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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Chuck vs. the Zoom?"

    What did you think?

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    Hate to be a 'Debbie Downer', but I'm gonna need at least one other repeat viewing. For starters, I'll give this one a 7.5.

    7.5 = Pretty good in parts, but not great overall.

    Have to say that the intrigue of the very end trumps most other stuff from the whole 42ish minutes I got from the first viewing.

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    I'm gonna give an 8. Overall it was entertaining and I agree, the ending was probably the best part. We had some good moments for the whole team. I'm not sure if they are trying to hint at Chuck getting back the Intersect or not at this point. They say the glasses can only be used once but they lingered on the glasses a few times. But maybe this season will be all about showing, as Ellie said, that the intersect didn't make Chuck a hero, it's just what helped those qualities come out. Well she said it better than me . I felt it did drag a bit in parts, like the part where they mainly focused on the dream house. I'm kind of glad that Decker froze their accounts, so it didn't seem so easy for them. I mean the whole 17 room house idea was a bit extravagant, although it seemed like Sarah wanted a simpler house that that they saw at the end. But anyways, as I said, glad it's not going to be so easy for them.
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    There has always been one thing that has really, REALLY, irritated me about this show...and that's the way in which every bad guy is written with such incompetence. Chuck could easily have died in EVERY episode of this show, hell the whole team could have died at least every other episode. That being said I understand that this is not supposed to be a new wave James Bond, and I understand the necessity for the show's main character to be funny and charming. many times now have we seen Chuck (and/or his team) at gunpoint only for us to watch them talk their way out of it (using minutes of screen time). I mean really?

    And then Chuck jumps out of (what appeared to be) a three-story window, lands on a moving vehicle, and has NOT A SCRATCH. I counted 12 shots fired...yet he isn't hit by one. And since when can a human being break through glass (of a corporate building, multiple panes thick) by running? Sorry but...I have to call the mega fake card with this episode. I had a really difficult time watching this one as I just couldn't will myself past the 'fake-for-tv' writing.

    Oh, and five seasons in...I'm starting to get turned off with the Chuck-and-Sarah 'couples' conversations that seem to use about 5-8 minutes of screen time.

    Sorry everyone I don't mean to be so negative...if you click on my username you'll see that I've had alot of posts about this show on this forum, almost all positive or inquiring. I'll give the next episode a viewing but if that one flops too I might be calling it quits. At least there's the Walking Dead.

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    This wasn't a bad premiere. It wasn't altogether stellar, either, but I'm glad that "Chuck" is back on, even if I'm not as riveted as I was during the first 2-3 seasons. I think I pretty much like the angle of Chuck working outside the government's jurisdiction, though I'm not sure why this Decker jerk has made it his personal mission to ensure Chuck's defeat. Sarah's new 'do looks gorgeous on her -- I definitely keep my eyes on the screen when she's on it, LOL. The convos she had with Chuck were a little on the boring and repetitive side at times, but I thought the little bit about the house was pretty cute. Morgan with the whole "Zoom" thing... that'll definitely keep things interesting. I think that could either be totally awesome or get boring really fast. It all depends on how well the actor playing Morgan sells it. Casey's great, as usual. I do want to see more of Alex. Sarah was super-sweet, and played a great advisory role for Chuck. Jeff and Lester being up to their old tricks didn't surprise me in the slightest, even if that was potentially a new low for them. Though realistically, isn't almost every episode a new low for the Jeffster team? I guess I'd give this episode a 7 out of 10 -- not amazing, but not horrible either.

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    I gave it a 9, I really loved it.

    I loved Sarah's new haircut (so short and bouncy!) and her dress in the opening but was gorgeous as well.

    I'm glad I was prepared (thanks to spoilers) for the fact that Mark Hamill was only in this episode for a little bit. He was fun at the start. Kind of underused though. I wish he'd been in the episode more...

    "Annnnd we're dead." Hehehehehe. And Morgan kicking butt was fun to watch. Though it was even more obviously a stunt guy with Joshua than with Zachary. But the breaking of the vase was funny. Same ol' Morgan.

    "Toes in the Sand" felt a little lowbrow but I guess sometimes you gotta throw that sort of thing in.

    And that's what gets Casey in? Dude stole from Rush Limbaugh?

    The idea of Morgan coming up with his own term "zoom" instead of "flash" was an interesting one (and very believable). And Morgan's "zoom" face--anyone else notice it? Interesting take.

    Anyone else have a commercial for White Collar (Matt Bomer's show?) during the episode? I did. Bomer's been Neal Caffrey for a few years now but every time I see him I still want to point and shout "Bryce Larkin!" LOL.

    It was fun to see Chuck being a goof again. I think that was part of what's been missing the last little bit. Chuck got too good, too professional. I like my Chuck to be a little dorky, I guess.

    Lester calling Morgan and Chuck out for never being at the Buy More. Finally, someone notices! (And if Lester did then c'mon!)

    The stuff with Decker was an unexpected twist (I have a theory on his plan, we'll have to see if it plays out the way I think it will).

    But they were a bit heavy handed with the whole "Chuck's a hero without the intersect" stuff, I thought. That's sweet and it's true (even Sarah said it once) but I'd still rather he have it. After all, from all we've seen in the past the Intersect was meant for Chuck. And he for it. *fingers crossed Chuck gets it back by the end of the show* I am enjoying Morgan using it but that novelty will wear off eventually, I think.

    But it was a (mostly) fun episode and that's always a nice return to form for Chuck.

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    This was only okay for me. I've been a diehard Chuck fan from episode 1. Heck I've written over 200,000 words of Chuck fanfiction, but I really wish they would have ended the series at season 4. It was an awesome ending, and left us to just have our imaginations soar over the possibilities.

    The point of this episode seemed to be trying to convince us that Chuck is just as important without the Intersect as he was with it. But the fact of the matter is, he isn't. I'm not trying to take away from how smart Chuck is, because he totally is. But the fact of the matter is that Chuck has no extensive weapons or physical fighting/defence training at all.

    As one of the previous posts said, it's just not realistic that Chuck could have run away from all those bullets, jumped through a window and landed on a van with no injuries whatsoever. With the Intersect I was more willing to suspend my belief (perhaps the Intersect helped him have exactly the right force and trajectory, etc.) And it isn't realistic that Chuck could be a great James Bond type spy without the Intersect. The computer guy yes.

    But now they've kind of painted themselves in a corner. I don't know that after that episode that they could give the Intersect back to Chuck. It seems to me that the whole point of season 5 will be to prove to us, the viewers, that Chuck doesn't need it.

    And what was that thing about the money? They lost it all in one episode. That was kind of lame. I understand why they did it, to create some tension and real need for their business to be successful but it seemed like such a tool. Like the team isn't even going to try to get those millions of dollars back, they just shrug their shoulders??

    Of course, there were lots of good things that I really love about Chuck, and I'll keep watching for those.

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    Chuck is still Chuck with or without the Intersect. I think the intersect should have been taken away a season ago. The series relied too heavily on the intersect and its technology; it was a crouch that was used way longer than it needed it to be on. They went the right direction of him becoming an actual spy and that's when the intersect should have been taken awayas he was training (at the beginning of last season).

    I liked the season premiere it was a great set up. How will Chuck remain the person he has become without his crouch.
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