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    Metropolis: A New Destiny

    This is a fanfic I've started writing, It's kinda in the testing stages right now and I wanna know people's opinions and see what you all think, so please take a read, this is a lead off from when Clark lifted the darkness from the earth.


    Episode One: Superman
    Luthorcorp, Lexís office
    The planet apokolips has just been lifted from the earth and Lex, unknown to who he is, turns around awestruck and sits down on his chair. Suddenly Captain Maggie Sawyer and four male police officers behind her barge into his office, and they look down on Tess Mercerís dead body while pointing their guns at Lex.
    Lex: What the hell is going on here?
    Captain Sawyer: Youíre under arrest for the murder of Tess Mercer.
    One of the male officers pin Lex on the desk and put handcuffís on him.
    Metropolis Airport
    Air Force one lands upon Metropolis Airport and the new hero hovers down to the ground as a security guard is escorting Lois Lane out of the plane and Superman approaches them.
    Lois Lane: Get your hands off me; Iím the generalís daughter!
    Clark Kent/Blur: Hey, you can let her go
    The Guard then letís Lois go and she stands next to Superman. But then the President walks down the stairs of the plane.
    President Obama: And who exactly do you think you are, ordering my men around.
    Lois Lane: Heís the person that saved us from crashing to our deaths, you should be grateful.
    Guard: Donít you dare talk to the-
    President Obama: Stand down, so youíre one of those vigilantes, what do you call yourself?
    Press start running out of cars and helicopters towards the small group yelling out ĎPresidentí.
    Clark Kent/Blur: Sir, Mr President, I am the Blu-
    Lois Lane: SUPERMAN, his name is Superman, and he is not a vigilante, heís a hero.
    The now large crowd of press and people start chanting his newfound name.
    President Obama: Nice to meet you, Superman.
    The President puts out his hand and to shake Supermanís hand. As their hands meet, Loisís mouth emerges with a huge grin.
    Superman: Thank you, Mr President.
    President Obama: The honour is mine.
    As Supermanís and the Presidentís hands let go, Superman puts his arm around Loisís waist.
    Superman: Letís go home, and live our lives.
    Superman flies of into the sky with Lois, heading further into the city, while the crowd continue to loudly chant his name once more.
    Superman, Superman, SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN.
    Lois and Clarkís Apartment, Metropolis
    The home phone starts ringing.
    Lois: Honey could you get that?
    Clark: Itís probably just Connor again; he really wants to see the new suit in person.
    Clark picks up the phone.
    Clark: Hello
    Chloe: Hey Clark, itís me Chloe.
    Clark: Oh hey Chloe, Oliver sent me a message, he told me you are setting up a watchtower division in Gotham.
    Chloe: Yes Clark, but we have more important issues on our hands right now.
    Clark: Let me guess, what has Lex done now?
    Chloe: Itís not Lex, itís a group called the Marionette Ventures.
    Clark: Doesnít ring a bell.
    Chloe: Well it is a group run by The Toyman.
    Clark: I thought he was locked up.
    Chloe: He still is, but somehow he is controlling an army with his diodes. He is controlling John Corben, Victoria Sinclair, Vordigan and some others that I donít recognise.
    Clark: Chloe, if Vordigan is involved, then he is probably after Oliver, are you with him.
    Chloe: Thatís why I called you Clark; he is in Gotham setting up that Watchtower division.
    Clark: I will get there as soon as possible Chloe, but for now try to see if you can find the other targets that Toymanís team is hunting down while I go warn Oliver.
    Clark super speeds out of the apartment.
    Streets of Gotham
    Superman stops on an empty street in Gotham and sees Impulse lying on his front side.
    Superman: Bart, are you okay, what happened here?
    Superman turns him over to face him. His face is pale and his skin is cold.
    Impulse: Clark, it was some Captain Cold guy, he said he had to terminate me.
    Superman looks up and sees a man in a blue and white jacket pointing a blue hand gun.
    Superman: Are you one of Toymanís marionettes?
    Captain Cold: Toyman is my leader; I am one of his many toys.
    Captain Cold shoots the gun at Superman and it sends a big ice beam at him. Before it even gets halfway to Superman, he quickly uses his heat vision to melt through the ice and burn the gun, which knocks it out of Captain Coldís hand. Toymanís voice is heard through the diode on Coldís neck.
    Toyman: Retreat, RETREAT NOW, he is too powerful for you, you can destroy Impulse another day.
    Captain Cold: Burn through this Blur.
    Captain Cold gets a blue hand grenade out and pulls it so it is ready to blow, and he throws it.
    Superman: Itís not Blur, I am Superman now.
    Superman has his body in front of Impulseís to block him from the explosion, it then explodes and but the ice explosion doesnít affect Superman. Everything except Impulse and Superman in the radius of the street has turned to ice, the cars, the road, and the sides of the buildings.
    Superman: Bart, are you okay now?
    Impulse: Yeah, Iím alright; Iíve just got a bit of a sniffle now. Where did that guy go?
    Superman: He mustíve escaped using the explosion. Do you know where Oliver is?
    Impulse: Yeah, he said he was going to Wayne Manor to meet an old acquaintance from Excelsior or something.
    Superman: Can you take me there?
    Impulse: Yeah I just need a couple of minutes to let my speed come back to me.
    Lex gets put into his cell; there is nothing but two bunk beds. Lex sees a small and chubby man with brown curly hair.
    ? : Why hello their new friend, the nameís Otis.
    Lex: Hello, do you know who I am?
    Otis: Why sure I do, youíre the son of Lionel Luthor, and itís an honour to meet you Mr Luthor. Why are you here in prison though?
    Lex: Iíve been accused of murdering someone.
    Otis: Thatís nasty Mr Luthor.
    Suddenly an explosion destroys the front wall of the Metropolis Police Department. The police officers pull their guns out and aim it at the smoke that is coming from the explosion; suddenly a bullet shoots through all of the police officers heads. Lex thinks that only a skilled gunman would ever be able to do it, but the weird thing that strikes him is how he knows that. As the smoke clears up four figures walk towards Lexís cell. The leading man dressed in orange and black looks at Lex with a grin.
    ? : Time to get you out of here Mr Luthor.
    Lex: Who are you?
    ? : Surely you remember us, we are Task Force X..
    End of Episode.

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    I loved it do more episodes


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