly at her but that was all.

    The migraine that hit right after was enough to cause her to lean forward, almost forgetting she had the baby in her arms.

    Martha frowned and stopped her before anything even remotely had a chance to happen. “Lois! Honey, you okay?” Lois had gone pale and once Bitsie was taken from her arms put a hand to her head.

    “Just a headache. I think I need to lay down.” She cracked open an eye and looked over at her daughter who looked dazed having suddenly been woke up. “I'm sorry..I seem to keep getting out of looking through my stuff.”

    Martha shook her head feeling a little worried, trying not to show it, “No, its fine and you'll look when you are ready there is no reason to rush.“ She shifted Bitsie a bit in her arms. “Besides it's going on lunch time, and this little girl here is a lot like her father...has the appetite of a construction crew. “ She said with a smile as she lightly tickled Bitsie's belly. Who giggled before sighing and leaning into her grandmother.

    “I just need a bit I think.” Lois began when Martha gently hung the clothes back up with her spare hand.

    “Take as long as you need. Bitsie will be fine and you need to rest. I'll wake you with a enough time to get ready. “

    Lois stared at them a moment watching her daughters face. Once certain she'd be okay she nodded at Martha and laid back on the pillow.

    The pounding of her head was at war with the thumping of her heart. She had actually remembered Clark. A flash, a quick flash of his face but it was something...not even the pain could take her joy away from the brief step forward.

    Clark took a deep breath glancing again at the General's number and shook his head. No, he needed to tell him in person. Tomorrow, he'd deal with it tomorrow. One more day wouldn't make a difference and knowing or not wasn't going to change anything for Lois either.

    Deep down he had hoped Lois would just snap out of this and have her memory back and they'd never have to tell anyone. Obviously that wasn't going to happen.

    The whole thing still felt a little unreal to him and that therein lay the problem, it was hard to tell people. To say it and act on it when it felt like some sort of nightmare. Telling Sam or a good deal of others would make it real and Clark could admit to himself he wasn't really ready for that.

    The only people who knew so far were Emil, Jimmy, his mom, Bruce, Perry and John. A small circle that made it feel like he had a handle on it.

    Reality was, like Lois, he was along for the ride with no answers. Going over Perry's questions he had been able to fill something into most of them but it added up to nothing just the same. Bruce and John, despite everything else they were doing, had done a little of their own investigating. Emil was doing what he could.. Clark himself had gone back as Superman the night before, had a look, asked questions but the truth was unless something new came up, unless Lois remembered something, the answers weren't there.

    Just like it had been with Chloe.

    The pain from that thought pushed Clark up from his seat on the sofa. Swooping up Bitsie who looked ready to nod off, Clark gave his mother a smile before heading down the hall.

    Bitsie yawned and rubbed her eyes. Attempting to convince herself and her dad she wasn't tired she scowled at him when he placed her in the crib and began to fuss.

    “Hey, you need a nap baby girl.”

    The scowl deepened and she reached her arms up and protested loudly, clearly disagreeing.

    Clark put his hands on his hips, subconsciously taking his hero pose and shook his head. “Your mom and I need to get ready and lets not be a grouchy girl for grandma okay?”

    The pouty lip came out full force, eyes took on the puppy dog shape and Clark, who wasn't as immune to it as he wanted to be felt his heart melt at the 'poor me Kent' look. Determined not to give in he began to do the nap routine.

    The teething baby won after several failed attempts. In her triumph Clark quickly had his turn in the bathroom, gathering the last of what he needed to finish getting ready and brought it to her room before placing her down to play with the few clothes remaining in the laundry basket.

    She'd fall asleep eventually. Teething had her usual routine disrupted, nevermind the current issues going on around her.

    Clark hummed as he closed the door and fussed with his shirt while looking in the mirror. The mirror that took up the length of the door and surprised him when Lois had insisted on it.

    “She'll need it for dress-up.”

    “I thought you didn't care for princesses.“

    “I don't care for damsels in distress, no. Not all princesses, Smallville, are prissy, I quite like Rapunzel.” Bringing up the Disney movie that Lois, Chloe, Jimmy and their boys favoured. “And Mulan.”

    “Mulan isn't a princess.”

    “Not the point.”

    Lois had placed the chest she'd been hiding in the back closet out and put it before him. Her swollen belly had made it a bit hard for her to see her feet or even know she had put it down backwards. While they talked he quickly had turned it around, wisely choosing not to say a thing. Her size had been a sensitive issue despite how beautiful and wonderful he found it. After all it was his baby, their baby, she had been carrying.

    “And the horse is your favorite character in the movie.” He did point that out.

    Lois rolled her eyes. “Yes, but Rapunzel impresses me. She is strong, adventurous and can wield a frying pan. No man should mess with a frying pan wielding woman, Flynn can tell you this.” She said with a matter of fact grin before nodding to the chest.

    “Well, open it.”

    Clark raised a brow. Somehow they had ended up on this topic and Lois was buying dress up clothes for their child who had yet to arrive. Since long ago he had come to expect the unexpected with Lois, Clark accepted it giving a nod and gently lifted the old chest lid up slowly.

    He had been pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of little clothes. Tiny army outfits, a nurses getup, pretend doctor paraphernalia, play spy gadgets, little papers and pens with a blank name plate.

    When he glanced up at her Lois smiled shyly, “She might want to pretend to be a journalist like her mom and dad. Or maybe the editor-in-chief. Once we decide on a name we can get it put on there.”

    Clark smiled. It was perfect, the whole of it. It even included a couple of princess dresses and a super hero costume much like his own.

    “The chest belong to my mother and the General picked up a few of the items. I want her to believe she can be anything, do anything, even if it's just for moments at a time.”

    So the mirror she insisted on had gone up without an argument. Who was he to deny his daughter the world, even if it was only pretend. Princess or a little General, it didn't matter.

    Another reason he was in love with Lois Lane.

    Adjusting his collar and smoothing down his shirt, Clark glanced down at Bitise who was now laying on the clothes she had only moments before been playing with. “Tie or no tie?”

    She simply smiled up at him lazily teething on her fingers. Grinning back he gave a slight nod, “No tie it is. We know how your mother feels about them.”

    Taking in his appearance in the mirror, how he was getting ready for a like a date with Lois, Clark was hit by a strong wave of emotion and memory. Reminded of years before when everything between them as a couple was new and how both scary and exciting it had been.

