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    No update yet!!!

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    I would love to see an update right now..

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    pleaseupdate: (

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    The fact that I'm here begging for update is your fault... you do it great Susu....

    I know that you are working in others fics, but please update this one

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    Chapter 3

    Mr. and Mrs. Kent were already in the dining room Lois could hear their voices as she walked with the plates on her hands to the door.

    "Morning" she greeted them quietly as she entered the room either one of them was sitting on one end of the long wide wood table.

    The read headed older woman smiled warm hearted at her while her husband buried his face back into his newspaper so that Lois could only see the top of his sandy blond hair.

    Lois got used to this kind of behavior because of some unknown reason the older man never really liked her.

    If his wife had not convinced him to hire Jeff and Lois they never would have gotten a chance from him.

    Lois put the first plate with fruit down in the middle of the table and then went to Mrs. Kent and put the plate with her breakfast in front of her.

    "How are you feeling this morning Mrs. Kent"? Lois asked smiling down at her.

    The older woman patted her hand returning her smile "I am fine thank you. How are you dear"?

    "I am-"Lois was interrupted by the sound of Lana’s high cheerful voice.

    "Good morning everyone"!

    Lana let go of Clark’s hand she was holding in hers and went to Martha Kent pushing Lois slightly to the side she bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

    Wishing her a good morning she went quickly to the other end of the room to kiss and greet her father in law who returned her smile.

    Lana sat down on the chair that stood at the middle of the table Clark kissed his mother on the cheek as well glancing at Lois he sat down at the opposite from Lana.

    Lana talked to Lois
    without to look at her "Miss Lane would you please bring me my breakfast the usually please"

    "Of course"

    "And Clarks as well"

    Lois only nodded and walked out of the room.

    Minutes later she came back in and put the plates of their breakfast in front of them.

    Clarks hand brushed hers like accidently looking down to him he smiled at her.

    Lois returned his smile and if eyes could shot daggers out then Lana’s eyes would be shooting them right now out at Lois.

    Lois was about to head back out of the room but Lana stopped her "Miss Lane I need your help today. You will come with me and some friends to Smallville. I expect you to be ready to go in an hour".
    "Of course" Lois asked herself why she had to go with her trailing behind her and her friends while they shopped but did not ask why.

    With a last look at her Lois walked out of the room


    "We will be at the Talon"
    Lois felt tired spending more than 3 hours with Lana and her three friends Megan, Scarlett and Eva was more than nerve wrecking.

    Watching them walking to the Talon Lois sighed she would have rather stayed in the mansion cleaning off all the 40 rooms of it than to listing to Lana and her friends.

    The mean and mocking words they said about her Lois did ignore them it was the best she could do.

    All the talk about the wedding of Lana and Clark should just make it one more time clear who soon will belong to Lana forever.

    They entered the small café so Lois turned around to go to the shops Lana ordered her to too buy her the things she wanted.

    Turning around she bumped into someone and the impact of the crash made her slightly fall back.

    Two big hands took hold of her upper arms to steady her.

    "Thanks" Lois took a step back and looked up into the face of the person that had a hold on her arms.

    She sighed as she saw the familiar face.

    Shrugging his hands of her she crossed her arms over her chest as she looked up at him.

    "Dylan" She said as she looked annoyed into his amber colored eyes.

    "Lois darling long time no seen. Where have been all this time"? He asked raising one brown eyebrow up at her.

    "I guess scrubbing off the floors of the Kent mansion right"? he brushed one hand over his two day old beard laughed about his own joke.

    "I would rather scrub all the floors of the world than to spend even one more minute with you"

    Lois turned on her heels but one arm of his on her elbow turned her back to him.

    "Come on Lois you know that I did not mean it like that".

    Lois scuffed "Oh I think you did now let go of me".

    He took a deep breath and slowly took his hand of her "Fine but if you ever get tired of cleaning off the dirt of other people than you do know where you can find me".

    He smirked at her and brushed his thick brown her back before he turned around.

    Lois watched his tall frame walking away from her.

    His board shoulder and his dark jeans and black leather jacket was a hard contrast to the small bright colored village.

    Lois thought about how it would be to work for him but banned it immediately out of her mind.

    She could do much better than this shaking her head she made her way to the first shop.

    Clark walked the stairs down to the foyer he wanted to go to his home office but he stopped as he heard the front door be opened by one of the servant.
    "Mister Queen-"
    The name was said and Clark immediately walked back to the foyer to greet one of his oldest and best friend.


    The blond haired man entered the mansion and he and Clark embraced.
    Smiling and laughing they each clapped the other on the back.

    As they drew back from each other Clark was the first one who spoke "What are you doing I thought you are in Mexico"?

    "I was but I started to miss Star City and some friends of mine" he winked at Clark and laughed.

