this story is inspired in part by Frank miller's 1983 graphic novel, the dark knight, and by Christopher nolan's the dark knight movie trilogy. it has three characters, Christian bale's batman, Laura vandervoort's kara, and Tom welling's kal-el. i've used different colors for the dialogue to make it easier to understand. batman is in bold, kal-el is in blue,and kara is in red.

and if you don't like how i've arranged the characters or the plot, well it's my story and i'll do what i want with it, and if you don't like it, write your own.

this story begins and ends in the dark, gritty gotham city depicted in 1983's the dark knight, as the worlds two greatest heroes begin a battle to the death.

prologue: fifteen years prior, the kents and the waynes were a happy, mixed family. kal-el's cousin from earth-53, kara, had come to live with him on earth-2. shorthly after she arrived, she slowly but surely fell in love with his sometimes friend and teammate in the jla, the batman. she brought out the humanity in him, and he always managed to make her happy. it may have been an awkward situation, practically being Clark's brother-in-law; even though she was his cousin, she was more like a sister to him; but she was worth it. she was worth everything to him. but even she couldn't save his sanity, after taking the blame for Harvey dent's crimes, he slipped away and into a deep depression, secluding himself at Ras al ghul's rebuilt mountaintop fortress. no one could reach him, not even the woman he loved.

i can't get through to him, alfred. no one can.
i...tried. he said,
"bruce wayne is dead. i'm batman"
he won't come back this time

after returning to gotham:

i don't want to hurt you, bruce.
you do if the government says you do.
i'm just offering my services to a country in dire need of help. it's not like they control me.
we're not supposed to be a permanent fix, clark. i served my city until they could take care of themselves, and the-
you came back.
i had to. no one else could defeat bane.
you sound confident

Clark hasn't noticed til now the gradual nausea and faintness caused by kryptonite, but it's too obvious to ignore now.

you got the ring from ollie.
it's that obvious?

as bruce prepares to fire an energy blast, and clark engages his heat-vision, a figure steps out of the shadows; her "brother" and the husband she never fully separated from both recognize her tear-streaked face at once. most of their fight is over, the next move will certainly kill one of them, but probably both.

this isn't just between the two of you, you idiots! whoever dies tonight, i will die with you.

as a tear slides down her silky costume and splashes into a puddle of both warrior's blood, the tension appears to subside, and after a tentative handshake, kal-el embaces his "sister". but when he feels her relax, he flies her a block away and returns to the battlefield. realizing immediately what has happened, she runs as fast as she can, but weakened by the kryptonite radiation, can't reach them in time. when she arrives, the two men she loves the most are dead. a chunk of meteor rock imbedded in her brother's heart, and two holes burned through the heart she had stolen.

the piece of kryptonite that a mortal had used to fell a superman had also softened the OTHER kryptonians skin, and as she peirced her throat with a batarang, she kept the promise she had made to both of them:
"i will die with you"

love won't always conquer all.

alternate ending: distraught and blinded by her tears, she didn't notice the batarang sticking out of bruce's upper chest. throwing herself on him in grief, his favored weapon peirced her throat, keeping the promise she never intended to keep:
"i will die with you"

footnote: the alternate ending wasn't my idea; after she read it, my sister wanted a version in which she didn't intentionally kill herself.

also, if there are any artists here who would like to illustrate part or all of the story, i'd love that.