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    The Superman Adventures

    Title/Link: The Superman Adventures
    Author: tgrimsley
    Pairing: Clois
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: None
    Short summary: Well folks I am branching out and expanding myself. I am posting, and writing, a series piece. This is out of my comfort zone, as I prefer one shots I can post when the story is finished. However, I am in a bit of a rut now and hope the feedback will motivate me to continue writing.

    This is a direct continuation of Smallville and picks up right where the finale left us. I keep hoping for a Lois and Clark spinoff and until it happens, or if ever, I will continue to write my Clois. This is a Clois story but will see the return of Lex Luthor as the villain we all know, other JL characters, as well as keeping with SV history. Right now there is no Chloe. Sorry, I know she’s there, but I just don’t want to use her at this time.

    I have a pretty good idea of where I want this piece to go but you never know what comments might spark. I hope you enjoy and I hope I am drowned with feedback and reviews as they really do feed the writers soul.

    Ladies and gentleman I give you The Superman Adventures


    Clark landed on the roof of the Dailey Planet and stared out to the people blow as they clapped and cheered. Darkseid had been defeated, Akopolis had been sent back to the darkness from where it came. He had embraced his destiny, never letting go of his past and soared higher than he imagined. He stood cape blowing in the wind in all of his red and blue glory as a sense of pride filled his heart. He knew he could be their hero. He scanned the crowd and found the face of Oliver Queen as he stood smirking up at his image.

    “I knew you could do it Boy Scout,” Clark heard Oliver mumble so only he could hear, “and I bet the tights look great.”

    Clark’s smile was even wider now and he watched his friend drift off from the crowd, no doubt heading back to Chloe. He knew his life would be radically different now, but he didn’t mind. This is what he was born to do and with Lois by his side he felt as though nothing could defeat him. He bolted up into the sky and headed to the Metropolis air field. There was someone he needed to see, something left unfinished.

    Chapter 1

    Air Force came to a halt on the tarmac as Clark touched down and quickly super sped into his disguise complete with the black rimmed glasses. He mumbled and bumbled his way over to the press row waiting for her. He had to see her, had to make sure she really was ok. He watched as different security and staff members came off the plane.

    Then he saw her.

    His heart.

    His soul.

    His wife.

    She made her way down the stairs off the plane, a vision in white, and Clark felt the air leave his chest. He loved her so much and couldn’t wait to share his new discoveries with her. Her hair blew softly in the wind and Clark caught the fragrance that was so distinguishly Lois Lane. She was clutching a camera, her purse and was on her cell calling in her big story. As she came closer he couldn’t help but call out, “Lois!” She saw him and immediately time stopped for both as she slipped the phone down, a bright smile lit up her face, and she came running over to him. She lifted the red rope barricade and launched herself into his arms as two lovers stood reunited. Clark held onto her tightly, thankful she seemed ok from the near death encounter the plane experienced earlier. He pulled back and cupped her check with his hand as she smiled up at him adoringly.

    “Hi,” he said with a smile.

    “Hi yourself,” she said back.

    “Are you ok,” he asked concern etched across his face.

    “I’m fine,” she responded then touched his chest with her hand, “how are you?”

    “Great,” he replied back.

    He leaned in and took her lips in a slow tender kiss pouring the depths of his thankfulness and love into her. He held pulled her in closer and nipped at her bottom lip, he wanted her alone, he wanted her naked, and he wanted to devour her.

    “Easy there space man,” she said breathlessly as she pulled back from their kiss, “we have to be discreet on the job.”

    “Lois,” he said with a chuckle, “it’s our wedding day. I think I’m allowed to kiss the bride on our wedding day.”

    She gave him a small peck on the lips and then said, “I’m certainly in agreement but the new and improved Clark Kent wouldn’t plant that kind of kiss on his wife in public he’s too shy remember.”

    “Well Lois Lane brings out a more aggressive side to the new Clark Kent, “he said tightening his hold on her and let his hands rub along her lower back sensually.

    “Save it for the honeymoon Smallville,” she said seductively and pulled herself from their embrace. “This reporter just had an exclusive with the President and I’ve got to get this video feed over to the Planet to air,” she continued and was back into pit bull mode.

    “Lois,” he said trying to stop her.

    “And I’ve got to get this story finished so it can make the evening addition,” she rambled on.

