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    Sam's time in Lucifer's cage.

    Thanks to SVfan26 for showing me this on a thread for the "M3:TR", a link has been provided to show, in detail, of Sam's time inside the cage from his comment of it feeling like a week when he was only out for about two minutes in real time.

    If this is correct, and it sure seems like it as they even included Dean's 4 months/40 years equation into the mix, Sam's body and soul was inside the cage for a day(give or take), and that was 134 months/11 years, but when Crowley brought Sam's body out of the cage and left his soul inside with Lucifer and Michael...the soul stayed there for 6,048 years!

    Again, thank you SVfan26 for showing me this...and if the writers ever decide to show the wall actuall breaking down, I am now sure that Sam will turn into one powerful demon. I said on my "M3:TR" thread that I wouldn't want to see him as some kind of seal to open up the cage, but I would not mind just him becoming a demon(wouldn't it just go amazingly full circle if his eyes were yellow?).

    Also, keep in mind that Lucifer's cage is inside the ninth circle, so it does make sense that time passes a lot slower, as in...Dean's time in Hell was pretty much a tour of Graceland.

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