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    Does anyone think that Klaus' infatuation with her ended after what she said to him & when she killed those witches like Silas planned? Cause that was his perfect opportunity to get it on with her... hope he doesn't wind up actually being with Haley now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori View Post
    My problem is he killed Jenna so like Joseph said he's irredeemable, both Damon and Stefan have killed innocents on the show but no relatives like Jenna, there is a point of no return.
    Actually, that's not true. Damon killed Elena's brother and her uncle/biological father. They just didn't stay dead because he got lucky with them wearing the Gilbert rings, but he had no idea they were wearing the rings when he killed them.

    I know it's kind of pointless to debate this now since Caroline and Klaus aren't even on the same show anymore, but personally I think if it's okay for Elena to fall in love with a guy who has tried to kill virtually every single person in her life she cares about, then the same rule should apply to Caroline's relationship with Klaus. Damon tried to kill Caroline and used her as his own personal blood bag. Klaus killed Elena and used her as her own personal blood bag. In my book Caroline and Elena are even in the "bad friend" department. They both have feelings for men who have attacked their best friend.

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    You're defintily not the only one that goes for Klaroline. I loved these two!!! especially when Caroline pretends to hat Klaus :PP

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