    The only woman who had ever made him sick with nervous anticipation and incredibly and maddeningly happy at the same time.

    Of course, like so much of their relationship through the years, their start had been anything but 'normal'.

    November 2008 (s8)

    “Are you going to explain to me what the hell you were thinking?”

    Clark looked up from his computer to see Chloe coming towards him like she was going to rearrange his face. The fact she couldn't was beside the point. He swallowed, having a pretty good idea what the issue was.

    He was in for it.

    “Sorry?” Clark replied opting to pretend he was clueless, a fairly easy task considering how often he felt like he was in a boat without an oar when it came to Chloe or her cousin.

    Chloe's face turned a slight shade of red. That was so not a good sign. “You know very well what I am referring to, Clark.”

    Glancing around the bull pen, Clark decided to move this conversation, and the impending explosion that was likely to happen, some place less public. Standing, he put an arm around Chloe and steered them towards the copy room. Chloe huffed and rolled her shoulders to make Clark drop his arm as they arrived at the copy room door.

    Stepping in, she barely let him close the door before she pounced again. “Did you black out the fact you slept with my cousin?”

    Really no possible way to play dumb to that question, unless he pretended actual amnesia.

    “No.” He stated back. His lack of explanation only seemed to make things worse.

    “What were you thinking? My gawd Clark, do you have any clue what you have done?!”

    Eyebrows furrowed together, Clark shook his head. “What exactly does this have to do with you?”

    “Normally, it wouldn't have anything to do with me. But my cousin is in a state. One I haven't seen her in since Oliver. And as her shoulder to cry on and your friend that puts me here!”

    Clark frowned, despite how close the cousins were he couldn't really see Lois telling Chloe about their unexpected night together. At least not this soon after it happened.

    As if reading his thoughts Chloe smirked, “She didn't. I put two and two together and got five, and she is being...” now Chloe frowned. “...odd.” More like oddly emotional. “I just can't believe you did this!”

    “I did this? Why do you assume it's my fault?” Clark crossed his arms.

    “You're gonna blame my cousin for this? Way to live up to the stereotype!” Chloe crossed her arms in return.

    “That's not what I meant!”

    Chloe raised a brow, “What did you mean, Clark?” Her voice had gone dangerously sweet.

    Clark sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I just...It just happened!”

    “Uh you just happened to sleep with my cousin? Did your clothes miraculously fall off? Accidentally stick-”

    “Don't you dare finish that sentence.” She was getting enjoyment now out of this. What was it with her and Lois going from one emotion to another at a flip of a switch?

    Clark glared at her in exasperation, “Chloe, has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, I'm struggling with how to deal with this, too?” Before she had a chance to respond he continued, pacing back and forth in front of the copy room door.

    “We were arguing, one of those kind where she starts giving me unflattering elaborate nicknames,” Chloe nodded for him to continue when he glanced up at her, “and next thing I knew I kissed her and ...” he wasn't about to say that it was Lois who started undressing him. Clark didn't want it to come off like he was blaming her. “I don't really know how it happened but one thing led to another...”

    There was giggling. Clark momentarily lost his train of thought as he looked over at Chloe who was bent over in mirth.

    “What's so funny?!” he demanded. The situation wasn't funny from any angle that Clark could see.

    “You...her...“ Chloe attempted to straighten herself and speak coherently through the giggles, “I seriously. Clark...that wasn't a 'just happened' situation.” Seeming to have gained some control of herself she continued while staring him down. “You two have been heading for this since last century!”

    Clark leaned a hand against the door and looked down at his feet for a moment. Trying to gather his thoughts and figure out what exactly he was supposed to be feeling in that moment.

    “My problem isn’t that you slept together. It's the timing of it.”

    Looking up at her sharply, Clark blinked, “What?” Now he really was confused.

    “You've only been on a couple of ‘dates’.” Chloe tagged the word with air-quotes. “Clark, you left Smallville for five months. I don't think you realize exactly how hard Lois took that.”

    “That was over a year ago.”

    “That is not the point. You came back and Lois pretended to be fine and she's been there for you. She was trying to give you space to get over Lana but what do you do? You join her at the Planet. You have her over at the farm with you. You even ask her to move in and I still don't get why she agreed to it!”

    Clark frowned, “And I still don't get what your issue is, Chloe.”

    “Gawd, you don't see it and she keeps trying to gloss it over, but I know what is going on because I’ve seen you do it before! Clark, is my cousin a rebound for Lana? If you break her heart I will break you!”

    “What?” Clark felt the air in his lungs suddenly leave his body like a kryptonite punch to the gut. “How could you even think- How could you think that?”

    Chloe glared at him, “Have the fumes from that broken down tractor finally deadened your brain cells? Lois has been there to hold your hand since you came back. You've leaned on her more then you ever did me and that is great. But it does beg the question: Are you turning her into some Lana-replacement? She has no guarantee that the other night wasn't just some sort of over-the-counter tension release and loneliness cure.”

    Sighing, Clark leaned back against the door. “It's not what it is. Lois has never… Lois isn't a replacement for anyone. It hurt when Lana died and yes it did play a factor in why I left but it wasn't the only reason.”

    “Then what, Clark? What other reasons could you have had for leaving us?”

    There it was the other punch in the gut. He couldn't tell her the full truth about why he had left because he had been forced to take those memories away from her in order to save her. Couldn't tell her that Lois knew why but she never could. That upon returning, Lois had become his sun lighting his way.

    He didn't even think about Lana anymore. One day, months before, Clark came to realize his loud and bossy best friend stirred some very non platonic feelings inside of him. Feelings that made how he felt for Lana pale in comparison.

    Lois wasn't a replacement because there simply wasn't anyone who could compare to her. Problem was he had no real idea if their night together meant the same to her as it did to him. It had been unplanned and he felt a great deal of unhappiness for how it happened, just not that it did.

    “Chloe, I've explained to Lois why. That I needed to clear my head, to figure out what I wanted. Lois isn't some replacement.” He looked at her, pleading her to understand. “She could never be.”

    “Why, Clark? Because you care about her? I don't doubt that you do but I'm sorry to break it to you, caring about...”

    “No, I don't care about her.” Chloe's jaw dropped.

    Realizing how that sounded he quickly blurted out, “I love her!”

    It was Chloe's turn to try and find her bearings. She leaned back against the copy machine and after a moment softly asked, “When? How? I mean I know you… I just didn't think you would this soon.”

