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    Quote Originally Posted by Genny View Post
    I'll be sticking around because I love this community. Everyone on here is so great.

    Craig, you have been awesome, thank you so much for the time and dedication you've put into KSite. It's so appreciated.
    Agreed, plus never know what the future will hold ^^

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    I'll definitely be sticking around. I love this site, it's become like my second home. Thanks so much for all the hard work Craig and the other mods. You're all awesome!!!

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    I'll stick around, sure. I like this site a lot, i first found out about it on the Season 6 dvd extras when guess who pops up on the screen: Craig. Thanks for all the latest updates mate and for making this the number 1 site to come to for all things SV.

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    thank you to the kryptonsite news and spoilers page... I wouldn't have made it without you.

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    Crying over Tess, *avi by kneel4justice*
    Thank you K-Site!! I've always considered this website and Smallville to be mutually exclusive... thanks for all the memories and years of dedication!

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    icon by magenta_sky@LJ
    Thanks for all your hard work over the years! I can tell that it has been a labor of love, but it's great that we all got to benefit from it somewhat.

    Thanks also to the entire team of mods and other people we don't see or hear of who work hard on this site and the spinoff sites.

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    I want to add my thanks to TPTB here as well. I've visited several fan sites over the years--and was a moderator at one, on a major ISP--and this was hands down the best. I'm thinking K-Site is primarily a volunteer deal, but you guys handled it like professionals. If you are paid for yout work, I'm betting it's nowhere near what you're worth.
    The moderation of the boards, the scoops on inside infornmation (you guys are worthy of the Daily Planet!) getting trailers and pics and the like....I've been very impressed. And I don't get impressed easily.
    I've been a forum member for I think a little over a year, and you can see how many posts I've accumulated in so short a time. I'll probably leave after the finale--only other show I watch is "The O'Reilly Factor" and I doubt you plan to cover that--but I'm gonna miss it.
    But who knows, maybe WB will mend fences with Gough and Millar and let them do what they originally set out to do....a show about a young man named..."Bruce Wayne".......
    I'd watch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBZOD View Post
    I know there are 6 episodes of Smallville left and I'm sure you'll be running things here just as great as always after May 13th, but I just wanted to say thanks in advance!

    I've been coming here for all the awesome news for 10 years! Wow, 10 years??
    What an awesome show and you guys covered it the best!!

    Thanks KS!!

    Yup, awesome work by Craig and the team. Thanks for a great place to talk about all things to do with the Great Show. I've made a lot of friends here and hope to talk Smallville for a while yet.

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    Best place to go for anything smallville for last ten years and K-site will be only place i'll go for my other shows thanks craig and everyone with kryptonsite, you've been fantastic

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    Thank you K-SITE for everything SV. Not only did I get new spoilers, images and news on my fave show, but I met so many fans like me .

    I only joined a few months ago, but this site has become an addiction - in a good way, of course .

    I'll be around even after the shows over and I hope other fans will be too .

    Once again, thank you, K-SITE.

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    Although i only joined the site as a member last year, ksite's been my source for anything Smallville for years. I don't know where i'd be without it... Probably i'd be crazy by now Thank you for all the hard work. And it's good to see that the site is "all grown up now"

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    Fantastic idea for a thread!

    Craig, and all mods and admins,

    Thank you for the board, news page, spoilers, K-sit TV and everthing else! Not only is this website the best Smallville site on the internet, I also believe it to have had the most influence on the show itself. It's obvious to me as a long time member and even long(er) time fan the ideas, theories, and conversations here on Kryptonsite have helped this show last for at least 3 years longer than many thought it would. Not only has it given us an opportunity to share this show with fandom friends from all over the world, it has given us a measurable voice. It made us all part of the creative team, especially since season 8 began. None of that would have been possible IMO without this website. It's also the most family friendly, all inclusive, and welcoming community I have ever found online. It is moderated with an even hand with all respectful opinions and ideas welcome. That alone is a legacy worth recognition.

    To the whole team especialy Craig/Kryptonsite,

    Thank You!


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    thank you

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    Thank you Kryptonsite for having us crazy SV fans for 10 years

    I might have been 4 years late coming- but I think I'm not alone in thanking you for a place and community (might I add the biggest there is) For Smallville

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    I second that!

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