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    Quote Originally Posted by Clois/is/hot View Post
    Ooooh so that's where dwarves come from? From now on I'll think
    differently when I make my 7am morning omelets.

    This was entertaining whimsical episode. I like the message conveying of we control the changes of our lives.

    Nova/Astrid & Grumpy/Leroy love story was cute. I hope to see more of Amy Acker on the show.

    Leroy & MM teamup was fun to watch.

    I don't know why Emma had Sidney get the phone records instead of doing it herself. She's the law inforcement.

    Also where was Henry?

    I ended up giving the episode an 8. Good episode but not great.
    Regarding the phone records, I'm pretty sure Sidney said he could get the phone records in a few days from a source while it would take Emma two eeks to get them through official channels. I hope she also went through official channels so she will eventually get the real records.

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    Quote Originally Posted by closetclana View Post
    Is it sad that Emma Swan is the least interesting character on the show?
    I think a big part of that is because we're getting back stories for everybody else. A lot of people on this show wouldn't be interesting at all if we didn't have their back story. I'm hoping we get one soon.

    Grumpy is much better at being grumpy than dreamy.

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    It was fun to watch Leroy and MM working together.

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