    The surprise she felt couldn't compare to the realization he had when Lois had laid in his arms and the full truth of his feelings had hit him. Clark had known he was in love with her but how deep it went, how maddeningly crazy he was over her hadn't hit until he had been able to express it physically.

    Clark Kent couldn't see a future without Lois Lane.

    “I'm not sure how long. When I first came back I just wanted to move on. I busied myself but the truth is I only really felt happy around her. Chloe, Lois couldn't be replacing Lana because I never felt this way around Lana. You know the fun you and I have together, I never had that with Lana either. I wanted to but even when we were together there was always this...”


    “Yeah. But with you and Lois I don't feel sad and Lois makes me feel...” He wasn't sure there was an adequate word to describe what how Lois made him feel.

    Chloe nodded, “I get it. I do.” She gave him a tentative smile, “I see that I have been superseded in the best friend department.”

    “No, Chloe I could never -” Chloe held up a hand.

    “Yes, Clark, I have and have been for some time and that's the way it should be. Jimmy and I are starting a life together now so I can't go to you for everything because I have him and you should have someone.” She now wore a beaming smile that sent relief tingling down his spine. “I'm glad it's Lois. I think she does a much better job of beating you out of your brood sessions than I ever could.”

    Clark smiled and shook his head at that.

    “Please make sure she knows, Clark, because I'm not sure she does. You need to talk to her. Really talk to her.”

    “I tried but she's been avoiding me.”

    Chloe nodded, “I noticed. She's had my couch for the last four nights. I'm worried that she has the wrong idea about this.”

    “I want to talk to her, Chloe. I've left her messages and waited for her to come into work but...”

    “Okay, I'll help this one time.” She pointed him, “After that you are on your own and I mean it Clark, you break her heart I will kick your plaid ass.” She meant every word.

    “I won't.” Clark held up his hands “I promise! But how are you going to help? I don't see Lois agreeing to meet me or to willingly come back to the farm just because you tell her she should.”

    It was a devious grin that filled Chloe's face. “That's why she won't know what she has agreed to.” Chloe pulled her cell out of her jacket pocket. “Be free tonight. I'll text you the coordinates.”

    “Um, okay.” Clark turned and stepped out of her way as she moved for the door. Now that he wasn't the focus of her anger he appeared to be at the mercy of her plotting. It seemed it was a family trait to find ways to completely hijack his life in some shape or form.

    Lois did it all the time at the farm or here at work, and now Chloe was in order to make sure Lois would continue to do so.

    Clark found he really didn't mind all that much.

    Now he just had to hope he could fix this between him and Lois. It wasn't just a notion that sex complicated things or that even love could complicate a friendship – it was a truth.

    Two nights Later

    Clark tugged at his tie and sighed. His palms were sweating and he couldn't seem to get his fingers to work. It’s just a date...what was he thinking. It was a date. This was big, no longer the safe territory of 'like a date' to protect either of them. They had gone beyond that threshold.

    “You know, Clark, you're better off just ditching the tie.” Chloe's voice broke into his thoughts.

    He turned from the mirror to watch her come up the last few steps to the loft. “Or you could help me.”

    Chloe shook her head making her blond curls and waves bounce across her shoulders. “Not my area of expertise.” She stated simply as she came to stand beside him, appraising his appearance.

    Clark raised a brow.“I thought everything was your area of expertise. Including my love life.” Once again he lifted a slightly shaking hand to the mangled knot in his tie.

    Putting a hand over his Chloe smiled at his nervousness, “Speaking of which: Lois prefers you without one, she likes the open shirt look.” She pushed his hand away and began to undo the knot, pulling the tie from around his neck, “Of course her preference is you shirtless.”

    “Chloe!” Clark took a step away as if that would shield him from her teasing.

    “Oh, come on. You and I both know it's true. It's just too bad you can't give her what she wants at a swanky restaurant.”

    “As opposed to one with a no shirt policy?” Clark sighed as Chloe stepped forward and smoothed out his shirt and adjusted his collar, making sure the top two buttons were undone.

    “There are strip joints that cater to women.” She winked at him. “Not that you’d ever know that, Mr. Wingate.”

    “Did you come here to help or just give me a hard time?” He glared at her. What was with her? She was enjoying this change in his and Lois' relationship a little too much.

    Chloe grinned and patted him on the shoulder before moving past him to sit on the sofa, “A bit of both actually.” At the way he glanced in the mirror Chloe leaned forward, “Wow, you must be nervous. I think I see sweat.”

    Looking at her via the mirror Clark swallowed, “I don't want to screw it up. This isn't like before.”

    “What could possibly go wrong? Look, Lois knows you. She is in the house right now just as nervous.” Chloe rolled her eyes and gave a chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. “Only you two could go from house mates to whatever this is. You do realize that generally people date first before they move in together?” Or sleep together was the unspoken thought.

    Clark turned to see the teasing twinkle in her eyes “Ha ha, Chloe. At least she is sleeping in her room again.”

    “Yes, there is that. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind my cousin crashing at my place but when it has to do with you, let’s just say I don't begrudge you getting the Whitesnake side of Lois all to yourself.” Chloe laughed, glad to see Clark relax a little.

    “Couldn't we hand over that part to um…Jimmy?” Clark asked, partly serious.

    “Are you kidding? He likes Abba. I 'm forced to listen to Dancing Queen enough as it is, let’s not add 80’s Hair metal into the equation” She laughed before giving Clark a glare.

    Now he understood why Chloe for a while had nicknamed Jimmy 'Dancing Queen'. Clark grinned, “Would he even consider it?”

    “Not likely, and I have no desire to risk it.” Chloe stood back up, growing serious again. “Clark, tonight is going to go fine. As long as you treat my cousin right, you have nothing to fear from me. “

    Nothing to fear. What he feared the most was that some how some thing would happen and he'd lose Lois. Now that he had accepted he was in love with her and would never want anyone else, old fears had returned. Clark lifted his hands and placed them on Chloe's shoulders, “I promise I won't hurt her.”

    He hoped to god he could keep that promise.

    She must have seen some of his fear for Chloe put her hands on his shoulders and gave him a reassuring squeeze. “Will you stop that! I have to threaten you because she's my cousin and I love her but, Clark, I know how much you care for her. I think you need to stop worrying about the past and be happy here and now.”

