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    #3.9 "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

    Count down to tonight's episode and talk about it LIVE here! Then let this be the episode thread

    Here are images:

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    I really enjoyed tonight's ep. compared to last year's Christmas ep. I may be the only one but I enjoyed the black and white Christmas special. I also really enjoyed Rachel reminding the audience no matter how much she's grown she's still high expectations Rachel which, I liked. I really enjoyed Artie's role in this ep. and I like how he took control and stood by his decisions. Good job by former Angel writer/producer Marti Noxon and a great job by first time director Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shue) which is probably why you don't see him only at the begging and at the end of the ep. can't wait for Glee's return in January.

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    Yeah, I liked the black and white especial too. Personally I think that Lea/Rachel was the only one of the first 4 to understand the meaning of that, I mean in the acting. Because honestly Amber looked bored or something lol or maybe that was the way Mercedes was supposed to act? IDK Because Lea was acting like Rachel acting in a Christmas especial and she was awesome imo. Her expressions and everything, really spot on. And she looked really pretty.Though Cory made me laugh. He was really good acting like Finn acting lol

    -BTW, I feel like some scenes were missing or something. Or it was just really bad editing/writing (again) Because I kinda missed the part where Quinn chose to help Sue along with Sam. When they made the Xmas especial presentation and she wasn't in those credits I was WTH, where is Quinn? Seriously Glee, details.

    -As about the songs, well, personally I'm not really a fan of Christmas songs in general but I loved River and I liked the Blaine and Rachel duet. I like those two like music partners.

    -I also liked the bromance between Rory and Sam. I always have liked Sam anyway. He and Mike are like my favorite guys on the show and what Sam did for Rory was nice.

    -Finn doing something nice and cute for Rachel. I like when we can see that side of him, wish he could be like that with her more regularly.

    -They really need to do something with Puck's mohawk (sp?) I don't like it like that lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novak Fan View Post
    -BTW, I feel like some scenes were missing or something.

    -I also liked the bromance between Rory and Sam.
    There were two scenes missing. One between Kurt and Blaine and a whole song with Santana.
    Ryan Murphy said the show ran long and they had to cut a couple of scenes but both are supposed to be included in the DVDs. It's got fandom in a bit of an uproar actually.
    TV Line has the scoop--BIG SPOILERS--about the two missing scenes
    As for any scenes with Quinn, I hadn't heard about those being cut.

    I liked the bromance too. It's nice that someone other than Finn is finally making friends with Rory.

    I liked the opening sequence (and Mercedes did a great job with "All I want for Christmas is you". I actually don't care for Mariah's version so I was prepared to dislike it but I thought it was good here). I didn't care for Blue Christmas but I'm not that fond of that song in the first place.

    Really liked the black and white stuff and "Let it Snow". But I was surprised by how much I loved "Christmas Wrapping" (a song I had never heard before this episode. And I lived through the 80's!) and that whole number.

    Artie seems to have found his calling as a director (though that show they did must have cost more than $800!), which I find ironic because (as I recall) that was the career he mentioned back in Dream On that he would take since he couldn't dance?

    Things I didn't like were the song "Extraordinary Christmas" or whatever it was called. Sue once again flip flopping. She's evil, no, she's nice! No wait, evil! No wait, nice! And for her to take the kids to task? Pot, meet kettle. Also, couldn't they have worked it out so they could do both (in fact, they did, didn't they?)? It seemed a little forced to me.

    But I did like the continuity (mention of last years Christmas and Artie's legs! *is impressed*) and most of the songs were good.

    Oh and Chewbacca. I'm a big Star Wars fan and the dream cameo was awesome but after that he and the Star Wars holiday special stuff should have been left out, IMO.


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