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Thread: Nicholas Lea

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    Nicholas Lea

    Thought it was funny to see Nicholas Lea in both Once and Supernatural this week. Good performances in both shows. I also really liked the kids who played Hansel and Gretel and their Storybrooke counterparts.

    Emma Caulfield was also a pleasant visitor. Though I admit, putting her in to be burned was actually pretty scary and further than I expected the series to go!

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    I kinda thought it was funny that in Storybrooke, Hansel's name was Nicholas? COINCIDENCE? I don't think so.

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    I like him a lot as an actor, but i liked him more on supernaturel, the scene about the untouchbles was very funny, and like dean i watched that movie a lot.

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    I dont think the fire thing was that scary. But thats just me lol. For some reason i was expecting it to look a bit like the oven in SAW 7. Im like ok when is her face going to start melting off lol.

    Well I think the series had to do it. That was the main point of the Hansel and Gretel storyline where the witch would eat kids and they got the upper hand and threw her in the oven. Of course you mostly hear the story and dont watch it so I guess it all depends on the movie you play in your head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSiteTV View Post
    Though I admit, putting her in to be burned was actually pretty scary and further than I expected the series to go!
    Yeah, I watch with my kids, the youngest being 9, and I thought the whole witch thing was pretty scary. Of course, the whole story of Hanzel and Grettle is a total nightmare. I kept talking to my kids throughout to try to cut through the creepiness.

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    Gosh the blind witch scared the s*** out of me! i thought it was very sinister.
    Awesome to see him two times this week - although i think Eliot Ness is way cooler than his part in OUAT. The best part is that might have a chance he'll be back to play the kids dad again, who knows?


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