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    Quote Originally Posted by Chlarkfan_phantom View Post

    The Good

    -no Mr. Shue
    This made me laugh

    ----- Added 36 Seconds later -----

    Quote Originally Posted by Welling_is_pretty View Post

    And Artie was kinda creepy with the sex talk and probing into (even teachers!) sex lives. And since when can't you portray something without having done it? That's why it's called acting!

    So I guess more good than bad but the bad stuff was really disturbing...
    Exactly! I mean, it wasn't his business at all, especially with Bieste!

    As about the Brittany thing yeah. In fact I think that there's lot of angsty fics around already dealing with that. Sometimes I wonder what the writers are thinking.

    I still found Glee enjoyable, or at least certain stuff. I mean, I havent give up on the show yet and that's something lol Next episode doesn't look bad, so we'll see.
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    First off, I was just surprised by how delicately the actual acts of intimacy were handled. I think the press-time hype blew the actual scenes out of proportion, and had it not been said that these characters were in fact going to lose their virginity by the end of the episode, you might not have known for sure.

    The things that bothered me: Artie giving the speech about needing to lose your virginity or having actually had sex to convey the passion. My thought is, you can stay a virgin as long as you want to. Acting is acting (which is why I had a problem with Kurt's inability to pull off Romeo, but I digress), and Blaine and Rachel had it right, the scene is about a breathless love, and they did have someone who they could think of in that moment. All I'm saying is that a person should be allowed to keep that part of themselves for as long as they want - and if they're in their 40s like Coach B, then so be it, because when she does go that far, it'll be because she's ready and it will feel right. (I have mixed emotions about that talk - especially since, I think Artie forgot how hurt he felt at first when Brittany took his virginity because she didn't appreciate the importance...)

    Artie's talk before the show, however, was precious, and I felt proud of him. I felt, that maybe he realized he was giving advice that he thought he should be giving, and not necessarily knowing if it was the right advice.... and that's fair, because ultimately it's each individual's choice - no matter what Artie's two cents are.

    I am not a fan of Sebastian. I get why he's around, but he fell flat for me. I don't feel he's a big enough threat, nor even necessary at this point. (maybe save this drama for college, but it's too late now, I guess we'll see how this pans out).

    Overall, I was fine with the episode, story-wise. I get what they were trying to do, and I mostly enjoyed what I saw. That being said, I was a bit annoyed with the "West Side Story" music, but I know it's because I'm biased and prefer the movie versions. I didn't like the Warblers song either, though. I just thought it was an odd song choice.

    Based on only one viewing, I'd probably give the episode a 7. It was average for me. Good, not great, not horrible.

    ---also, I saw this in a previous post, and I had to comment: I thought Finn did remember Rachel was a vegan. I'm pretty sure she thanked him for using fake meat. Or was the joke that he forgot? If so, I completely missed the joke - wow. That is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuthorKent90 View Post
    I also found Artie to be creepy in this episode.
    I'm actually seeing quite a bit of criticism about Artie for getting all up in everyone's business (especially a teacher's, that he would say that sort of stuff to Bieste is really ticking people off!). So we're not alone.
    See, Novak Fan's post for an example.

    Yeah I cringed at that too!! I don't see why they would think of that as funny, but it looked like they meant it to be.
    Exactly. I get that they were going for comedy there but it just came off too creepy to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chlarkfan_phantom View Post
    -The scene when Finn is in the shower and pounding on the wall. That was greatly done by Cory.
    Agreed. That was a really good moment for Cory/Finn. He did a good job. It was very powerful.

    -the fact that Kurt still slept with Blaine even after Blaine tried to force him. The whole part of that just.. urgh it just bothers me. That is a horrible message.
    -the fact that Finn had Rachel eat meat.
    The first one bothered me as well (also I still felt like Kurt was sleeping with Blaine to 'keep' him). Not a great message to send out to people, TPTB at Glee!

    And I've seen a lot of people very upset about Finn having Rachel eat meat. Yes, it's in character that he would forget (heck, I forgot too!) but sheesh, she's supposed to be his girlfriend.

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