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    When Clark takes Flight...

    I sincerely hope that it is graceful. One thing that has always peeved me about every character that has flown on Smallville is that they all have this horrible cyclone tail thing and make a really annoying (overpowering) swooshing sound. The decisions to do that with the CGI have ruined the experience for me. I would really like it if they were to film Clark in a way that shows his flying as more intimate and graceful, almost silent. It would separate our hero from the pack and I think it would carry a warm tone.

    This is, of course, assuming Clark flies at all.

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    Crying over Tess, *avi by kneel4justice*
    I agree with you completely! I don't really like the digital trail thing. I'd much rather it be smooth like in the movies. It would look SO much better

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    YES. The force field thing and the blue trail looks hokey.

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    Expect the impossible (from these showrunners), then be depressed when it doesn't happen...

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    Mmmm.. Never thought of that really, I always just take it as Smallville's way.. But it'd be so much better if they got rid of all that your right. Heres to hoping..... ahh who am I kidding, rather be pleasently suprised than disappointed again! Heres to a trail .. taking off from the street with the phone booth, the only street.

    Not toooooo fussed with the woosh though. We've seen before the woosh is for the audience, they don't actually make that noise.. Like Lana's POV in that.. episode... I forget, down in Lex's wine cellar. "Ultraman" the other week going away from Tess..

    Actually typing that out I think I'd prefer no woosh too... Hmm!

    I'd also love to see a proper flight though speaking of the 1 street of Metropolis, as much as I don't like the idea behind the Season 4 flight, it did look really good. Not CGI all the time.
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    When they do it in slow-mo, the cyclone stuff is legit. But yeah, if he's just gonna take off, we don't need the CGI.

    When we see Clark moving in superspeed, but it really looks like he's in slow motion, they use the same kind of wavy CGI effect around him. But when he just speeds off, he speeds off.


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