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    It cancels out their powers from within that circle/barrier. In "Changing Channels", Gabriel fixed everything from outside the circle and changed the scenery from the makeshift woodland area where Dean first trapped Gabriel to where they really were which was inside a warehouse, but couldn't turn on the water from overhead simply because it was inside that barrier that the Holy Fire was circling. And in "Abandon All Hope...", as we've seen with Cas unscrewing those nails, it was done outside of the barrier. Is it a pretty flawed idea? Well, yes, I would say so, but it works so far.

    So, Castiel can't really do anything inside that circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kar. View Post
    I have a theory about "Caged Heat". Do you think that maybe that entire episode was staged and we might find out about that in this episode? Think about it, I doubt Castiel and Crowley just came up with the whole faking the death thing right on the spot. That took some sort of planning. What if Meg was in on it too? Crowley gets afraid the Winchesters are gonna kill him, so he and Castiel devise a plan to "kill" himself and get the boys off his trail, so they get Meg in on it who claims she's out to kill Crowley because if it wasn't for her it probably would have been months later before the boys decided to go after the King of Hell themselves.
    I don't think Meg would've jumped ships like that though. She was a Lucifer Loyalist and didn't even believe one word from Castiel when he mentioned that Crowley said Lucifer would just kill all demons, because simply of her blind faith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    I hate to admit it since I love Cas...but I agree. I think things have gotten out of hand for Cas and he needs help.
    A little intervention, as it were. I love Sam, and it was hard seeing him locked up detoxing in the panic room.

    Dean spent some time in the panic room as well.

    Panic room won't work for Cas so I guess holy fire ring is the only option.

    I would not like an outcome where he actually does go darkside tho. But I think it's okay to see him a little flawed... Just like Bobby and the rest of Team Free Will.

    It'll be interesting to see this ep... Because Dean, Sam, and Bobby have worked with Crowley and other demons on several occasions. I hope they acknowledge that. I think the big issue will be some other "sin" that hasn't been revealed yet. Perhaps something with Sam's soulless state.

    Cas can be a flawed, real character. Just don't make him all out evil.

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    I'm confused as to how old Castiel is supposed to be. He said he remembers Cain and Abel, but that would mean he isn't much younger than the four archangels.

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    Well, God and his four archangels could've been around many years before Earth was created, imo. Those five were probably around when God created the entire galaxy for all that matters and Castiel was created with others when God finally created humans, or, from this aspect, when he created the theory of evolution.

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    This episode was sooooooo EPIC!!!!!!
    Just like the last 2 episodes!
    Well just like the whole season lol!

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