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Thread: Realisations

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    aww so good must have more

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    Can you say sexual harassment?

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    I can't believe he fired her!!! I think she should repport him to HR for sexual harassment humpf!
    idk if its important or not but didn't the producer tell them that the show was not a scam anymore? And now Grant says he saw the shots fo the producer manipulating the machine... idk but i think Grant was lying. Somehow he saw the real tape and noticed Clark and Lois undeniable connection and he played that card just trying to make her change her mind about Clark, i mean, if the answers were not true maybe she'd doubt their relationship or something and wouldn't break up with Grant.

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    i am so glad you decided to continue this story!!!! really enjoying it!!!! great job

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    omg cant wait for the next update love this story

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    Great update. I hope that Lois will be able to take Grant on over her dismissal.

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    Yeah, Grant is a complete ass and if I was Lois I would kick it all over the bullpen.

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    Please update on the story soon....It seems u haven't updated in while but pls finish the story

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    Got writer's block on this one but will see what I can come up with. If anyone has any ideas where to take the story, let me know

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    GOD WHAT AN A! He's not going to get away with that

    Hope that you'll update soon!

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    Chapter 10

    Clark could almost see the steam coming out of Lois’s ears when he went to see if she wanted to pick up some late lunch.

    She was packing up her desk.

    “Lo, what’s wrong?” He asked as she flung things into her bag.

    “Grant has sacked me.” She said loudly so everyone in the bullpen could hear.

    “Why?” He asked her puzzled.

    “I will tell you over lunch. Just grab those files. Could you take these back to the farm for me?” She whispered in his ear.

    “No problem. I will be a few moments.” He replied, as he walked out of the office before speeding off.

    Minutes later he arrived back and took her hand and led her to the lift. “Come on. We can pick up the rest after lunch. It seems like you need a break.” She ushered her in.

    She was bright red and started to go off on a rant about the injustice of it all. Clark just took one look at her and kissed her hard. Lois staggered from the force of the kiss and ended up back against the wall. The passion was soon taking her mind off her rant, and she pulled his head in closer to make more contact with his lips. Moments later, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Clark did not wait to react; he scooped her up and headed straight to the farm.

    “Clark… how did you read my mind?” She smirked as she pulled him back on to the bed. “Let’s skip lunch.”

    Lois woke after her brief nap to hear Clark downstairs in the kitchen. She got dressed and went down to find him cooking.

    He smiled. “Go back to bed…. I was going to bring you some lunch.”

    “I am up now and as inviting as it sounds I need to come up with a plan to thwart Grant.”

    “So what was his thinking?” Clark asked curiously as he passed her an orange juice.

    “I can see why he was angry. He saw us on the tape and I admitted we were dating and I know that he is probably hurting. He then said that he only gave me a job at the Planet to get me into bed. Anyway I am not angry with him for his reaction but sacking me for this is unforgivable. “

    “There must be a way to get your job back.”

    “Apparently the producers fixed the lie detector to boost ratings so the machine was not working.” Lois added.

    Clark sat next to her and took her hand. “I don’t think either of us needs a machine to tell each other how we really feel. I love you and I know you love me. “ he smiled tenderly.

    “I know that Clark, but I still feel like Grant has just given me the ultimate put down. Another problem is that the show may air and if it does and the truth comes out about it being fixed, we will be made to look like fools.” She looked upset.

    “This isn’t the real Lois Lane talking! She would never let something like this bother her and she would never give up without a fight.”

    “You are right but I feel as though I have been kicked in the gut. This reporter thing is in my blood now and I don’t want to go back to working on The Inquisitor again.” She explained.
    “We will sort this, I promise.”

    Just then Chloe and Lana burst in the door in fits of laughter. “You won’t believe this. We have just seen you two on a promo for that lie detector show. It is airing tomorrow night and promises to be explosive.” Lana chuckled.

    “So this is why you were sent undercover?” Chloe asked. “Does Grant like car crash TV?”

    Lois and Clark looked at each other in a panic.

    “I can tell by the look on your faces that it was a major disaster.” Lana exclaimed. “I cannot wait to see it. Let’s come over and have a party. Maybe we could sell your autographs at the Talon after the show.” She mocked.

    “Lana and I will start making the plans.” Chloe said as she got up and left with Lana.

    “What the hell do we do now?” Lois asked.

    “We stop it airing. Let’s blow the lid of this show and tell the world it is fixed.” He replied, trying to calm her.

    The following morning, Clark decided to take another approach and headed up to see Grant whilst Lois was on story at the museum downtown.

    He expected to be rejected but Grant asked his secretary to send him in. “Mr Gabriel. Thank you for seeing me.”

    “I have five minutes before my next meeting, so make it quick.”

    Clark looked at him, curious as to why he was not shouting at him yet. He had expected Grant to let loose because he had stolen Lois from him, but he looked more hassled than angry.

    “I wanted to ask you to give Lois her job back. Whatever has happened between Lois , you and me should not really impact on her job. You know she is one of the best reporters you have and she will make one of the best journalists in the country.” Clark announced proudly.

    “Look, you are right.” Grant was very distracted. “She can have her job back. I just said it in a fit of anger anyway.”

    Clark was taken aback. “Why would you give in?”

    Grant just glared at him. “With all due respect, why come in here and ask for your girlfriend’s job back and then when I agree, question my decision. There are more important things going on in my life than Lois.”

    “Is there any chance I can ask you to pull the show from the air?”

