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    MARVELS Avengers VS X-Men (2012)

    DC has generated a lot of buzz and success with their new 52 reboot with their new Justice League #1 setting new sales records and with their new Aquaman series outselling virtually every Marvel book in past months.

    But just as Marvel and DC are preparaing for a major battle in the movie industry this year with their superhero epics The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises it also seems to be a very interesting (and for fand very promising) year 2012 in the comic book area between the two rival publishers. Because now Marvel is striking back!

    They currently prepare for the launch of one of the biggest Marvel events of all time which is a confrontation between their two most popular and successful superheroteams: The mighty Avengers and the uncanny X-Men.

    While the Avengers are a superheroteam , working for the federal organisation SHIELD, the X-Men are a team of mutants fighting for mutant rights and a better world between humans and mutants.

    The Avengers are currently split into three seperate teams : The Avengers, The New Avengers and the Secret Avengers.

    The X-Men also have been split into two teams with slightly different point of view: one team led by veteran-member Cyclops, the other led by former Weapon X Wolverine. Wolverines X-Men have established a new school near New York called the "Jean Grey School for higher learning" (named after late and beloved former X-Man Jean Grey)

    Wolverines situation in this conflict will be delicate since he is actually the leader of his X-Men as well as a member in the New Avengers. same goes for Storm who serves with the Avengers (along with her husband, the Black Panther) as well as being a member in Cyclops´X-men. Also X-Man Beast is a member of the Secret Avengers as well as a member in Wolverines X-Men.

    The Teams

    The Avengers

    Captain America
    Black Panther
    Black Widow
    Maria Hill
    Iron Man
    Red Hulk

    The New Avengers

    Luke Cage
    Iron Fist
    Ms. Marvel
    Power Woman
    The Thing
    Doctor Strange

    The Secret Avengers

    Black Widow
    Captain Britain
    Human Torch


    Emma Frost
    Hope Summers

    Wolverines X-Men

    Rachel Grey

    The Plot

    Jean Grey was once possessed by the godlike entity called the Phoenix Force which later also found a host in Rachel Grey but has been gone for years by now. After the House of M event, Magnetos daughter and powerful mutant Scarlet Witch (who also used to be a member of the Avengers once together with her brother Quicksilver) caused an event called "Decimation" which basically turned over 80 % of all mutants worldwide into humans.

    Now the Phoenix Force is about to return and it is believed that Hope Summers will be its chosen next host. The X-Men see this as a sign of the complete re-emergence of the mutant race since Phoenix has the powers of ultimate obliteration or rebirth and so they want to protect and prepare Hope for her role as the new Phoenix who will bring about the rebirth of the mutant race.

    The Avengers however believe that the arrival of the Phoenix force will result in the complete obliteration of earth and demand to take Hope into protective custody and making sure that Phoenix wont be using her as its newest avatar. The conflict of trying to bringing back the mutant race and trying to protect the world ultimately leads to a massive war between the Avengers and the X-Men and one of the biggest Marvel events of all time that will also see the return of Scarlet Witch and her first confrontation with Hope Summers herself.

    Publishing Format

    The Event will mainly take place in a 12 issue series called Avengers vs X-Men starting in Aprl 2012. The first issue has already outsold Justice League #1 by now and is already one of the most successful issues Marvel has ever released.

    Avengers vs X-Men #0 (which will be out March 28th) will be a prelude for the event and is already Marvels most successful prelude-book of all time.

    There will also be a 6 issue tie-in series called AVX: VS which will focus in more detail on specific fights that take place in the main series such as Iron Man vs Magneto, Spider-Man vs Colossus, Black Widow vs Magik or Captain America vs Gambit.

    Marvel has stated that this will be the only tie-in series though the regular series for Avengers and X-books will also have tie ins.

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    Thanks for the info.
    I've always been a huge X Men comics fan, but haven't been reading comics in the last year or two, except for X-Men legacy (which I borrow from a friend).
    I look forward to this .

    P.S. Since they don't sell comics in any stores where I live, any idea where I can get these online? Thank you .

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    Well this should be interesting, the X-Men have been sidelined for quite a while in favor other Marvel properties. I wonder is leading to the future that Bishop kept insisting he has been trying to prevent by going after Hope.

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    I've never been into Marvel aside from Spider-Man. The Avenger-related movies have only made me somewhat interested in those characters, and even though I thought X-Men: First Class was fantastic, I just can't get into X-Men in general. That said, this does sound pretty interesting. Maybe someday I'll brush up on my Marvel and check this out.

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    The X-Men and the Avengers divide on how to handle the situation. A team of Avengers is dispatched to destroy.


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