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    Did Castiel break the 4th wall or is he talking to God?

    I'm pretty sure Cas broke the 4th wall since he looked right at the camera and is talking to us the viewers. God would know everything he did, whereas we don't, so it seems like he's just bringing us up to speed on his end.

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    Sounds like he was talking to God since at the end he asked for a sign.

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    I'm kinda tired of us hearing about God and not even seeing Him. He better show up before the series ends.

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    Poor Cas. He's just so new at this new found freedom of his that he hasn't got a clue as to how to use it. He even referred to it as a "rope that you hang yourself with". Yes, Cas, it is a double edged sword.

    He's so desperately praying to God for a sign. But as humans we know that those don't come as literally as we would want them to. I suppose angels just followed orders and never really had to have made decisions based on their own free will that he's not used to having to a) make choices, and b) most importantly deal with the consequences of his choices (especially wrong ones).

    I know he's made a mistake. But I do feel for him. He's as lost as those other angels were, not knowing what to do with their freedom. In the same manner as he's confused about whether or not he's doing the right thing.

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    It was actually kinda creepy.

    I guess it was to symbolise his shame of how low he's fallen, and by breaking the wall, it's like he's so ashamed, he's even asking the audience to forgive him for what they are about to see as he tells us his story; to justify his betrayal at the end of the last episode.

    It's like after last week's reveal, he stopped this weeks show to say "Look, I know it seems bad but you have to understand" etc etc.
    I thought it was a nice little touch.

    Although hasn't Ben Edlund had enough of fourth-wall breaking after his mega-meta ep just 5 episodes ago??
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