    Chloe pulled away and once again smoothed down his shirt, “My best friend gave me a great piece of advice right before he walked me down the aisle. He said that I deserve to be happy so I need to let it all go and trust in what we have? Well, trust what you and Lois have.” Happy to say it now that she knew for sure Clark wasn't replacing Lana.

    Clark had begun to nod but stopped, “Chloe, Lois and I haven't actually been in a relationship for the last few years.”

    “But you have had a good friendship for years. You know her and she knows you. It may not have been romantic, or perhaps better termed non platonic until recently,“ She ignored the glare Clark gave her as she continued, “but you have everything you need already to trust in. You know this.” She gave him a pointed look before turning around. “Now, I have Lois waiting in the house and it's almost time for you to 'pick her up' so,“ Chloe snapped her fingers, “get ready. I better get in there and make sure she's not gone on some sort of nervous breakdown coffee binge.”

    Clark turned an ear towards the house and heard Lois muttering and what sounded like pacing. “Yeah, I think that's a good idea.” Realizing that Chloe no longer remembered he had super hearing he added, “If she is ...would you tell her I...“

    He couldn’t think of anything, blank on the way he should word what he was feeling. He didn't want Lois to worry. “Tell her I...” he frowned.

    “I got it, Clark.“ She smiled reassuringly. “She'll be ready on time so you better be at that door to pick her up in five.” Chloe couldn't understand why they didn't have him pick Lois up from her place. Instead they had to go and make it twice as awkward for themselves by living together and trying to do that date thing properly after having slept together.

    Shaking her head, Chloe left. Clark watched her go before turning back to look in the mirror having very similar thoughts himself. After a moment a slow grin filled his face, happiness reflecting back at him from his own eyes. Suddenly his nerves calmed as a sense of excitement filled him.

    He was going on a date with Lois.

    She was nervous about going on a date with him. The brave and formidable Lois Lane liked him that way so much that she was pacing.

    How had this happened?

    (continues on next post)
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    He was startled out of his thoughts by the door opening slightly. Martha poked her head in.

    “Clark,“ She began softly. “Bits will be due for pain reliever soo...” She stopped and shook her head, giving a nod to the laundry basket on the floor next to the crib.

    Clark looked over to see his baby sound asleep on the clothes in the basket. He gave his mother a sheepish shrug. “It works doesn't it?”

    “You are so like your father you really are.” Martha responded failing to hid a smile. She picked the baby up gently and placed her in the crib.

    “I hate I'll have to wake her shortly.”

    Clark came over to stand next to her, placing his large hand across the little girls stomach. Feeling the steady rise and fall of her breathing, the rapid thumping of her heart. He could comfort her, give her everything within his power, protect her but there was still certain things beyond his capablities. Even half Kryptonian babies it seemed had to go through teething, feverish long nights.

    With a sigh Clark put a hand on his mothers shoulder the other still on his child. “I'm sorry for all the late nights lately.“

    Martha looked up at him, “Oh Clark, I love this! I love that you and Lois, trust me and that I get to be so much a part of Bitsie's life. I didn't get to have this part with you but I get it with my Granddaughter, it means a lot to me and you and Lois shouldn't feel bad. “ She continued to reassure him in barely a whisper but some how still managing to put so much feeling into it. “You are good parents. Being Superman or even catching that story and missing a few late nights are not hurting her. She'll be proud when she is older and all she knows now is that she is loved. “

    “I know.”

    “Good. Please don't worry Clark, have a wonderful evening with Lois.” His mother's loving blues eyes gave him silent permission to not worry, knowledge that he wasn't judged. He needed it.

    “Besides,“ She continued, “I think Bits and I found a pretty good routine for these nights. We are a half way through Winnie-the-Pooh.”

    Clark chuckled, “Okay.” He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “If you need us Mom call. I imagine we'll be back before you finish reading anyway.”

    “Maybe” Martha smiled lightly in return.

    Chapter Four - Connections

    Part B

    Does she realize how beautiful she is?

    It was a thought he had many times and even though at this moment things were not the same, more different then they had ever been, she was still amazing.

    Beautiful not just for her flawless form but who she was. Even without memories she had so much 'Lois' about her. Starved for her touch he found her presence in the taxi, sitting next to him looking the way she did to be both frustrating and enchanting.

    Since their conversation yesterday she seemed more and more at ease and less agitated. Emil had warned that it was normal for someone in Lois position to suffer anxiety, confusion and to swing widely with her emotions, but it was hard to watch. It was why at that moment it felt good to see her relaxing.

    He had an aching hope with how she sat close to him, her leg grazing his own, and she even how she had taken his hand. They could and would get through this.

    Though she was the one making the physical connections Clark didn't push them. He held her hand lightly, just enough to give comfort but not enough to where she couldn't retract if she wanted. But the sensation of her slender hand entwined with his own brought with it memories and feelings he couldn't share with her. Not yet.

    A part of him was concerned that this evening was happening to soon. How would she be tomorrow? Yet denying her the chance to move forward would send a message he didn't mean either. It was hard to be in this position, wanting to re-share all of himself, desiring all of her and knowing that he had to be patient, a kind of patience he wasn't use to.

    Shortly after they got into the taxi, when it stopped at a red light, Lois looked over at him, “So..why are we here. You know rather than you taking us?” She kept her voice low.

    Clark smiled softly, “Parking is a nightmare. We tried it in the past and after one really bad experience you decided we'd get a taxi whenever we would go to Sabatino's.” He of course didn't say that sometimes he took her there himself. Generally her favorite mode of transportation.

    While he had no intentions of lying to her he knew she wasn't ready for the Superman bomb shell just yet. Patience. This waiting was gonna kill him.

    Lois gave a slight nod and glanced back out the windows. Her eyes wide as she took in every detail, trying desperately to recall anything. One sign made her pause, a reaction that surprised both her and Clark when her breath hitched and she gripped his hand tighter.

    “Lois, you okay?”

    She turned trying to follow the sign as they went past but it was out of sight far to fast to understand why she felt such a rush of … she wasn't even sure what it was. Just that her heart had sped up and for a second she couldn't breathe, but it wasn't fear.

    “I don't know.“ She turned her head to face him, “I saw...this sign, I'm not even sure what it was for...I think it might have been a restaurant or a cafe and I ...” She frowned.

    Clark glanced back noting the street they were on. “I think I know what it was.” He looked back at her. “It was a round sign?”