    “Lois,” Clark once again tried.

    “So chop chop Smallville remember what I said, news waits for no one,” she said as she quickly made her exit from the air field and into the parking lot trying to hail a cab. Clark super sped in front of her.

    “Aren’t you forgetting something,” he said in a low husky tone.

    “Um no got it all right here,” she said patting her purse and the camera, “like I’d let this little baby get too far.”

    “No Lois,” Clark said with a grin, “we have a wedding to finish,” he said at least.

    “Um Clark we had our wedding,” she said looking at him strangely.

    “No we had part of a wedding,” Clark started, “you know there’s the part where we exchange rings, and the reverend pronounces us husband and wife, we kiss, then walk down the aisle. We didn’t get to that remember.”

    “Ok well then,” she began taking a step back from Clark and putting on a more formal stance, “I now pronounce us husband and wife, and you’ve already kissed the bride Smallville..twice” she added with a smirk.

    “Lois,” Clark said in a scolding tone.

    “Clark,” Lois said taking him by the shoulders. “The sooner I get to the planet and get this baby to print, the sooner we can whoosh away to some exotic location for our honeymoon. Not to sound too conceited but I have this little red number that you will still be thanking more for on our golden anniversary,” she said with a smirk. “Now get on it and whoosh us away to the Planet to so we can get on it…pun intended,” she finished.

    Clark looked around to make sure no one was looking before picking her up in his arms. “Fine,” he said, “but this conversation is not finished.”

    “We’ll continue it at the office,” she said exasperatedly, “just get us there.”

    Clark zipped them off to the Dailey Planet.

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    Yep your getting an update right out of the gate. Chapter 2 is very short so no harm in posting it now. Thanks guys for reading and commenting.

    Chapter 2

    He stood looking out of the window, of the high rise, down onto the streets below. What had he been doing? Why couldn’t he remember? Even his name escaped him at the moment. Just seconds ago he knew everything, why had it slipped away from him? He saw a red and blue figure perched on top the building down below and he had such a moment of clarity but then it vanished. The figure had something to do with his memory loss he was sure of it. He would get to the bottom of this mystery.

    “Sir,” a man said walking up to the desk behind him. He turned to look at the man as he continued, “We’ve got everything in order for you to resume Luthorcorp or LexCorp as it will now be called and I see you have dealt with Ms. Mercer.”

    He looked behind the man to see a body of a woman lying on the cold black marble floor and he felt as though he should recognize her. He knew she held an important part to where he was now.

    “I’ll have her taken to the morgue immediately Sir,” the man said, “and when you are ready Metropolis will be ready for your triumphant return,” the man finished turning to walk away.

    Before the man could exit the office he called out, “Wait,” as the man turned he asked, “Who am I?”

    The man stared at him shockingly and replied in a grave voice, “Lex Luthor.”

    With those words the man left leaving Lex Luthor standing alone to uncover the mystery of himself.

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    LOVE IT!.. Love the exchange between Clois and Clark's thoughts and love how you go right for Lex and dealing with him. How the sight of Clark in red and blue triggered something tho it vanished just as quickly. Perfect.

    I also get the comments feeding inspiration .. its why I love them too. They really do help when you're writing especially if you're going out of your comfort zone. Kudo's tho for branching out, I think you'll do just fine!


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    wow im hoork more plz and could you make chaps longer more

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    Hmm...I'm with Jen (FWvidchick) on this one!

    This story is great! I loved that I could easily imagine this being Smallville's season eleven premiere! The excitement of Clois finally reuniting on the air strip and then flying to the Planet was so wonderful!!!

    And with your follow-up mini chapter with Lex's memory loss has me eager for more! Update soon!!!

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    That was so awesome!!!!!! and man... isn't Clark sexy when he goes all Mr. Confident and pulls that husky voice when he's around Lois??? but I love that Lois still makes him work and have a hard time

    Great start, update soon

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    All i can say is that i'm hooked

    Loved that this story picks off where SV left and that you showed us Clark and Lois first interaction before his big debut AND that he mentioned they only had part of the wedding. The big part is still missing hehehe

    Another thing i think about SV Finale - and that's one of its hole plots - is what was Lex' reaction when he found himself without his memories (so no recollection of whom he really is) and with a dead body in the middle of his office!!

