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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Aug 03
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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Chuck vs. the Curse?"

    Talk about the episode here!

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    Posting Pro SVfan26's Avatar
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    Sep 03
    No matter what, I could never hate an episode of "Chuck", but there were so many not-good things about last night. I'm not gonna waste everyone's time by listing everything, but seriously, PTB? You don't notice that you deliberately showed the limo's passenger doors being locked when the the Awesomes first got in it, but then the doors are unlocked when they decide to bail?? WTH was that?!

    I gotta admit, this season has seriously underwhelmed me so far. Between the Morgansect/no Intersect for Chuck, this [to this point] ridiculous overall arc about someone high up in the CIA having it in for Chuck, a virus that can wipe out every computer/system/Internet in the world (I mean, really!?!), and personal belief and/or relationship hiccups that are rehashes from previous seasons. It just isn't wowing me, for a final season that I had hoped would really be trying to go out in style.

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    I liked the episode last night. I liked that they got Ellie and Awesome back in the mix. It's nice to see a married couple that still love each other and have such a great relationship. Thinking of relationships, I like how they've made both Chuck and Sarah very committed to each other since the wedding. During the episode I was thinking how far she has come in five years. She was very honest and articulate with her feelings, which is what I wanted for that character for so long.

    And then we got to see the whole team back in action, Sarah kicking some butt and Ellie and Awesome in the mix, kicking tail. That's what I love about this show.

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    1000 More To Go!! Welling_is_pretty's Avatar
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    Dec 05
    in the land of denial
    I have to admit that despite the many things going on in this episode I was, for the most part, bored. I don't know but this episode just felt like filler or something. A chance to bring Ellie and Awesome back in (and to show off Sarah's post-baby body and Ryan's shirtless chest again). They felt shoehorned, to me.

    The only parts I liked were Alex and Morgan and Beckman's stuff was fun too. (She always looks so tiny compared to the rest of the cast!) I did enjoy Rebecca as the bad 'guy' as well.

    But yeah, mostly, was kinda 'meh'. Now next week's...

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    Forum Regular Melekith's Avatar
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    Oct 08
    Quite simply...the formula for this show is no longer working. The action/comedy thing just isn't flowing like it used to. Having Shaw back is probabaly just enough to keep me interested, just enough.


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