    “Yes.” Lois nodded. Eagerly wanting to understand what it was she had felt.

    “That's the Metro coffee stop. We'd go there to wind down from the day or sometimes on a break. And I uh...” He felt suddenly really awkward. “I proposed to you there.”

    Clark felt relief at the relaxed expression on her face. Lois raised a brow, “Oh?” obviously wanting him to continue, to elaborate.

    Bolstered by her interest he continued carefully but with confidence. “I kept trying to propose to you in obviously better settings. Fancy restaurant, even a romantic dinner at home once but situations kept popping up. I managed to get you there one evening. Technically a source had failed to show up, so you texted me to meet you there.”

    He smiled remembering how nervous he had been, unable to handle feeling the weight of the ring box in his pocket. “So, when I arrived and saw you standing there I just...I couldn't wait another moment.”

    “So you proposed right outside?”

    “Yes.” It was all a little more complicated then that but it required involving the Blur into the discussion.

    Her eyes scanned him over as if she was trying to picture the scene. Clark tried not to fidget, she was the only one outside of his mother that could make him feel antsy.

    Lois gave him a smile before looking back out the window. Clark was a mystery to her one that she found herself enjoying. While she often felt overwhelmed by the rest of it she didn't when it came to him, yet she couldn't quite make sense of him either. Clark Kent was both quiet and bold and though she felt and believed his sincerity she didn't feel he was the 'What you see was what you got' person he came off to be.

    It grew quiet between them though Lois continued to keep her hand in his. The streets began to change till it was clear they had entered a section of Metropolis that catered to the more classy venues. Various restaurants, a jazz club and even a theater were just some of the places along the street. Her eyes fell on the Sabatino's sign as the taxi came to a stop. It appeared to be a very nice place just from the outside and to her surprise there was also a small line to get in.

    Clark paid the driver and got out and came around to open her door. Offering his hand as she stepped out. “Are you sure we can eat here? I mean don't you need a reservation?”

    “Yes and yes.”

    “So we have one?”

    Clark nodded and walked her up to the door, smiling at her wide eyed wonder. Sabatino's had an elegant appearance and the atmosphere was romantic. Something he hoped wouldn't put her off. He had warned her beforehand but still it worried him.

    Once inside, as Lois took the place in, Clark went to approach the maître d' about their reservations and stopped at the sound of alarms. He had to force himself to tune it out. Emergency services would deal with it. Bruce and the others would get there, if needed. He couldn't be around 24/7 and stop every incident from happening.

    Just because he knew it all to be true didn't make it any easier.

    After an internal struggle with himself and they were seated with drinks ordered, Clark found himself on the questioning end of Lois Lane.

    “So,“ She began taking in every detail around her, “how do we have reservations?”

    Clark smiled, “I cheated.”

    “You cheated? How do you cheat at having reservations?” Lois asked with a raised brow before taking a sip from her water. To her pleasant surprise it was actually nice water.

    “I called in a favour. I thought maybe taking you here could spark some...thing”

    “A memory?”

    “Yes.” He nodded softly. Unable to take his eyes off her. Her curls were done up simple and framed her face, fell around her shoulders and in Clark's opinion she was more elegant and beautiful than the restaurant or anyone else in it.

    Internally reminding himself to reign it in and not scare her off Clark added, “We have a lot of nice memories here.” So many of them which led to them going home and falling into bed wrapped in each others arms for hours. The happiness he felt with her, the memories of it had now become like a physical ache.

    Lois' response surprised him, her eyes locked with his for a brief moment as she replied, “I think its who I'm with that will help the most.”

    Smiling, Clark nodded. Clueless as to how to respond to that.

    The waiter saved him with their drinks.

    A quietness filled the space between them. Blaring with furtive looks and sighs. Clark wanted to kick himself after a minute of it, what was he, fifteen? This wasn't his first night out.

    Pulling a Lois, he broke the silence, “Is there anything specifically you'd like to know? About us I mean...”

    Lois tilted her head slightly in thought. “Uhm...where do I start? Would it be terrible of me to say I want to know it all, how we began. Everything.”

    Before he could respond, she pressed her lips and continued, “I feel like its all right there on the tip of my tongue and yet...”

    “Lois, it will come.” Clark put his hand gently over hers, “I know it will.“ And he realized in that moment he did. There was simply too much of her in everything she did for the memories to truly all be gone, never to return. “I will tell you anything. Everything, okay?”

    She nodded. “Okay.” After a moment she looked up from their hands to his face, “So the beginning. How did we fall in love? I know we became friends over time but...”

    Clark chuckled, “It didn't take us as long as we pretended to become friends.”


    “We had this 'secret' friendship months after we met but I think we were already friend before than.”

    Lois smiled and picked up her menu. “Secret friends?”

    “Yes.” And he began to tell their story. Looking over their menus and even while they waited, Clark told her of little moments between them, hints of a bond that grew with each passing year. Lois interrupted occasionally to ask specific questions, some of which surprised him. Like did he really like the name Shelby or had he gone with it in order to get out of her calling the dog Clarkie.

    Clark found, when he thought about it, that it had been a bit of both.

    Of course that had led to the topic of her nickname for him.

    “Smallville?” She looked at him incredulously. Unable to understand why she'd call him that. “I get calling a baby Pocket but you..Smallville?”

    “It was meant to begin with as a dig, an insult because you weren't impressed with the weird small town you found yourself in. “ Clark explained, giving her a reassuring smile.

    “But I never stopped calling you that?”

    “Nope. I don't ever want you...I mean I like it.” Realizing that it could be sometime before he heard her use it the way she once did. “It changed. What was an insult became a term of affection, I was your Smallville.”

    Catching the serious look on his face, Lois looked up from their food that had just been delivered. “You okay?”

    Clark nodded, “I'm fine, I was remembering something you once told me. I guess you could say that it was the very, very beginning of us.”

    “Very, very beginning?” She teasing questioned.

    Smiling Clark shook his head, “It was before we dated, or sorta did. But I think it was time when our relationship shifted. I'm not sure what to call it.”

    “Ah I see. So what happened?”

    “I had been caught up in this...” How did he even explain Lana. “my ex girlfriend had married my ex friend.”

    Lois paused with her fork mid air. “Oh this sounds, don't have to.”