    Thank you for giving me that

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    Ok guys and thanks. Here is the next update. I am glad everyone seems to be enjoying it so far. I am setting up a plot device or so I hope with this chapter. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

    Chapter 3

    As they entered the Dailey Planet the news room was buzzing with activity. It wasn’t Air Force One’s near crash that had everyone reeling or even the planet crashing into Earth, it was a figure in red and blue that had everyone excited.

    “Did you see it,” said one woman, “it just flew in like a rocket and then the planet just faded back from view.”

    “It looked like a man when it was on top of the daily planet,” said another woman.

    “Be serious everyone knows a man can’t fly,” said a gentleman.

    “I’m telling you it was a bird,” another guy said.

    “A bird, really, get your eyes checked it was clearly a small plane,” a girl said.

    “Come on planes don’t have capes people,” said a man.

    “Well whatever it was I am glad it pushed that planet out of the way,” a elder man stepped in and said, “all
    though for the life of me I can’t remember what I was doing before it showed up.”

    “Yeah me neither,” agreed the girl.

    “Yeah, what is up with that,” said the guy.

    All nodded in agreement as Lois and Clark walked by headed up to her office. As they walked by the group the gentleman called out to Clark, “Hey Kent when you’d start wearing specs?”

    “Um…”started Clark but was interrupted by Lois.

    “What do you mean when,” she said, “he’s been wearing them for months.”

    “Months,” the gentleman said, “I saw him in here yesterday pulling you back from killing Cat Grant.”

    “That was last year,” replied Clark shockingly.

    “Uh not it wasn’t that was yesterday,” the gentleman said.

    “Look does it really matter,” began Lois, “Clark here is blind as a bat and I’ve got a story to write to let’s get back to work here people.”

    Lois and Clark left the group and headed to the elevator. Lois pushed the button and the doors opened allowing
    her and Clark to step inside. The doors closed leaving the two alone.

    “That was odd,” replied Lois.

    “Yeah,” said Clark lost in thought.

    The doors opened on the office floor and Lois and Clark started walking toward her office.

    “Oh hey Lois there you are,” Lois looked up to see Nancy from Announcements running toward them, “I’ve been looking all over for you. We’ve got your engagement announcement all written up have you guys picked a day yet?”

    “What?” asked Lois, “Nancy I gave you that info months ago and you ran the announcement already, our wedding was today?”

    “No you didn’t, you just got engaged last week,” Nancy said.

    “Um not we’ve been engaged since before Christmas,” replied Lois, “someone’s been hitting the bottle,” she mumbled to Clark.

    “Look Lois, I know I’m not crazy, said Nancy, “if you two are playing some kind of joke it’s not funny.”

    “Look Ms. Wilson,” Clark intervened, “you must have us confused with one of your other couples.”

    “I don’t think so Mr. Kent but I will check again,” Nancy said smiling to Clark, “and when did you start wearing glasses? The look good on you,” she finished and walked away.

    “Ok either everyone fell down and banged their noggins, or something really strange has happened,” said Lois.

    Clark nodded in agreement as they went off to her office. She walked in before him and once inside he closed the door and took off his glasses.

    Lois went over to her desk and fired up her computer laying down the camera and her notes.

    “Just let me get this typed out then we will find out what the hell is going on there,” she said.

    “Lois,” Clark began making his way over to stand in front of the desk, “I meant what I said earlier.”

    “Clark come on,” replied Lois, “with everything that is going on today.”

    “Lois I want us to be married,” Clark said loudly.

    “And we are,” Lois said coming around to him, “Look we had a marriage license signed by both us, the judge, and Sister Marybelle before we even walked down the aisle, we said our vows in front of everyone, and there were no objections.”

    “But Lois,” Clark began but was interrupted by Lois placing two fingers to his lips.

    “Clark you know that right now the responsible thing to do is find out what is going on so you can inform the team,” she said.

    “I just wanted it all to be perfect for you,” replied Clark softly his head hanging low.

    “Smallville it was perfect,” said Lois, “The man I loved walked me down the aisle, I committed myself to him in front of God and everyone, and then I got watch him fly and save the world. Honey don’t beat yourself up.”

    “I am so sorry I didn’t know about Oliver,” Clark tried again to apologize.

    “Hey what did I just say,” she said taking his face in her hands, “stop stressing.”