    Clark just smiled and shook his head wounding one arm of his around the shoulder of his friend he lead him to his office.

    "Come on I think you need a drink after the long flight".

    "Dammed that’s why I missed you so much"!

    The entered the office and Clark walked to the small mix bar to make the drink for his friend.

    Oliver walked around the room and then decided to sit down on one arm chair.

    "Listen Clark there are rumours going around that you are getting married. I hope it is not Alicia who still makes you trouble".

    "Oh no "Clark talked to him while he fixed the drinks.

    "Its truth I am getting married"

    He turned toward his friend who was looking at him with wide brown eyes his mouth wide apart.

    "I think I will need two of those"
    Oliver pointed to the drink in Clarks hand and took the first one gulping it down at one shot.

    Sorry for the delay and the small chapter but rl did not really give me much time to write I still hope you liked it
    and some clois will be in the next chapter for sure


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    Great update more soon

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    I hope Oliver falls in love with Lois, and Lois likes Oliver, Clark needs to wake up and do something about their relationship.

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    glad you updated.ppms

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    Who's Dylan??? he smells like trouble and the kind of guy that could give Lois multiples headaches....
    Lana is one evil ****!!! Clark is an idiot, he needs to grow a pair.

    Update soon, please

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    Well begun is half done...
    I'm very suspicious of Dylan, and his past with Lois.
    Ollie! Please talk Clark out of the mirrage with Pinkie.
    Great update as always

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    Who's that Dylan guy?!?!?
    Oliver, please put some sense into Clark's mind
    Susu, please update soon

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    A bit short and without Clois, but with intrigue...Who is Dylan?
    So please Susu give us Clois romace....
    I hope you update soon

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    Hi you all here is the next chaper

    Chapter 4

    On each arm Lois carried one stuffed big paper bag.

    "Hold open the door"! Lois cried out and smiled than grateful at the young woman who held the door open for her so she could enter the Talon.

    Lois walked straight to the counter putting with a sigh the bags down on the floor Lois sat down on the stool.

    Looking around the room that was decorated in an Egyptian design with gold and yellow walls that were mixed with blue and violet.

    She saw Lana and her friends sitting back in a corner still drinking their coffee.

    She felt one hand brush her back and she looked back over her shoulder to see who it was.

    Smiling brightly as she saw her friend Lois quickly kissed her on the cheek before the other young woman walked back around the counter.

    "Hi Lois"

    "Hi Roselyn" Lois noticed for the first time how full with people the Talon was so she stood back up to walk around the counter "Come on let me help you"

    Roselyn quickly but the tray down and walked up to Lois laying her hands over hers she let Lois sit back down and sat on the stool next to her.

    "Nah I can make a break Maria and the other girl can do the work. I didn’t see you for a long time. Now tell me are you here so early because you want to spend the whole day and night with me" she waggled with her blond eyebrows and smiled cheeky at her.

    Lois leaned one elbow of her on the counter and put her chin on her hand.

    "Sorry to disappoint you Roselyn but I am here because of Miss Lang" she pointed with her head to Lana and

    Roslyn looked behind her shoulder to see the other woman.

    "I had the pleasure to serve her and I have to say that I really pity you for her, but you did not forget the party tonight did you"

    "Which party"

    "The one of Dylan"

    "Oh Roslyn honestly I have totally forgotten about it and besides I already have enough of Dylan for today"

    "Why that"? She brushed her blond long straight hair back and looked quizzical with her blue eyes at Lois.

    "I accidently bumped into him before I came here and you know what he likes to babble about" Lois rolled her eyes.

    With a frown Roselyn shrugged her shoulders "I know Lois I am not a big fan of him as well but he is right about that"

    Lois sat straight up "So you are telling me that I should work for him"

    "No" Roselyn shook her head and then said in a lower voice "All that I am saying is that you can’t continue to live like that. You should stop working for the Kent’s I mean because of Clark and you. You could start to work here for me"

    "Oh and then live with you upstairs in that small apartment of yours"?

    "Why not"?

    "Because I have a huge room at the Kent’s I get enough money and ..and"

    "And you have Clark there" Roselyn finished for her.

    "Oh please let us just change the topic" Lois brushed her bangs to the side.

    As Roselyn saw the pain in Lois face she nodded and did as she was told.

    Bumping her shoulder on Lois’s she ask with a smile on her face "So will I see you tonight or not"?

    Lois turned her face back to her and smirked "You can bet you will".


    Standing in front of the full length mirror in her room Lois tugged on her dark red tank top that was showing of some of her firm stomach and on some movements it almost showed of her navel.

    Lois asked herself if that tank top was now too old and she just had grown too much or if Clara had something to do with it.

    Clara is an amazing cook but that did not mean that she could wash clothes correctly.