    “It's fine. I don't mind. It hurt then of course. I was making all kinds of bad choices between the triangle I found myself in and still hurting from losing my dad. Every time I thought I could move past it something would happen and...”

    “You'd nose dive.”

    “Yes, I think if I took those things out of the equation I'd have fallen for you sooner. But I was stupid and blind. It took almost losing you and Chloe and actually losing Lana to realize I needed a change.”

    “She died?”

    Clark leaned back allowing himself a brief moment to remember that pain. He had grieved Lana and everything that had surrounded their relationship, including unfulfilled dreams. Now though the pain was more about the fact he wished he had been able to save her from Lex and her choices. He'd always regret his own choices then. Saving Lana had at the time been paired up with getting her back even when he had told himself otherwise.

    “She did.” Clark looked up at Lois, “I wish she hadn't have had to lose her life for me to have sense knocked into me. And as I usually did at that time I took the route that caused pain for others. “

    Lois gave him a questioning frown. Seeing the pain in his eyes, the guilt, bothered her. It was all history of course but he still carried it somewhere on his shoulders. She had a feeling he did that a lot.

    Wanting to help Lois redirected back to his initial statement, “What was it I said...that you remembered?” Hoping it wasn't painful.

    Clark smiled a moment, glad to be brought of his train of thought. “Oh...that Smallville wasn't the same without your Smallville and I was made to promise to never leave you alone in Smallville the weird hick town again.” He chuckled at the funny expression on her face.

    Lois shook her head trying to imagine them. Desperate to will back the flashes she had earlier. It seemed she had no control over when and how they would come.

    “You left?” She asked giving up on trying to recall anything at the moment.

    “Yes,” Clark gazed at her, for a brief moment picturing her from all those years ago, when her hair had been blonder and they communicated with awkward looks and pretended there was nothing more than friendship between them.

    “After Lana died, I decided to go visit family in another state, “ More like train at the fortress. “You hadn't taken to my leaving all that well. I was surprised when I returned that you'd even talk to me. But you did.” Surprising him and taking his breath away with that heart she was always shielding. Giving him another glimpse at yet another side to Lois Lane.

    “How long were you gone?”

    “Almost six months.” It was suppose to have been longer but events or rather Brianiac had forced him to return.

    “Wow, long time to visit family.” Lois watched him, not really understanding some of what she saw in his eyes. He really was a mystery.

    The thought triggered another flash. This time she saw him, standing by a fence wearing a vibrant red t-shirt. It was gone before she could gain anything else from it. Lois sighed and put her fork down.

    “Something wrong?” Clark asked concerned. Wondering if he had said something to upset her.

    Lois shook her head, “I had a couple of flashes earlier. I saw you once. They were more than what I was getting before. I just wish I could remember, actually remember something beyond an expression on your face or a dress I was wearing.”

    Clark couldn't help smiling, “You remembered me. I mean I was in...”

    Smiling because he was, Lois nodded, “Yes I did. Just now even, I saw you at a fence, leaning against it I think. I wish I could say I remembered why we were there or even really where there is.”

    “It's something, Lois.” He reassured her, placing a hand over her own gently. “I think it was at the farm.”

    “The one you grew up on? The one in the pictures?”

    He nodded.

    “Tell me about it, the farm.” Lois knew without knowing that the farm meant something to her. Just like it obviously meant something to the man she was with. His face lit up as he talked telling her not only of what it meant to his family but also its importance in their relationship.

    Meal nearly finished, Lois pushed her plate back with a laugh twenty minutes later. Amused at Clark's retelling of her control over his bed and the shower at the farm.

    “I reprogrammed the answer machine?”

    “Yes, you included yourself into the message.” He grinned back at her, “You have reached the Kent farm and current residence of Lois Lane. You know the drill so don't hang up, it's rude.”

    Lois shook her head.

    “At the time I was disgusted and couldn't understand my dad's amusement.”

    “Did I get along with your dad.”

    Nodding Clark pushed his own plate back, “He loved you like you were his and I know you loved him. My mom said that he had this theory that you and I would end up together. Said all our bickering was just a prelude to something great. That every farm boy needed a city girl.”

    Lois blushed not certain what she should say to that. Without warning, as she shifted in her seat, an image of a blonde haired man flashed by bringing with it another headache. Lois pitched forward a little as the everything went momentarily black.


    Opening her eyes she found Clark kneeling beside her at the table. “What happened?”

    Clark frowned, “I was hoping you would tell me. You almost fell out of your chair.”

    Putting a hand to her head Lois blinked, the pain wasn't as intense but she felt overwhelmed, needed to get out of there.

    “I have a headache, Clark can we leave? I need to leave. Please.”

    He nodded, worry creasing his forehead. “Of course.”

    Stepping out into the brisk night, Lois took in a lungful of cold air, the intense feeling of pressure lifted off her. As Clark moved forward to call a taxi, she put her hand on his arm to stop him. “Wait!“

    “Can we just...walk for a bit.” At the uncertainty on Clark's face, Lois took his hand, “I think the fresh air will help. I feel a little better already. Besides I wanted more….time.”

    “With just us?”

    Lois nodded, “yeah.”

    Clark smiled and turned to face the sidewalk, letting go of her hand and holding his arm out for her to take. Lois took his arm and returned the smile, shivering a little as they began to walk.

    “Cold?” He asked after a moment.

    Lois glanced at up him. Noting how his eyes flickered to her lips for a fraction of a second, despite how quick it was, she knew what he was feeling. Had been sensing it from him on and off for the last few days. His desire to touch her or in this moment to kiss her.

    “No, I'm fine.” She was, the shiver which rushed through her again wasn't because she was cold, though she wasn't certain what it was from. Lois looked down the street and pressed her lips.

    “Sometimes I think it all just catches up with me.”

    Clark was quiet for several minutes before he stopped walking and turned to face her fully. “Lois, I'm sure you are going to get sick of me saying this but if you need to slow any of this down or...”

    Cocking an eyebrow at him as he trailed off, Lois shook her head, “No, honestly I don't. In all of this you are the one thing I feel the most secure about.” At the smile that bloomed on his face Lois smiled too.

    “I'm not sure how to describe it.” Lois stopped quite literally at a loss for words and at another visible tremor sighed. Closing her eyes as Clark placed his hands soothingly on her arms.

    “Take your time...we don't need to rush.” Echoing her sentiment the day before only this time implying it as a safety net, a comfort zone.