    “I just wish we could have exchanged the rings and had the minister officially announce us husband and wife,”
    Clark said finally.

    “I don’t need some grand announcement or even a ring to know that I am your wife,” Lois began, “I know it here Clark,” she placed his hand over her heart, “Just as you know here that I am your wife,” she touched his own heart, “We are two people committed, devoted, and hopelessly in love with each other and nothing Smallville will ever change that.”

    She stood on her tip toes and took his mouth with hers and gave him a tender yet passionate kiss to seal their union once again.

    “I love you Clark Kent,” she said once she released his mouth, “my husband,” she said with a smile.

    “I love you too, Lois Lane,” Clark said breathless.

    “Kent,” replied Lois.

    “Uh,” responded Clark.

    “My name at home and here between the two of us is Lois Lane Kent,” she said with a smirk.

    “Really?” said Clark with a grin, “I know we didn’t talk about it. I just thought you’d stick with Lane.”

    “Yes, professionally I am Lois Lane,” she said taking a step back and going back around to the desk, “but I kind of like having a private name just between us.”

    “Whatever you say Mrs. Kent,” Clark said with a grin.

    “So do you feel better?” asked Lois.

    “I still want to finish the ceremony,” replied Clark matter of factly, “but I do agree there will be a better time.”

    “Smallville I promise one day when the world is not so crazy we will rent that church again, get the whole gang together, even the same minister, and we will renew everything,” replied Lois sitting down at the desk looking up at Clark.

    “I’ve known you for seven years,” began Clark, “knowing our luck we’ll have to wait another seven.”

    “Come on it won’t be that long,” Lois said opening her bag.

    “I’m still giving you a wedding night,” stated Clark firmly.

    “Oh I’m counting on Mr. Kent,” replied Lois as she took out the camera, “that is one tradition we are defiantly going to get to,” she finished biting the corner of her mouth.

    Clark groaned, “well since we are working the best thing for me is to hit the streets and find out what I can,” he said, “I’ll also go to Watch Tower and check in with the team and began the search for Tess.”

    “Ok honey,” as soon as I write this baby up I’ll join you,” said Lois and started to type.

    “I love you and I’ll see you later Ms. Lane,” said Clark putting his glasses back on.

    “Love you too,” Lois responded an blew a kiss at Clark. She watched as be blurred out of her office. “God the way he says Ms. Lane is so hot,” she said to herself and started pounding away on her story.

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    aww that was cute. what the hell is going on with the people at the planet? they keep saying all those about the glasses and the engagement and it already happened.

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    truly amazing must have more now i also agree w/smallvillegirl9 why dont they remember the glasses and the engagement.

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    This is an awesome start i loved it and i love how so insync you have clois

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    That was so awesome But seriously what was going on with those people and their time malfunction?? or is really something major going on?
    Need an update, I'm craving it !!!!

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    Love the update.!.. The whole memory issue ppl are having is kinda creepy but good.. and the Clois scene in her office ..LOVED IT!.. Poor Clark is right tho it will probably be seven years.


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    Again thanks guys for all the reviews! They really have kept me going. Please don't be angry but we are turning down the Clois for now to focus more on the "memory" plot and the team's reaction to the death of Tess. Don't worry Clois will be back as this series shot is Clois centric. Hopefully, this will shed light on what is going on. Again please keep up with the reviews as you can see this is Chap 4 and I just finished Chap 8 so I've got to pace these updates.

    Chapter 4

    Clark arrived at Watch Tower to surprisingly find Oliver working behind one of the computers.

    “Hey I thought you’d be half way to Star City by now,” said Clark.

    “I did too,” replied Oliver, “did you know our resident red head is missing?”

    “Tess,” said Clark, “yeah I found her abandon car outside of Smallville. Lionel took her.”

    “Well we got to find out where he put her Clark,” said Oliver stepping back from the computer ready to launch into action.

    “Lionel the least of our problems Oliver,” began Clark, “Lex is back.”

    “What do you mean back,” said Ollie, “I thought he was dead Clark. Dead men don’t just come back.”

    “Yeah I know that Oliver,” said Clark, “but he’s a clone and what’s worse he has all of Lex’s memories.”

    “Talk about bad timing,” said Oliver, “Hey you don’t think Tess went to confront him do you?”

    “It’s possible,” replied Clark grimly.

