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    Storybrooke or Fairy Tale: Which story is better?

    The last few episodes, I have found myself really enjoying the stories told in the Fairy Tale world. At first, I really enjoyed the Storybrooke and the the tit for tat between Regina and Emma. But lately, I have really enjoyed the back story on how the Prince and Snow met, Jiminy's, and the Prince becoming the Prince. Just as I say that, I probably can point to many counterpoints made in Storybrook that I really loved like Mary reading to David helping him wake up.

    I guess right now, I would vote that I like both stories. But if the stories told in Fairy Tale keep getting stronger, I might have to change my mind.

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    I don't really have a preference. I love them both.

    I absolutely adore Emma and Henry and seeing Regina rule over Storybrooke, but then I also love the Fairy Tale Land flashbacks. Hard to choose one over the other.

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    So far i'm enjoying both universes equally. The best part, for me, is the connection between both universes

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    Same here! I love both!

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    I love both. The writers do a great job at switching between the two worlds.

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    although there are great moments to be found in both worlds for now i'd have to say the fairy tale side has the edge. for me there's more impact on that side and the stories are more interesting. my biggest trouble with the "real" world is Regina. she's not menacing at all. in the fairy tale world she's casting dark spells and pulling out people's hearts. in the the real world her biggest threat is get out of town or i'll have you arrested.. huh? she seems absolutely powerless to do anything about Emma. her and Henry are just walking about together freely whenever they like and Regina is just standing in the background grinding her teeth. thats my biggest problem with the real world. the evil queen just isn't that evil no matter how hard she glares at people. also how long is it gonna take for henry to get someone to believe his theory? i know i'm probably being impatient but i'm just waiting and waiting for someone to finally see what's going on. but there are some things i like about the real world. mainly because they crossed over well from the fairy tale. 1) Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. now he's a villain! there were a couple episodes that i found a lil boring but Mr. Gold at the end saved it (when he showed up at the Inn while Emma was checking in and the apple tree scene where he let regina know he remembers the fairy tale without actually saying the words). he's evil but in a very subtle way. i love it. 2) Snow and Charming. what are their names in the real world? Mary and David?? not sure. but i've really fallen for those two. they are way too adorable. i love the whole meant to be thing. i dont always like that destiny/meant-to-be stuff (clois.. but thats a WHOLE different topic) but it works for these two. and charming is just so handsome. so that helps. plus it feels like their getting back together will have some major effects on the Storybrooke world. like their relationship and Emma their daughter is the key to the whole thing. anyways, those are some of my thoughts. basically the fairy tale world is good with action and suspense, the stories are interesting. the real world not so much. hopefully they find a better balance soon. and i dont mean lessening the action in the story world. i mean upping the anty on our side.
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    I like both of them.
    Yes, there are times I prefer one over the other, but it's always interesting to see the link between the two worlds .

    Still, if push came to shove, I'd pick the real world.

    Two names: Emma and Henry.

    I love the mother son duo .

    Mr Gold/Rumple and Regina/Evil Queen shines in both versions, but although it looks great to see Snow and Prince Charming in the Faity tale world, but the conflicts they will face in Storybrooke has me hooked.

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    I am enjoying watching the mythology of the fairy tale world develop. At the same time I love Emma and Henry in Storybrooke. Of course there's the always sexy Regina and the enigmatic Mr. Gold too.

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    It's hard to decided. I like the fairy tale aspect of the series. The way the stories are being retold are interesting; its not how you'd think they'd go. And in Storybrooke things are changing due to Emma's arrival. And its seems that things are mirroring the fairy tale world. So they need each other.

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    I enjoy both. I love how the worlds intertwine and watching the fairytale mythology unfold while watching the curse starting to break in Storybrooke because of Emma.

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    I enjoy both worlds as well. The writers do a fantastic job jumping from one world to the other. Very smooth and never jarring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rac80 View Post
    I enjoy both worlds as well. The writers do a fantastic job jumping from one world to the other. Very smooth and never jarring!
    What you said.

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    I like both. I might lean towards fairy tale just cause it has more action and special effects and stuff.

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    I enjoy both, but the Fairy Tale parts certainly have much more action and magic to them.

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    I do enjoy the Fairytale world a lot more because it gives insight into why the characters in the real world, the way are, or came to be.

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