    Lois nodded and took his hand. By silent agreement they resumed their walk down the street. The crisp air felt good to Lois and his body warmth at her side and in her hand was soothing.

    The conversations of the evening played out in her head. There was a great deal to take in and while it was a little overwhelming at times it was also exciting and freeing. The latter, more positive feelings because of the air of mystery from the man beside her and how he felt for her. It came off him in waves and Lois knew given a little time she could so easily return it.

    To feel that kind of love without pressure was liberating. There was no weight to hold her down or constrict her, just the freedom of depth.

    The void left by her memories sometimes felt like a choke-hold, heavy questions encircling her and making her feel trapped and then the man beside her would do or say something and she could breathe again.

    Fear and guilt were still there right outside but Lois knew if she kept pushing with Clark, kept moving forward then it wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps there was even hope she'd get her memories back.

    Doctor Cole felt it was possible, With how much felt familiar, how there were things she knew that she really shouldn't he felt the memories were still there. Tonight seemed to be proof.

    “I'm not a very patient person am I?” Lois asked, unsure where the question came from. “And I guess I’m impulsive too.” She added sheepishly, giving him a sideways glance as she did.

    Clark smiled, “Patience has never been one of your favorite virtues, ” At the 'excuse me' expression on her face he chuckled, “and you're right on being impulsive but I've always like to think that its a good counter for my over thinking and sometimes even procrastination.” He squeezed her hand.

    “I see. So we balance each other out?”

    “Yes we do. Lois, you are always full of surprises and I like that, your impulsive nature gets you into trouble but it also gets you answers, you wouldn't be you without it.”

    Lois knew what he also meant that he loved that part of her. Looking up at him as they continued to walk she studied his handsome profile, relieved he wasn't looking at her. She knew her face was flushed.

    Trying to avoid the sudden discomfort, Lois searched for another subject, “So...I know what I like to eat, and where, Where you proposed, I know how we first met. Which,” She grinned and saw the blush rise on his cheeks, “is unique to say the least and I know that we've been together nine or ten years depending on who you ask. But thanks to the headache I have yet to find out exactly how it all started? You know between the two of us as a couple.”

    Clark chuckled and guided them across the street, obviously having a destination in mind. Lois didn't mind.

    “Officially or unofficially?”

    “Both I guess. Is there a reason for why one of us feels nine years rather than ten?” Part of the reason she found herself enjoying these conversations between them, about them, was how happy it seemed to make him.

    “Okay,“ Clark began lifting her hand held in his up to look at it, his eyes took on a far away look as they continued to walk. “I'd love to think of it as ten years but honestly things didn't exactly play out like I imagined.”

    “I'm confused. So you don't consider it ten years because things didn't happen like you wanted?” Lois frowned, “Did we date?”

    “Yes, sorta...“

    “Sorta? We sorta dated?”

    Clark sighed, “You moved in and it got complicated, we went out on these...'like a dates' as you called them. It evolved into dates but you wouldn't call us a couple till later.”

    “So that’s why you consider it nine. But if I didn't call us a couple why do I consider it ten?” Lois shook her head.

    “I have no idea.” At the expression on her face, Clark laughed, “I don't. I figured it was just you giving me a hard time to be honest.”

    Smiling, Lois nodded, “I get the feeling I like to do that.”

    “Yes, you do.”

    “That doesn't explain your reasoning though. Aren't like a dates and dates...coupley? Obviously I was...well who knows what I was thinking.”

    Clark was silent for a second causing Lois to raise a brow in question. He looked totally awkward, no...not awkward...guilty?

    They stopped walking, ironically, Clark noted next to their phone booth. “Uh...” he started, “Before we dated...we...” He couldn't get himself to finish the statement. Even found himself wanting to look away but held her stare.

    After a moment with her eyebrows furrowed and her intense stare, he could see it dawn on her, “Oh I see.”

    “I guess I've always hated the order of it. The way things went, not that they did.”

    Lois nodded looking thoughtful, she tilted her head to the side. “You know, this kinda makes sense.”

    It was Clark's turn to furrow his brows, “What does?”

    “This...” She gestured between them “me and you and only what? Four days since the whole memory wipe or whatever and here we are on a date. So I mean it doesn't really surprise me that we...” Lois blushed as her eyes scanned him over. “Really I should be curled up with a tub of ice cream and looking through a photo album. Instead I kinda want...” She quickly rambled trying to cover up the fact she had blatantly been checking him out.

    “Want?” Clark asked amused. It was so Lois to ramble and go on about ice cream.

    Looking away in embarrassment, Lois gazed at the phone booth. Sensing it was familiar but wasn't in the position to think about why. She shook her head, “It doesn't matter because I think that impulsive thing is kicking in and its probably to soon.”

    Clark sighed, lifting his free hand to gently turn her face towards his, “Do you think it's too soon...” thinking about her statement on second thought he blushed from his own, “I mean you're not asking for us to...I mean if that's what you...not that we should...or even...”

    Lois laughed. His stuttering relieved all the tension she had suddenly been feeling. She put her hand over his caught up in the feel of it against his skin. “No...oh no. That would be.” Her eyes locked with his, lost in green pools that teased at being blue, her voice softened, “I kind want to know what it would be like to kiss you.”

    Clark raised a somewhat daring eyebrow, the edge of lips teasing a smile. “Kinda?”

    “Yeah, kinda.” It came out far more breathless then she had intended, but he made her feel light headed and dizzy.

    Their eyes remained locked and the world seemed to fade away. Clark took a step forward, closing the tiny space between them, flooded with a desire to feel her lips against his own. But equally scared to push.

    Sensing his hesitation Lois lifted her face up and stood on her tip toes, whispering, “Just a's in the right order at leas-”

    Unable to resist a moment longer as he felt her hot breath caress his face, Clark swooped down capturing her lips interrupting her ramble as he had so many times before. His lips firmly met hers, softening after a moment. Waiting to see what she would do, hoping that she felt what he did. That pleasant euphoric tingle that raced up his spine and spread out like fire through his veins. A fire he associated only with the power of Lois Lane.

    Barely a second passed when he heard her approving sigh and he increased the pressure, bringing his hand to the small of her back as hers trailed up to rest on the back of his neck. Their lips opened slightly, deepening the kiss only a little. Tiptoe along the sweet, tender and chaste line.