    “Mr Kent, in case you haven’t noticed, I run a newspaper not a TV Station. Anyway I need some payback for you stealing my girlfriend. How do you think Lana Lang will take it when she finds out that you are dating Lois?” Grant announced as he grabbed his jacket and he headed off. “Now if you will excuse me.”

    Clark heard Grant’s cell ring as he left the office so decided to listen in. There was something more to this.

    “I told you never to call me here.”

    “I am calling the shots here.” A very familiar voice replied. Clark wondered what Gabriel would be talking to his arch-enemy about.

    “Lex, I told you that I would do it and I will come up with some other way to do this. He has just been in my office actually and pleaded with me to pull the plug on the show.”

    “I hope you told him where to go. Even if we can’t find out his secret, we are going to destroy any chance he has to get back with Lana. I never thought Lois and he would get together in a million years.”

    “Can you set up another meeting with Lionel for me? I have every right to find out about my father.”

    “Julian, he doesn’t want to know about you. We are better keeping things the way they are.”

    “Clark..” he heard his voice being called by Lois. “You look a million miles away.”

    He put his hand up to silence Lois, whilst he tried to zoom his hearing back into the call, but it had ended.

    “Lo, this is really complicated. We need to go and have a chat. Can we go for a coffee in the park?”

    Clark told Lois about his talk with Grant and the subsequent overheard phone-call.

    “So, you’re saying that Grant is actually Julian Luthor. I thought he died. “

    “Yes, somehow he is. It seems Lex set you and me up hoping he could trick me into revealing my secret. Luckily that never happened. Can we pre-empt the show airing and tell Lana that we are dating? I don’t think it is right that she finds out about me from a TV show.”

    “Ok, no time like the present. I think Chloe and Lana will be at the Talon. Let’s go and break the news.”

    Lana was chatting away to Chloe about the show when they arrived.

    “We cannot wait for this show tonight.” Chloe said excitedly.

    “Chloe, can you come upstairs as I need to talk to you?” Lois asked, leaving Clark and Lana to talk.

    “I wonder what all that was about.” Lana stated. “So give me a clue about tonight. On a scale of 1-10, how much fallout will there be?”

    Clark looked sheepish. “Quite a lot, Lana and I thought you should hear it from me first. I have fallen in love with Lois and we are seeing each other. Before you blame Lois for this, we have had buried feelings for a long time and the show made them surface. I think we both know that you and I are not meant to be. “

    “Speak for yourself, Clark. I thought we were IT.” She replied angrily.

    “If that is the case, why do you spend so much time away at Aunt Nell’s, unless of course, it is actually Bruce Wayne you were seeing. I know you have been seeing him.”

    “How do you know?”

    “I came up a few times to surprise you and I have seen you two together. Why can’t we just accept that we are not meant to be. Is it serious with Bruce?”

    Lana relaxed a little. “It could be for me but I could be yet another woman in a long line of past exes that did not seem to work out with Bruce. “

    “So can we leave this as friends? You have been such a big part of my life and I don’t want to lose touch with you.”

    “Of course, we can. I think it will be hard getting used to a life without us being or at least trying to be together, but I am sure we can move forward as friends.” Lana explained.

    “Lana, can I just ask you if you know anything about Grant Gabriel. It seems like he may be Julian Luthor.” He told her.

    “Wait a minute, that makes sense now. Some of the things that Lex said seem to fit now. I think you will find that Julian is part of a cloning experiment. Julian definitely died as an infant. I would say Grant is an attempt to recreate the brother he never had.”

    “Well it seems they were using Grant and this whole TV show charade to out my secret but luckily it did not succeed.”

    “I am not sure how long Grant has been active, but as far as I know the clones do not last more than about six months and considering he has been an editor for over three, I would say he does not have long left. Unless of course, Lex has worked out a way of prolonging the longevity of them. “

    “I overheard him talking to Lex and it looks like he has no clue about his origins.” Clark explained.

    “Should we tell him?”

    “No, I don’t think we should get involved with this charade. He may live for a long time yet and in complete ignorance of what he really is.”

    Lois and Chloe came downstairs to see Lana and Clark laughing and joking. “Can I have a quick word outside, Lois?” his face changed to a serious expression.

    Lois was nervous. Was he dumping her for his ex-girlfriend? She got up and went with him.

    “So she has won you back?” She said trying to make the break-up as easy as possible.

    “No, of course not! “ He cupped her chin and gently kissed her. “She took it well and so she should considering she is dating Bruce Wayne behind my back.”

    Lois’s eyes got wider. “No way!”

    “Yes, she is. I have known for months. Anyway back to us… nothing will come between us. I love you and I think I always have. I am sure we will have our ups and downs, but I am up for the ride, if you are.”

    Lois smiled. “Yes definetly as long as we do not ride the Clark-Lois rollercoaster.”

    “Did I not tell you, I don’t like fast rides…. steady and smooth is my idea of heaven. Can you give me a few minutes?” he replied.

    Lois nodded and waited in the car for him to join her. He showed her his ill-gotten gains. “I have tonight’s show, so it looks like it will be cancelled.”

    “Do I embarrass you?” Lois smiled. “Do you not want to see our appearance?”

    “You could never embarrass me. It’s just I don’t want our parents to see this. I think we should go and spend the winnings going to Washington to tell them both in person.”

    They drove off back to the farm to get packed for their first holiday together…..


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    great story ending more stories

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    I know you mentioned you faced writer's block with this one but i think you manage it quite well. you're very talented and creative, Jules. Thank you for sharing your story with us

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    Excellent ending

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