    “Hey man we got to find her,” said Oliver.

    Just then a beep sounded and the monitor in front of Oliver flashed a message that John Jones was trying to get through. With a few key strokes Oliver brought the detective’s image on the screen.

    “John what have you found,” asked Clark.

    “Just got a call from the morgue downtown,” began John, “the found a lady in one of the dumpsters near the Luthorcorp building. It matches Tess’s description. I’m headed there now just thought you’d want to know.”

    “That bastard,” cried out Oliver, “he killed her Clark I know he did.”

    “We don’t know for sure Oliver,” said Clark trying to calm Ollie down.

    “Oh come on Clark it had to be him,” said Oliver.

    “Look let’s just go down the morgue with John,” said Clark. “We don’t even know it is Tess yet or not.”

    “Yeah,” said Oliver, “but if he took out one of our own he’ll have to be dealt with.”

    Clark nodded grimly at Oliver.

    “There is also another problem that seems to have arisen Clark one that has caused wide spread panic around the world,” said John from the screen.

    “What is it John?” asked Clark.

    “There seems to be an abundant loss of memory among the citizens of Earth,” said John, “as soon as Apokolis was removed people seemed to have lost memories, large gaps of their memories.”

    “Yeah I can attest to that,” began Oliver, “when the darkness was in me at times I couldn’t remember what I had done. I tried to fight it but there are moments that I just can’t recall. Like where I found that Gold Kryptonite.”

    “It’s possible,” began Clark trying to put the pieces together, “that for people who were marked, as soon as the markings were removed so too were their memories.”

    “It would make sense,” said John.

    “Having no memory while in Darkseid’s control,” said Oliver.

    “But people don’t understand,” said John, “and it won’t be long before they question the mysterious flying man and his connection to all of this, or to exploit that connection.”

    “We’ll see you downtown John,” said Clark ending the connection.

    “Lex is back, Tess is missing maybe worse, people have lost their minds and are in state of unrest,” said Oliver, “sounds like a regular Monday huh?”

    A moment passed and Oliver spoke, “Clark I really am sorry about everything that happened today.”

    “Oliver its ok,” said Clark, “I’m just glad I got my friend back.”

    “Still I can’t feel anything but awful,” Oliver continued his apology, “I interrupted your ceremony, I mean you didn’t even get to kiss the bride. No doubt Legs is about ready to kill me.”

    “Oliver,” began Clark placing his right hand across his shoulder in a friendly embrace, “you were in a very dark place, if anything I am glad it happened at the wedding so I
    could help you.” He released Oliver.

    “Still let me make it up to you,” Oliver said, “that way I can stay in Lois’s good graces.”

    “You don’t need to worry about Lois,” said Clark, “she’s just fine. At the Planet working on her latest story,”

    “Mad Dog for ya,” said Oliver, “see this is why you should have kept Carter’s mace. That way you could clonk her and bring her home. Otherwise you’ll never see her,” he teased.

    “She’s just passionate,” said Clark.

    “Still I want to do something for you guys,” said Oliver walking over to the desk in the middle of the room. “So since I failed at my best man duties I’d like to present you two with an all expense paid trip to my private island in the south pacific.” He said pulling a brown envelope off the table and making his way back over to Clark. “Weather there is always a sunny 85 degrees. Nice little cabana near the water front and don’t worry it stays stocked with the essentials. Really expensive champagne, exotic fruits, other aphrodisiac, not that you two need any of that,” he finished handing Clark the packet with everything.

    “Oliver this really isn’t necessary,” said Clark, “besides you need me here now more than ever.”

    “Hey Clark we got the whole team committed to working overtime so you two could have this,” said Oliver.

    “We can keep it together a few more days if you two want to escape,” said Oliver.
    “Besides, now don’t set me ablaze for this, but I’ve seen your wife and uh yeah,” he said with a smile.

    “Thank you I’ll talk to Lois,” Clark said sharply, “let’s get to the morgue.”

    “No sense of humor,” said Oliver.

    Clark just grabbed Oliver and blurred them off to the city morgue.

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    Love the update!!.. It was good and furthers the story. Man I am still unhappy about killing Tess off but I love how you wrote this.. they arne't going to be happy and I like how the memory thing is linked to Apokolips ..or the believe it is. I could hear Oliver and Clark in my head.. PPMS!

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