View Poll Results: What are you most anticipating in the 2nd half of Season 7?

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  • Bobby & what will happen to him

    4 40.00%
  • Lucifer & what he plans to do to Sam this season

    2 20.00%
  • Castiel's return & role in this season

    4 40.00%
  • The Winchesters' fight against Dick & the Leviathans

    6 60.00%
  • Crowley & what his ultimate intentions are

    2 20.00%
  • Michael & Adam's potential release or escape from the cage

    1 10.00%
  • The Meg demon & her role given that Lucifer has some sort of hold on Sam

    1 10.00%
  • Death's seemingly unfinished business with the Winchesters & what he wanted them to learn

    2 20.00%
  • The return of the Fate Atropos & perhaps the appearance of the other Fates

    0 0%
  • Other (please specify)

    2 20.00%
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    What (potential) plot elements are you most excited about in the 2nd half of S7

    With all the plot elements that have already been set in place along with those that have been left open-ended in the past that could come back & become front & center, which one(s) are you in most anticipation of? There are a bunch of them that were left unresolved in the past & any could come back given that this may be the final season of Supernatural.

    ----- Added 33 Minutes later -----

    For me, the #1 thing I'm most interested in is Lucifer's return to torture Sam. I think there's a lot more than just being a figment of his imagination, and I hope it turns out to be the case because it could set up a great plot for an 8th and final season of the show.

    I'm very interested in what will happen with Bobby since they didn't show him leaving the world of the living with the reaper. Given all the stuff that could happen in this show, such as him being dead but helping the Winchesters as a spirit, him being brought back by God, Castiel, Crowley, or some other force, this one is a big mystery.

    I'm also wondering what Castiel will be like when he returns. Will he be less powerful as a result of punishment from other angels in Heaven, if there are any left after what he did? Will he be hunted? Will he ultimately get the redemption for his actions?

    I'm also interested in those numbers that Bobby died getting & passing to Sam & Dean. What are they for & what will they lead to? What will happen with the Leviathans and stopping Dick the dick, who's really living up to his name. And what will happen after those guys behind Dean were recording his threats & challenge to Dick outside the hospital?

    Then there's Crowley who always has an ace up his sleeve & his own agenda behind what he's letting on.

    Since this show may be in its final season, we may also get other things coming up, such as Death's return (since he seemed to have unfinished business with the Winchesters & I'm still not sure if the Winchesters found out about souls that he wanted them to learn--was it what Cas was doing with the souls or a certain power/aspect of souls that they didn't know about & could use to their advantage), the return of the Meg demon & her ultimate destiny given how she escaped last season & has yet to come full circle, Michael & Adam are still rotting in the cage and since Michael most likely played a role in the Leviathans' banishment to Purgatory, he may very well escape or be released from the cage to do it again. Or perhaps that possibility is tied to Sam harboring a piece of Lucifer in him. We also could see the return of the Fates since the Leviathans were never supposed to escape Purgatory and them being stopped could very well involve the Fates as they want their power back.

    As for Other, I want to see:

    1. The return of the Impala, which I think will be related to that recording those guys outside the hospital made of Dean. I think that recording will expose their existence & make them stop hiding the Impala & start using it again given how important it was in the past.

    2. If God appears & plays a role after being detected by Dean's amulet that Sam most likely fished out of the garbage can. It would be nice getting a scene with the amulet being in Sam's pocket & burning him while they're in God's presence & didn't know it. Especially if it saves him from something Lucifer will do to him.

    3. The most anticipated thing from the past that has never been resolved and that's Duane Tanner and the original version of the Croatoan virus. I always wanted them to make the demon behind that virus the main enemy of a season. The entire population of River Grove just vanished and what happened to them has never been answered. Duane Tanner's role in the virus was doing R&D testing on it before it was produced on a larger pilot scale. But the version we saw in season 5 was different in many ways & even inferior in some because it instantly turned humans into animalistic savages rather than having that stay hidden like the original version of the virus did. The infected people of the original version were more dangerous because they were undetectable unless their infection was witnessed by someone or their blood was taken. So right now, they could make it that the original Croatoan virus could become a weakness or the weakness of the Leviathans. I noticed that Dick got very angry when he saw "Dr. Leviathan" testing out that substance on humans. Maybe it's because he knows that some form of human testing, namely the Croatoan virus from the past (which was discovered similarly), is what could kill them or weaken them to the point where they can be killed by something else. I also just can't see the Duane Tanner demon stopping just because the mass produced virus that was passed off as swine flu vaccine was destroyed. Given his tendencies, he would continue spreading the virus person by person just for the hell of it if for nothing else. Like Dean said, that's the one that got away & I really want to see Duane & the plot of Croatoan return to play a factor. I would like them to show the demon behind it and perhaps for it to play a role this season or next season if there is one. I believe John Winchester called it Rishef (spelling?) in his journal.
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    1) Bobby & what will happen to him: He is dead

    2) Lucifer & what he plans to do to Sam this season: he doesn't have plans, he is an hallucination.
    3) Castiel's return & role in this season: Also Dean

    4) The Winchesters' fight against Dick & the Leviathans: THIS I WANT TO SEE

    5) Crowley & what his ultimate intentions are: I want to see Crowley again but i don't think we are going to see much of him. He is just king of hell and doesn't want an apocalipsis or anything like that. He is just going to be stay out of the leviathan situation

    6) Michael & Adam's potential release or escape from the cage: That's dumb

    7) The Meg demon & her role given that Lucifer has some sort of hold on Sam: Meg needs to come back so the brothers can finally kill her and put the whole demons storyline to rest.

    8) Death's seemingly unfinished business with the Winchesters & what he wanted them to learn: Death doesn't have unfinished business with the Winchesters, but of course i want him back. Maybe he comes back in the finale.

    9) The return of the Fate Atropos & perhaps the appearance of the other Fates: Nah, but i do want to see others pagans gods, but the strongest ones.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    1. The return of the Impala: Yes of course, but i'm not anxious about his return.

    2. If God appears: God is not going to appear, and is not going to help the brothers anymore. He helped them to stop the apocalypse and they stop it, please no more angel storylines.

    3. The croatoan i have no idea what you say, but the demons are just old. There is not point on bring them back as the big bads.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    I want to see what are the Leviathans plans. How can they die if they can. And what is going to happen in the next season if the Leviathan arc ends in season 7.
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    I honestly just want to see what that number meant. Everything else seems like it won't be happening, imo.

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    I just hope that the second half is as good as the first one, if it is this season will top Season 6 in my opinion.

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    I want Sam to hallucinate more, and I actually wanna get a sense that the boys are struggling. they took away Bobby's home, Castiel's gone and now Bobby and they axed the Impala temporarily but I still don't see the boys breaking a sweat. I really wanted the law to play a more prominent role after "Slash Fiction" but that came and went too quickly.

    I guess the storyline I wanna see them tackle most is the fight against the Leviathans, that's it.


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