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    Quotes from "Siege"

    Post your favorite quotes here!

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    For Me...

    "How long are we going to do this daughter?... This dance. You come down here. You circle me. You gloat. It's unbecoming of a queen... and a sign of weakness."

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    Hobbes to Erica: "You look like someone just told you Santa Claus isn't real." Line itself is pretty simple, but I laughed when he said it. Fitting line in a world where aliens are proven to be more than fantasy, and where Anna believes souls are physically real. Her next mission: To locate and destroy Santa Claus before he or his elves mess up her plans for humanity...

    Anna: We're putting "project soul" on hold for now, Thomas. We must find and kill this "Santa Claus".
    Thomas: It may be difficult, my Queen. It is said that he travels at great speeds, able to cover the length of this entire planet in the span of one night.
    Anna: Bring me his head.

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    OH MY GOD that made my night and will make my Christmas card!
    I might even turn that into a comic strip...


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