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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Aug 03
    Burbank, CA by way of Annapolis, MD

    #2.5 "Chupacabra"

    New episode tonight!

    No one seemed to want to talk about it live, so I guess this is just an episode thread.

    Here are some images:

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    Forum Whiz luisl's Avatar
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    Oct 11

    I really liked the Daryl scenes. And i want to see the barn open right now!!

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    Wu needs to know!!!!!! jpfort1957's Avatar
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    Jan 09
    Hunting Wesen Scum

    I need the swhow to move forward.

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    SV's Superman/Clark SnowBird's Avatar
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    Feb 08
    Smallville, U.S.A
    I thought I might keep giving this one a try after last week but decided it was too dark and bloodthirsty for me. Just not my cup of tea, but I hope it gives those who like this type of show good episodes.

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    Forum Regular Melekith's Avatar
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    Oct 08

    I would have chatted live but I'm in the Chicago market and the Bears had the Sunday night timeslot.

    After how this episode ended, I'd imagine that the next episode will serve to advance the plot in that Rick's gang will probably be leaving the farm. It was nice to see Merl (sp?) again, and I noticed that he had both of his hands so that was definitely a hallucination on Daryl's part. I also really liked what Sophia's mom (sorry always forget her name) said to Daryl at the end.

    lol @ Glen! And I KNEW that I recognized Maggie from somewere...and then it hit me that she was Vivian Volkoff in Chuck.

    And what the heck was with Andrea pulling the trigger? Was she really that thirsty for a kill? A single walker (had it actually been one and not Daryl) is so easy to kill...she could have waited until it came into view a little better. I await the conversation that will come of this.

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    Forum Yoda Pali's Avatar
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    Jun 09
    Culture basement
    Good episode.......not awesome like Wildfire or Guts, but I liked it. Only things which were kinda weird is Andrea shooting Darryl (and her bitter attitude gets old, hope she became more likeable for me soon as I can easliy see her becoming great character again) and absence of Sophia gets old too.......hope she will be found soon and we get nice reunion with her mother. Darryl again becomes one of the best characters............


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