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    Missing my favourite show

    Its been almost a month, and I am dying with anticipation to hear the news that will make my year. When V ended in mid March, it left me on a natural high. The show is soooo good. I made Lizard Martinis for all my friends who came, and we watched the SEASON Finale with excitement. I am saying SEASON Finale, as I just dont believe it was the FINALE. ☺
    I am trying to stay positive and believe that a third season is upon us. I think if it really turns out to be canned, I will have no more faith in Television and will be crushed.
    I have emailed the WB, ABC, and a letter for Project Alice is underway.
    Lets all stay positive and let TV By the Numbers and their negativity towards the show, not get us down. Those columnists are such negative Nancy's to anthing they dont like.

    So since my show is so missed, I am thinking of doing a Marathon of Season 2. Got it all on the DVR and in HD, except that one episode which aired during the storm. I cannot wait for the Blu Ray, and lets hope Season 3 begins this year. It would be awesome if they could finally give us a wholeseason, although I know its asking too much. But a whole season of this Human and V battle, and all the drama would be heaven. Rosenbaum has done justice to the show, and with how the Season Finale was, sounds like many fans were hapy with it, and making everyone want more.
    I am just dissapointed in hearing some of the character and storyline development we missed due to the shorter season announcement of S2. It would be great if the Production is left to the producers and writers, and not due to network constraints, which ABC has done. I hope ABC realizes that. I just want a Season 3 so badly ☺

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    I know how you feel. I am staying positive about a third season. I am watching the season 2 Finale right now. I have faith in Rosenbaum, waiting for the announcement of a third season and staying patient. I feel that abc did not give the show enough credit or support and under estimated the fan loyalty to V. I was a big Lost fan and V was it's replacement for me. V is no Lost, but it is entertaining. I just hope they give the producer the freedom to make season three a great final season, and at least 13 to 16 episodes to finish the story.

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    I Think...

    13-16 episodes will not happen; 8-10 seems more likely, I'd think. And as long as the producer knows that the story has to be wrapped up, he and others can come up with a compelling closure- at least I hope they get the chance.


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