    They stayed that way in reality for only seconds but it felt like a delightful eternity. The euphoria blazed through Clark as Lois found herself lost in sensations that brought explosions of imagery, feelings, and echoes of thoughts racing through her head.

    Any fears she had earlier were replaced with a deep almost painful desire to know and feel more. To fill in all the gaps. She pushed herself into him ignoring the warning thought that this was, this sort of kiss was too soon. Her tongue teased at the under side of his top lip causing him to moan as her mouth fully claimed his own.

    Their lips, tongues, hands took on a life of their own and Clark knew he'd go to hell for this. Kissing Lois when she was like this couldn't be right, even if she was okay with it. What kind of man did that?

    It wasn't those thoughts though that snapped him out of it. It was the realization that she had slipped his glasses off. It was a gesture, an action she did in the privacy of their home at night, not on the street. Years of caution and her own words of warning caused him to pull away.

    His lips didn't seem to want to leave her so easily. Breathing heavy they leaned into each other. Clark noted she had his glasses in her hand while his eyes flickered between her parted lips and closed eyes.

    Lois wasn't sure how to describe any of what she was feeling or to put into words what had happened between them. There was no way that was just a kiss. It was like a door had opened in her mind and some knowledge, some sort of truth had flooded in.

    Only what? The tip of the tongue sensation of before was now a 100 times worse. It was there, all of it. She knew it was there.

    Looking up Lois eyes searched his. Clark held the key, and not just to awakening forgotten feeling but answering questions she didn't even know she had.

    Staring at him, she realized she had taken his glasses off. Stepping out of his embrace Lois smiled awkwardly. “I'm sorry I don't know what came over me.”

    “No! Lois...I shouldn't have”

    Lois swallowed at the 'just been kicked' expression he wore. She brought the glasses back up to his face, brushing away a wayward curl that fell across his forehead.

    It was then it hit her. Tilting her head, Lois stared at the curl, glasses posed midair. His green eyes took on a distinct blue hue as they reflected street light bouncing off the blue of the phone booth.

    Curl and blue eyes.


    A spark went through her head, a flash of Superman's face.


    “Lois...” Clark watched her clueless as to what he should do. Uncertain as to her thoughts. Was she in pain...why was she looking at him like that?

    “You're him ...“ Lois answered the question, leaving no room for doubt as she looked down at the glasses and than smiled back at him. “why didn't I see this before. I mean you were right there and I didn't see it.”

    Oh yes, he was going to hell, in a hand basket...carried by Zod himself. Was she really ready for this?

    It didn't matter. The thought of denying it was something he couldn't do. He wouldn't break her trust and he wanted her to know. “I can explain that...”

    Smile still on her face Lois handed him his glasses, “I'm all ears.” was her reply in a soft tone telling him she was okay.

    Clark began to smile back. His relief killed by the grimace that took over her lips.

    The head ache from earlier came back with a vengeance, bringing with it a memory. She could see him standing in his costume smiling at her just the way he had a moment ago.

    She grabbed her head trying to push the pain down. But no amount of fresh air or deep breaths seemed to help.

    “Lois...” Clark took her face in his hands, trying to get her to focus on him. “Lois, look at me.”

    “Sorry Clark. I...oh.” She stared at him for a moment before her eyes rolled into the back of her head.




    Please don't shoot me for the cliffie or if its crap. Cookies, cake, and ice cream of any kind tho are appreciated. :|
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    Amazing! really
    you write veeeeryyy nice I like the interaction of Clark, Lois, Martha...all
    I love baby Bitsie, aww it's so adorable...
    pleaseeeeeeee updates soon, this story is great and I want to know more!!!

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    I just basically loved everything about this update! Little Bitsie is just too adorable, gah!

    The date was really nice, and the kiss was really sweet. When she figured out he was Superman

    Poor Lois with her headaches wonder what's gonna happen next...

    Oh and how would you like a helping of Martha's homemade apple pie with ice cream!

    P.S. Ksite's being weird!!
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    Okay posting as I read cos otherwise I'll forget by the time I get to the end lol.

    Aww Lois is so adorable with Bitsy. Their bond is so strong already. Lovely. And that little girl is heartbreakingly adorable.

    Ooh what's this? She had a memory????? Followed by a headache Boo

    Oh a Chloe mention. What happened to her? Something similar to Lois I wonder?

    And once again I can never get tired of seeing Clark as daddy. He's just....*sigh*

    OMG awwww the chest! Lovely!

    Ahhh Chloe. It's surprising actually that I have missed her in this fic so far. Its nice to finally see her. And boy is she p. o'd
    Wait so clark erased Chloe's memory then told Lois? Strange.

    Hmm....Chloe is going to help Clark...lets see how this goes.

    HAHA OMG Jimmy still loves his Abba.

    Martha and Clark scenes always make me laugh and go aww at the same time.

    oooh and the date begins. Aww Clark is so in love with her. Ugh and then Lana's name rears its head. Okay have to endure it, since I know she's no longer a threat.

    Whoa another flash and another headache and aww Clark so concerned. I love seeing him concerned like that. OOh a romantic walk. This should be good.

    I love this sentence though:
    The void left by her memories sometimes felt like a choke-hold, heavy questions encircling her and making her feel trapped and then the man beside her would do or say something and she could breathe again.

    Yay Dr Cole

    Oooooh the sexual tension is killing me here. JUST KISS HER DAMMIT!

    YES KISSSS!!!!!

    OMG NO!!!! BOOOOO!!!! What an evil cliffie!!!!! But awesome too.

    Wow that was great Jenny. Now....where's the next one?

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    Wow didn't think Lois would figure out Clark is Superman this early.

    A great chapter I know it, you know it just give me the next chapter(when you can).

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    Awesome update. I loved the date, and their walk, and the kiss next to their phone booth. Oooo, and she saw the curl and the blue eyes. Glad she seems to have taken it completely in her stride ... except she's blacked out. All these headaches every time she remembers something ... It must be to do with what the Black King did.

    I hope you resolve all this soon please Jenny. I want happy Clois again - although they were pretty happy together tonight

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    smallville memories
    loved it. pls more!

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    Loved it

    Poor Lois I feel really bad for her I hope she's alright.

    Update soon

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    Wonderful chapter. I'm glad that Lois is bonding with Bitise and that she's more comfortable with Clark. I'm glad that their date went well and that Lois figured out that Clark is Superman. I hope that Lois' headaches will be figured out soon.

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