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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit?"

    What did you think?

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    I liked this episode better than last week. Maybe it will take a few episodes to get this season rolling. I like that something is going wrong with Morgan's Intersect - it gives me hope that maybe the Morgan Intersect days are numbered??

    What happened to the Intersect being a secret? Morgan was blabbing about it in front of everyone this episode. We spent so much of seasons 1-3 keeping it a secret.

    Shout out to Justin Hartley. Looking as hot as ever.

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    I knew Morgan's intersect days were numbered...I did feel that he was acting more Morgan than usual if that makes sense. And the last part of the episode where he forgot about movie night. The preview for next week seems to suggest that he's losing his memory some what or he's forgetting things that the real Morgan loves.

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    "You know that bandit means like robber...." "Who are you?" "The Bearded Bandit." "Oh! Here, take whatever you want." That whole mini-mart scene was so Chuck. This is gonna be a good last season. Anxious to see how Chuck gets the intersect back...Morgan is losing it!

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    I gave it a 5. Morgan with the intersect is starting to grate on me. Much like on Smallville it was better when people weren't in on Clark's secret I find it better when Morgan wasn't in the know.

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    Morgan isn't doing so good with the intersect and he is getting annoying. The sooner he gets back to normal the better. It is totally going to his head with self importance. Could be it is taking over his mind since he is forgetting things. I'm giving it a 7 for too much attention being spent on Morgan.

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    Forum Regular Melekith's Avatar
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    Big improvements over last week's season opener. I suppose it was inevitable that Morgan was going to crack, although I really wish that he not forget things...that was create so much more tension between he and Chuck and make it interesting to see how it gets resolved. Chuck should have just tranquelized Morgan when they got to the bad guy's place.

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    I had a feeling this was going to happen. I think I might have mentioned that this was going to happen here or somewhere else. can't remember.

    the intersect isn't working properly in morgan, kinda thought that was going to happen. although i didn't expect him losing his memory and becoming someone else entirely. i just thought that it might get to his head and chuck would have to get the intersect back and go after morgan this way.

    even if chuck does get the intersect back i wonder if he'll end up keeping it or lose it at the end. ending the season with chuck being normal and getting out of the spy business and getting on to regular life. but i'm thinking they'll have him and everyone else stay in the business. maybe even include awesome and chuck's sister.

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    I actually really disliked this episode, no offense to those who did like it.

    Morgan was really unlikable for the first time ever. I found myself growing quite annoyed with him. The reveal that it's the intersect messing with his brain helped turn that tide but he was still very annoying. And it makes me wonder, does he need a Governor (I'm not even sure what that situation is anymore, with Governors and the Intersect)?

    Awesome shilling for the Buy More seemed a bit ridiculous. Though Ryan did look good in that green shirt.

    Verbanski and Casey was an interesting little side story. Carrie-Anne was obviously having fun with it.

    I also felt that Justin Hartley was completely wasted. He was barely in it and what we did see could have been played by pretty nearly any actor.

    The only thing I did like was Chuck helping Morgan to kick butt.

    So yeah, very disappointed.

    And one last thing, how did the cops not come pounding on their doors after the 'Bearded Bandit' thing? They actually called each other "Chuck" and "Morgan" and despite the mask, it's pretty obvious who that was.


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