    Lois was thinking about to hide and wash her clothes all on her own the next time before Clara could do it and she would have nothing more to wear.

    Lois laughed about her own thoughts and shook her head that caused her long chestnuts locks to fly around her face.

    She turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder at her back.

    The tight dark blue jeans fit her body just perfectly.

    Humming a tune Lois started to dance to it.

    It had been a long time since she had spent a night outside with her friends and she did not realize how much she missed it till now.

    She enjoyed herself until she heard the door fall closed behind her startled she turned around.

    Clark was leaning on the closed door with a smile on his face he had been watching her.

    The shocked expression on Lois face was gone and she slowly started to dance up to him.

    He smirked and licked his lips as he watched her sensual hips move from one side to the other.

    Finally standing in front of him Lois put the palm of her hand on his hips and then she slowly went up until her hands wound around his neck.

    Standing on her tip toes she leaned up to him until her lips brushed his.

    Clarks nibbled on her lips and put his hands on her hips to pull her closer to him but Lois drew back from him.

    Stepping back she said "No"

    "No what"? Clark wanted to pull her back to him but Lois quickly run to the other end of the room.

    "No more kisses for tonight"

    "And why not" Clark walked up to her and wound his arms around her waist from behind.

    "Because I have somewhere to go"

    "And where to"? He kissed her neck and Lois slowly turned around in his arms.

    "To Roselyn Dylan invited us to his party"

    Clark eyes darkened as he heard the name of the other male "Dylan"?

    "Yes and I don’t go to it because I like him much but I miss Roselyn we did not do much together in a long time and besides to see the others again will be nice too".

    "I don’t feel well if you go Lois you should stay"

    "No Clark that’s not an option I already told Roselyn that I will meet her there and I will go"

    "Lois you know that I don’t like it if you are with Dylan and his friends"

    "Oh and I don’t like it if you try to tell me what to do or not"!

    Clark realized that he just made her angry like that "That was not my intention"

    Lois sighed and walked back up to him smiling she kissed him on the cheek "I will see you tomorrow then".

    She wanted to walk past him but he stopped her and pulled her back by her elbow "Lois I—"

    He had a desperate look on his face and Lois could see it how much he was trying to search for the right words to say.

    Lois looked down and a strand of hair fell down on her eyes she blew at it from her mouth and looked back up at him.

    She hated herself for what she will say to him but it was the truth and the truth must be said.

    "Clara said an old friend of you is here I guess the best would be if you go down now the dinner is soon ready and you should spend the night with your guest and fiancé. You don’t need to worry about me I can take care of myself".

    "One more beer Lois"? Robert asked her over the loud sound of the music.

    Lois shook her head "Oh no thanks I will head back home"

    "What it’s too early to go now"?!

    Lois laughed and jumped down of the table she had sat on" Its 2 am"

    "Yeah that’s what I am saying it’s too early"

    Lois pushed the glass filled with beer back he was holding out to her "No thanks Robert I really should go home and I had to drink too much already"

    "Fine but I will bring you back home"

    "Oh no, no need to I can ride back myself"

    "Ride"? the light brown haired man asked.

    "Yes I have my bicycle with me" she smiled at him and he laughed loud out.

    "You will be faster if I drive you home"

    "No seriously The Talon is not so far from the Kent mansion I will be in a minute there. What gets me to think that Dylan had better locations than the Talon for his parties"

    "Oh so you don’t like my café Lois"

    Roselyn voice was heard from behind Lois as she walked up to them.

    Lois wound her arms around Roselyn’s waist "Oh don’t be mad Roselyn I love your café I just did not expect that we would stay so close to home tonight".

    "The plan had been different I don’t know why he changed it" Roselyn shrugged her shoulders.

    "Anyway it was a great party and it does not matter where we were" Lois said and nodded to them.

    "but for tonight I have to say goodnight"

    "What you are leaving already"?

    "Yes Roselyn and you can’t change my mind"

    Roselyn wanted to protest but Lois pushed Robert to her and he got the hint and distracted the other woman who wanted to follow her out.

    Lois walked out of the Talon she wanted to take her bicycle and drive off but Dylan stopped her as he came out of nowhere and stood in front of her.

    Annoyed Lois crossed her arms over her chest and blew with her mouth her bang PO that fell down to her eyes away.

    "What is it"?

    "I just wanted to give you this"
    He gave her a card with an address on it and without to say another word he left.

    Lois looked at the card and then watched his big frame walk back into the Talon.


    so that it the next chapter will be full of Clois and ...Lollie




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    Thanks for updates and a Lollie meet can't wait

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    Yea! We got clois-kisses in this update!!!!!
    Can't wait for the Lollie meeting. Maybe Ollie could flirt a little to make Clark jealous. That should be fun
    I also enjoyed that 'the one who shall not be named' wasn't in this update

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